Trillanes lists 3 "factors" Duterte uses to "deceive" Filipinos. Please FACT CHECK these!

Asked by an Asia Times correspondent Shawn Crispin in a recent interview how exactly Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte "deceives" Filipinos, convicted mutineer and, now, "senator" Antonio Trillanes gives a mouthful of opinions begging to be fact checked (boldface added to emphasise key terms)...

First and foremost, the abdication of the local media in its role as society’s watchdog. They have effectively been immobilized through the bullying and intimidation tactics of Mr. Duterte, so they are not presenting the truth to people. 
The next factor is the sophistication of his propaganda machine. They have been spewing out one fake news after another to confuse or deceive the public on what’s really happening. 
A final factor is the fear factor. Because of survey methods they go to the barangay [village-level] communities and the houses of the respondents are known to the local officials.

Are all of the above true? Is this three-point treatise on why Duterte engages in "deceit" an accurate assessment given by a widely-recognised rabid Yellowtard.

Most notable at all is how Trillanes, in this same interview incites Filipinos to rebel against the Philippine government.

The only way to save Philippine democracy from Duterte’s apparent drive to establish a full-blown, rights-curbing dictatorship, Trillanes says, is through a military intervention he says is allowed and has happened previously under local jurisprudence.

In most normal countries statements like that get people in really big trouble. Not in the Philippines though.


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