What's left for the Philippine Opposition to do? ACCEPT that democracy still lives!

How can the Philippine Opposition plan its "next move" when its collective mindset is stuck in the wrong premise that Philippine democracy has "died"? As long as this is the rallying cry of the Opposition there is no chance of moving on from the ouster of the now never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno.

The trouble with the way the Opposition is conducting itself under the leadership of the Yellowtards is that it leaves no sound foundation to build a platform against the incumbent administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. How can they? They now believe that "democracy is dead"? Upon that premise can only be launched another one of their obsolete "people power" style approach to seizing power.

And that is where the true agenda of the Yellowtards is revealed in all its bald glory. All they really want is to seize power. They have no interest in "preserving" democracy. If the Yellowtards are truly sincere about the lip service they pay to "protecting" democracy, they would respect the ruling of the Supreme Court.

The alternative for them is the feckless advocacy we see them foolishly push today. It is the reason the Opposition will keep failing to unite. The only thing in common amongst the factions that make up today's lame duck Opposition is a maniacal thirst for power.


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