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Booth 7: Oplan Salubong's Children's Activity Area moving to Tacloban #YolandaPH

Dearest VOLUNTEERS and DONORS, Booth 7: Oplan Salubong's Children's Activity Area is moving forward to our second phase of service which will be the transition from Villamor to Tacloban. All the big items, most of the toys, books and school supplies will be turned over to an orphanage in Tacloban called SOS Children's Village.All the said items will be transported by land to Tacloban on Friday, Dec.13. Some of the organizers are also planning to go to Tacloban in order to personally bring the #Booth7 donations to the children of the SOS orphanage . If you wish to send your donations, we still need school supplies, more kiddie story books, coloring and art materials, and kiddie school furnitures. We can also bring food and clothes and plush toys for our kids at the orphanage.As posted by sis Bern: "For now, you may still bring your donations to Booth 7 until Friday. We will announce further where our drop off point will be from next week.On Sunday we will have a Chri…

Mar Roxas to Albert Romualdez: 'Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo!' #YolandaPH

"You're a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino. We just want to legalize this. If it's not legalized then, ok, you're in charge. Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo."

-- DILG Secretary Mar Roxas speaking to Albert Romualdez on Malacanang's position on the matter of relief assistance to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban City.

Source: YouTube video.

Ph politics ruined the day for #YolandaPH relief effort

I believe that the problem in the Philippines is Politics. The government, national and local, are all doing their best effort to manage the post-typhoon rubbish, yet it is politics that got on the way. Binay distributed reliefs with the VP logo, Romualdez was saying not all people are being reached by relief goods of national government; Mar is unaccepting of the fact that there could have been 10,000 dead when the police official was suspended, PNoy was smiling a lot while being interviewed on TV by the international channel. The evacuees in Villamor as well as the volunteers there mentioned that at one time there was no coordinator to manage the volunteers.Despite of the best intention (good motive), politics here in our country is there to ruin the day.Source:

Absolute outrage: the Ph govt's continued bullshit over #YolandaPH death toll

I watched a news conference given by Mar Roxas. It, of course, was filled with the usual bullshit responses to questions as has been the case since this band of idiots have taken office. However, what really caught my attention was his (Roxas) explanation of the "body count" and the reason for the difference in "totals". To make his long, torrid and completely ridiculous explanation of this simple (I'll paraphrase here);
'Human remains are NOT considered or counted in the "death toll" tally until they have been through a process which, prior to internment or a return to surviving family member, ends with positive identification of said remains.'It's sort of a twisted view of "Schrödinger's cat". This theory (or experiment) is an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. You place a cat in a box. The box contains some sort of device, like a hammer attached to a pulley which is controlled from the boxes exterior, which will kil…

Recommended long-term education initiatives post #YolandaPH disaster

Now After the Yolanda Tragedy, What should the Government Do Next?BACKGROUND SCENARIO: FILIPINO PEOPLE is not ACCUSTOMED on DISASTER MANAGEMENT:1. Most of the Filipino Culture always rely on "BAHALA NA" , "MAMAYA NA" and "BUKAS NA".
2. Most of the Filipinos are NOT AWARE on DISASTER TERMINOLOGIES like "STORM SURGE vs. TSUNAMI , SUPER TYPHOON vs. SIGNAL no. 3 etc.
4. FILIPINO PEOPLE are NOT EQUIP with ADVANCE Warning Systems and Response in Calamity.I mentioned these things because I want that the Government should look on the causes on why these YOLANDA and other Calamity related incidents causes thousand lives lost despite of perceived preparations and efforts.They always recommend to prepare evacuation and relief goods but these preparations is not enough to meet the sudden changing dangers of climate change.RECOMMENDATIONS:Encourage Congressm…

PNoy cannot presume to preach about hunger to #YolandaPH victims

Aside from the fact that they keep on wearing yellow on TV, they keep on blaming the local government units (each time BS Aquino does this, the international media probably wonder if Tacloban is part of the Philippines).Just a few minutes ago I watched a video of BS Aquino in Tacloban. Yes, finally he is in Tacloban. This was a suggestion made by Ted Failon on DZMM. It's amazing how our cabinet secretaries kiss the ass of Failon. (Crucify me again for listening to that station)Anyway going back to BS Aquino's video, the summary of his message was about working together (FINALLY). I can't really quote his whole idiotic message but this is a line that hit me. According to BS Aquino "….pag nagalit na ako….." (in relation to working with the other local government units in Tacloban) "…..idadaan ko na lang sa sakit (o asim…I'm not sure about that) NG SIKMURA!" but I'm sure he said the word "SIKMURA"Please BS Aquino, that kind of message i…

Comparing to San Francisco: No excuse for lack of disaster preparedness in the Philippines #YolandaPH

