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Strong agriculture and robust homegrown employment can put substance in hollow #Philippines economy

I am still puzzled why there are still people, although in much decreased numbers, who think PNoy has done well. Is it the 5.9% growth in economy? Is it the favorable credit rating? But, we are just like a Mom and Pop grocery store that is sometimes doing good, sometimes bad, but doesn't know why it is so. The owners of the store happen to have a daughter working as a nurse in London and a son working as a programmer in Melbourne. There is a continuous inflow of remittance, so the owners don't care if the grocery becomes a supermarket, or not, or have to be spinned off into another business. It might have to be closed down because there is news that SM, Puregold, or Alfa Mart might come up soon near the subdivision. Of course, any bank will give the owners a good credit rating for they are awash with cash, even if the money is not necessarily from the business itself. And that is the Philippines; we are awash with cash. The financial managers know PNoy is very slow in impleme

There are no solutions to the #Philippines' poverty...

Why? Because the basic core of the problem in the Philippine is this: Filipinos, as a nation, do NOT want to improve. In fact, most of them don't even comprehend what it is to improve. It's a bit like trying to cure an alcoholic. You can only cure them if THEY decide they WANT to change. Filipinos don't want to change. As irrational as it might sound to westerners, Filipinos are happy being poor, dishonest, corrupt, totally selfish, uncaring, inconsiderate, lazy, and a long list of negatives. There is no hope for the Philippines. And the only reason is because Filipinos don't want anything different. Sure, there's the small (10%) of Filipinos who decide to actually do some work and become OFW's, but the remainder of the population is happier to be poor and shiftless. I am convinced that there is no hope for the Philippines. It can never improve. Improvement is not something most Filipinos even comprehend or care about. Yeah, they want money, but not if i