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Twitter "influencers" like @jonasbagas: wishing for Duterte's death and accusing him of murder? 😱

In a post on Facebook , it seems Twitter "influencer" Jonas Bagas is (1) expressing a wish that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte be dead and (2) accusing him of murdering thousands of Filipinos? What do you think? Below is a copy of his statement. You be the judge. I am torn about Duterte's condition. To wish for his death is undeniably the most human reaction to the monstrosity that we're facing. If his mortality means an end to the killings, the fakery, the gross abuses, then so be it; it will be a relief, especially to those powerless against his machinery of violence, of dehumanizing fakery. If Duterte is sick, and it appears his condition is worsening, then I am also one of those who wish that his sickness will put an end to our suffering.  But I also agree with those who want Duterte to be alive so he can face justice, those who believe that he should be denied the grace that mortality gives to all, good or evil. The court of humanity first before

While Filipino soldiers die in battle, Yellowtards like @jayrcastillo24 issue offensive tweets

[ Link to tweet ] "Just today, 13 more marines were killed trying to secure villages in Marawi. Sadly, we can hardly expect any sympathy from anti-Martial Law activists..." -- Ilda

Dissenting opinion BLOCKED by free speech "advocates" @MariaRessa and @RaissaWriter! 😱

Folks, let me beg for your indulgence on a personal matter. I would like convey my utmost appreciation to Maria Ressa and Raissa Robles, two of our country's leading advocate of freedom and democracy and staunch anti dictatorship and anti-martial rule libertarians. Thank you ladies for reporting my Twitter account last night, and disabling it for about 12 hours. This highly courageous move of yours is really what democracy is all about. What you did is most amazing in upholding our inalienable right to free speech, which is guaranteed under our most basic law. Bravo! We need more human beings  like you in our society that is continued to be dominated by your fellow hypocrites and morons. Thank you Raissa and Ressa, our beacons of liberty! On this note, I am so happy to inform you that Twitter has restored my account, @macdclopez, to its full functionality so please wait as I shall resume offending and assaulting your democratic senses shortly... I hope this time,

Was @MariaRessa too excited about her prophecy that ISIS would infest the Philippines?

A more plausible interpretation of what happened at Resorts World. [Bobi Tiglao's Manila Times column Claims that IS attacked Resorts World covering up management negligence .] The complex was rushed to completion in 2008 for the opening of the casino. Megaworld isn't exactly known for the integrity and aesthetics of its structures as anyone who saw the complex when it wasn't completed at that time yet and those who have had relatives and friends stay at the next door Marriott hotel. But aside from the fatalities who unnecessarily perished, there is still the question of how the gunman had burned himself to death in such a serene state - his M-4 cradled on his chest and him lying down on the floor as of he didn't experience any intense feeling of pain as he burned to death. It also opens up the question of compensation. Is P1M the price of human life today when death is the result of negligence? The inconsistencies in the narration of the events instead of