Try this one for size... I'm from San Francisco (Born & Raised). There, so long as I can remember, we experienced Earthquakes very very frequently. Most were "tremors" but one, in 1989, scared the shit out of me. Here's the thing. In the San Francisco Bay Area, because we live in a place which is PRONE to Earthquakes, education on the subject of and what to do during and after is mandatory starting from a very young age. When the Loma Prieta Earthquake struck, the entire population knew exactly what do to during and after.That being said, it was Game-One of the World Series which saved thousands of lives (most poeple stayed home to watch the SF Giants play the Oakland As). SFO experiences far less (significant) Earthquakes and Tremors than the Philippines does Typhoons. So how is it that SFO was, is & will be prepared for "The Big One" yet the Philippines is far from being prepared for any Typhoon (of any size) which occur with such regularity tha…

False climate change reasoning from PNoy and Nadarev Sano following #YolandaPH disaster

As I keep reading these quotes from interviews and articles which refers to "climate change" and the attempt by this President and Philippine Climate Change Commission's negotiator Naderev Sano to in some way attempt to place blame on "other countries" for there lack of doing something more concrete than as he put it "moving the gold posts" As foreigner and someone who has been living here for almost 3 year snow and who considers himself to be very environmentally conscious, I do take issue with this view that other nations should some how do more so that it will save the Philippines from more horrible storms due to climate change. I do think in some ways it is a bit dramatic and even perhaps a bit hypocritical, after all I live in the Philippines and outside of Metro Manila perhaps, I don't personally see or experience much observance, compliance or enforcement of the environmental laws especially Republic Act 9003 which addresses "Open Bu…

Did @Korina_Sanchez distribute these sandals to #YolandaPH victims?

Photos of yellow-coloured sandals bearing the name of Filipino "journalist" Korina Sanchez (wife of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas) are going viral across the Net.Source:

An open letter to CNN on their reporting on the #YolandaPH disaster in the Philippines

This "open letter" was found making the rounds on social media: * * *Dear Sirs:I just wanted to make some comments on the reporting of the CNN International crew here in Manila, regarding the relief efforts for the victims of super-typhoon Haiyan (which we locally call typhoon Yolanda).First, full disclosure: I am a retired Filipino executive and computer person. I was born in the Philippines and spent all my life here (save for some very short overseas stints connected with my career). I have worked with a large local Philippine utility, started up several entrepreneurial offshore software service companies (when outsourcing was not yet in vogue), and also served as the Philippine country head for a multi-billion dollar Japanese computer company. This diverse work background allows me to always see both the local and global point of view, and to see things from the very different standpoints of a third-world citizen, and a person familiar with first-world mindsets and lif…

DILG Sec. Mar Roxas explains the Philippine gov't shortfall in the #YolandaPH relief effort

Source of quotes:CNN video on YouTube (except last panel).

Sec. Mar Roxas and CNN's Andrew Stevens debate collection of bodies in Tacloban

DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and CNN correspondent Andrew Stevens discuss the speed of Philippine Government relief efforts in calamity areas left by Typhoon Yolanda.

Source of quotes: CNN video on YouTube.

We have the right to complain about PNoy's lack of leadership amid the #YolandaPH crisis

A post from Maricris Bathan-LascoIt's quite FUNNY (and FRUSTRATING at the same time) how some people complain why some of us lambast our government. These people accuse those of us who complain as knowing little and not doing anything.Allow me to shed light on the matter:FIRST POINT: It has been six days since Yolanda hit and yet, as Anderson Cooper of CNN truthfully said, "there is no real evidence of organized relief efforts" in Tacloban where he is. That means if there is no relief effort in a place where media and our national government is SUPPOSEDLY focusing, how much more in the remote towns? Don't you think 6 days is too long for our national government to have already done something despite the "geographic difficulty" so many people fondly call? If private organizations can reach the more remote towns to do their own small-scale relief efforts, why can't the national government who has access to resources (helicopters, ships, planes, military, …

Five points relevant to the post #YolandaPH humanitarian crisis

1. TOO MUCH POLITICS IS VERY NOYNOYING. It's irritating how P-noy care more of his image and rating than really doing the must-do jobs for T. Yolanda victims. As well as this blog, too much emphasis on presidency. Very classic political write up.2. THE VICTIMS NEED HELP.REALLY! It's a collective effort from all of us. The role of the government is to facilitate and organize. (which they suck!)3. HALF PREPARED IS NOT PREPARED AT ALL. According to P-Noy, the gov't did their job on informing the people to be prepared of the typhoon. To be fair to the administration, they did information dissemination. But to let our kababayans know and understand how strong this typhoon is, no they didn't. I remember Mar Roxas just described it on the news as trees would be cut by the wind. Just like that,shallow description as to what had happened.3. RETRAINING OF THE EMPLOYEES of PHILIPPINES MUST BE DONE INCLUDING THE PRES. P-NOY ITSELF.
Despite of the information before hand regarding…

Filipinos need to raise their kids to be honest!

