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Noynoy, Maggie, and the fine line between conviction and stubbornness

Comparing Noynoy Aquino and Margaret Thatcher, of course, can be thought of as similar to comparing chalk and cheese. In Japanese they term it “ undei no sa ”, which literally refers to the world of difference between clouds ( un ) and mud ( dei ). Conviction and stubbornness can be often thought of as two sides of the same coin. What, then, is the fine line that separates them? Results. We don’t have to think very hard about who’s gotten them, and who hasn't. [The above is inspired by a  comment on Get Real Post.]

Leftist New People's Army reportedly earning millions in election protection racket #juanvote

Leftist Philippine rebels are raking in millions of dollars extorting money from candidates in next month's elections and will likely use this to buy guns, a senior military official said on Sunday. Each candidate illegally pays between 50,000 and five million pesos ($1,210-121,000) to buy protection from the New People's Army (NPA), said Major-General Jose Mabanta, commander of one of the country's army divisions. [ Above excerpt taken from Yahoo! News report .]

Authentic photo? Teddy Casiño campaign posters found with NPA weaponry #juanvote

Posted by Showbiz Government with the following caption: Assault rifles, IEDs, campaign materials of BAYAN MUNA party list and senatorial candidate Teddy A. Casiño recovered by 66th IB after an encounter with elements of NPA in Nabunturan, COMVAL: Hey! what's up Comrade?!

COMELEC Spokesman James Jimenez not registered to vote @jabjimenez #juanvote

Jimenez confessed his voter's registration has been deactivated because of his failure to vote in the last two elections. He said his work with the poll body prevented him from going to his voting precinct. Jimenez said he has not been able to reactivate his registration, making him ineligible to participate in the local absentee voting, which is being offered by the Comelec for its employees, other government employees and military and police who will be working on Election Day. ===== Above is an excerpt from an ABS-CBN New report .

Has the apologised satisfactorily?

"No netizen in his or her right mind would have mostaken that meme of President BS Aquino--with his mouth wide open--for a Time Magazine cover," Spin Busters said. It also raised concern over "the apparent tolerance of incompetence within the country's most influential newsroom." "Next time editors at the Inquirer commit a glaring gaffe, they can use 'honest mistake' as an excuse for what's really a stupid mistake," Spin Busters said. * * * Above excerpt quoted from Yahoo! News:

Noynoy Aquino now seemingly on a PR campaign to reverse his 'nganga' look...

Sometimes it's better if you just let it all out... Original photo by Martin San Diego featured in The Lasallian (source: Showbiz Government ).

Untapped campaign real estate for the chronic epals #juanvote

Location location... This spot makes this poster hard to ignore... Thanks Parallax!

Dove beauty sketches and the Filipino perception of self

After watching this latest ad from Dove , think about how a typical Filipino/Filipina views himself/herself versus how others perceive him/her to be.  Think as well about the importance that Filipino society places on others' perception of an individual against the individual's perception of himself/herself. You may or may not be surprised about what comes out, but it should make you think. Photo courtesy : Huffington Post

Fake TIME Magazine cover of Noynoy Aquino as one of 100 Most Influential People 2013

Image of TIME Magazine cover parody of Philippine President Benigno "BS" Aquino III featured as one of 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2013 mistakenly featured by the on its 20th April 2013 edition . Image courtesy Showbiz Government .

Twitter in a time of disaster: Treacherous

"Twitter has only made the business of news gathering and sharing in the wake of a disaster more treacherous. If, as a wise journalist once said, journalism is the first rough draft of history, then Twitter is the first rough draft of journalism. During nightmarish events like today's bombings at the Boston Marathon, the micro-blogging service is both the cause of and solution to a whole lot of journalistic problems. Soon after details started to trickle in about the Boston attacks, George W. Bush's former press secretary Ari Fleischer noted this murkiness with some smart rules for responding to a crisis as a member of the press, a newsreader, and an official government spokesperson..." Full article: