Fact check, Atty @fthilbay: Lazy people LACK integrity

Not according to former Solicitor General and resident legal expert of the Yellowtard camp Florin Hilbay, however. According to Hilbay, never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno's "failure to file SALNs is laziness, not lack of integrity".

One could see the lengths with which a legal mind such as Hilbay's would go to stretch logic just to justify the indefensible position Sereno finds herself in. You wonder why Philippine media give this guy the time of day when he is clearly expressing not the legal opinion he is presumably sought for but his lame partisan bias.

In Hilbay’s desperation, he’s become irrational and inconsistent. How can he say Sereno was just being lazy when she didn’t file her SALN?! And why would Filipinos want a lazy Chief Justice? Seems people like Hilbay got used to Noynoy’s laziness that it’s ok for them to be lazy.

Perhaps the lazy presidency of his idol, former President BS Aquino had so disensitised Filipinos to laziness that Hilbay found it fitting to use laziness as a lesser evil to put Sereno's lack of integrity in perspective.


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