Here is a possible STRONG case to file a QUO WARRANTO petition to VOID Leni Robredo's claim to her "vice presidency"...

Recall in 2016 when Leni Robredo was technically disqualified from taking office as "vice president" following an election she supposedly "won". The disqualification is on the basis of a Commision on Elections COMELEC rule applicable to those elections that states...

Sec. 14. Statement of Contributions and Expenditures; Effect of Failure to File Statement. – Every candidate and treasurer of the political party shall, within thirty (30) days after the day of the election, file in duplicate with the offices of the Commission the full, true and itemized statement of all contributions and expenditures in connection with the election. 
No person elected to any public offices shall enter upon the duties of his office until he has filed the statement of contributions and expenditures herein required. 
The same prohibition shall apply if the political party which nominated the winning candidate fails to file the statement required herein within the period prescribed by this Act.

The historical record will show that the Liberal Party had failed to comply with the above rule. Then LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas even requested an extension to the deadline despite the rules also stating that the "deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted." This was the subject of an article published on Get Real Post at the time.

It was only by the graces of a COMELEC at the time headed by fellow Yellowtard Andy Bautista that Robredo managed to fly above these rules.

Nonetheless, the rules remain on record. The circumstances surrounding the exemption of the LP from these rules could still be subject to investigation. In principle, Robredo is, on the basis of these original COMELEC rules, unqualified to be Vice President of the Philippines and, thus, a quo warranto petition to void her claim to the office could apply.


  1. Who can file this quo warranto case? Can the BBM camp do it?


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