Sereno is not an election-winning issue. Congress should move along. Nothing to gain there folks.

There's nothing in it for the Philippines' senators and House representatives to get themselves involved in the circus surrounding never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno. For one thing, she's all but a done deal and done for. They should recognise too that the Supreme Court is not exactly the sort of institution any politician in their right mind would want to get on the bad side of. For another, the "debate" surrounding this "issue" is complex and academic -- not exactly something that the ordinary Filipino voter could wrap her head around. As such it is not an issue that decides elections.

In short, Sereno is just another schmoe that will eventually pass into obscurity to be buried by time. She is destined for history's dustbin. If the average member of Congress knows what's good for him or her, they'd easily work out that Sereno is now a poisoned relic they'd best keep at an arm's length. Better yet, they should just remove Sereno from their radar completely or at least keep a ten-foot pole handy in case a very unlikely situation arises where they will need to deal with her.

Just listening to Sereno speak, one can easily tell that she fits the vacuous mold her chum, the presumptive "vice president" Leni Robredo easily fills. Prayerful and dripping in that's all too familiar Victim Mentality persona, Sereno embodies the sort of archetype that cost Yellowtardom an entire nation back in 2016.

The country's honourable senators and House representatives should easily see that Sereno is high maintenance for low return on investment. Junk in other words. It's best they stay away from her and those that support her.


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