Liberal Party 'resistance slate' for 2019 an INSULT to the intelligence of Filipino voters

These are the members of this so-called "resistance slate": Bam Aquino, Chel Diokno, Erin Tañada, Gary Alejano, Barry Gutierrez, Agot Isidro. It's a bunch of faces and names but, as usual, no underlying platform to define what it is exactly these bozos stand for and what alternative pathway they plan to pitch to the Filipino voter.

Nonetheless this "news" of the latest LP "achievement" was given airtime by ABS-CBN and, of course, Yellowtard newsletter Rappler...

[Liberal Party (LP) president senator Francis Pangilinan] said the once-ruling party would be forming a "broad coalition" for the 2019 polls and is talking to groups, including long-time LP ally Akbayan, the Magdalo Group, the anti-Duterte Tindig Pilipinas, and civic organization Kaya Natin. 
During the same interview, Pangilinan said the party has not been in talks with actress and former presidential sister Kris Aquino for an elective post. He also said that defeated 2016 presidential candidate Mar Roxas, the former LP president, has already thumbed down a 2019 run.

As one can easily see, none of the above passes the So What? Test.

What does all that "news" actually mean for the Filipino? The LP actually insult Filipino voters' intelligence by suggesting that they should be happy with a list of names by and of itself. That's just being incredibly presumptuous.


  1. You could also interchange "yellowtard newsletter Rappler" with "yellowtard RSS feed Rappler"

  2. Kiko are a genuine "KIKO" putang asawa mo. You are just insulting our minds.


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