I think it is time for all of us to learn to move forward as a community, as a county, as one instead saving and hording for ourselves not thinking or considering what happens to our fellow human beings. I meant this for the victims, politicians and for all of us. The higher power gives us lessons to learn. What are you learning from this tragedy? What are you doing to help?There is a big problem in the Philippines, corrupted officials, stealing and cheating are accepted behaviors. I notice that people who are not happy when they do not benefit from the corruption, but given an opportunity to gain from corruption, many openly "receive". It has to stop and it has to stop now. Stop the corruption. Teach our children to receive and give honestly, teach them to care about other human beings and our planet. Help the children to feel happiness helping others NOT happiness getting the most latest and expensive toys.What goes around comes around? Imagine if we give kindness and hone…

Iconic Filipino film maker Peque Gallaga on the Typhoon #YolandaPH tragedy

Not since Marcos have we as a people been so polarized. As far as our hearts and minds are concerned it's like we're in the edge of a civil war. We are forced to take a hard look at ourselves and what we value.Because of this, we are fighting friends in coffee houses, on the telephone, and on Facebook. We are a people whose lives have been upended. We don't know what to do to get things done right and right away. We lash out. We insult our leaders trying to get them to do a lot more than to pose for photo ops – of giving out relief goods on a one-by-one basis. We cry desperately for demonstrable government response – we get almost next to nothing. It is increasingly apparent that local media goes hand in hand with self-servicing Malacañang press releases which are more concerned with their showbiz image than confronting, accepting and dealing with the problem. What our leaders tell us is contradicted by the reports from international commentators who are understandably m…

Can Filipinos survive another three years of President Noynoy Aquino?

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and honestly declare that the President was never prepared or fit to lead our country. In fact, the devastation and problems the country has been encountering, one after the other, the Zamboanga siege, that botched hostage crisis, our row with China, the natural disasters, and unresponsiveness of government, they point to terrible leadership or to be on the point, a real lack of it. While blessings are great, I don't think prayers alone will cut it. We should be spared of that man's ineptness. I don't think our country can suffer through 2-3 more years of Noynoy.Also, what good does that credit rating do in the practical, day to day sense? Prices of fuel and goods are up. Infrastructure projects are halted, overpriced, or not present. The so-called rice security that this administration has been touting is a sham. There is no planning going on in the NDRCC (or whatever alphabet soup agency) as witnessed by the slow response of g…

PNoy response to reports of looting at gunpoint in Tacloban: 'But you did not die, right?' #yolandaPH

"But you did not die, right" - President BS Aquino, quoted from ABS-CBN News report.

How long do we have to coddle and protect Napoles?

Yesterday, Napoles proved that she is not worth anything. Why does the administration continue to cuddle that useless bloodsucker? It's been two months and a half since our government started protecting Napoles and what do the Filipinos get in return? What is there to justify the government's continued spending for the safety and even comfort of that leech?The DOJ, the Makati RTC and the PNP have conspired to condition the minds of what they see as stupid, easy-to-dupe Pinoys into believing that there is an exigency in doing everything to protect and cuddle Napoles.  Why do these officials protect an obvious liability when their duty and responsibility is to shun liabilities and protect assets?I was also one of those who had hoped that Napoles would be useful in the Filipinos' search for more answers and sanctions on the plundered funds.  Yesterday, Napoles unequivocally demonstrated that she will merely muddle the issue. Napoles exposed herself as nothing but a liability …

Philippine economic growth: mere ILLUSION

Lets be clear: the rise in the stock market IS NOT AN INDICATION OF ACTUAL INCLUSIVE GROWTH. The phenomenon is based on so-called "hot money" being pumped in to fuel the real estate boom, low-end BPO service jobs, and retail. None of these sectors produce long term sustainable growth. Worse, the money could be pulled out by investors and re-invested in other markets outside the country at any time. The Philippines still lacks the required elements for real growth such as a robust manufacturing sector. WE DO NOT PRODUCE ANYTHING OF REAL VALUE. Instead, the local economy is propped up by consumerism, funded by OFW remittances. It is precisely because of this that the Philippines remains unattractive to foreign investment. Much of the FDI money avoids Manila and finds its way to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and now Myanmar.Incidentally, the claim that the Philippines is outstripping its neighbors is hogwash. Just take the case of Indonesia. While the Philippines has …

Massive queues at Manila train stations! #publictransport

The sorry state of Philippine public transport! Source:

A Singaporean's Point of View: Why the Philippines is a Poor Country

My take on the main reason why Singapore is rich and why the Philippines is poor is the rules that guide Singapore and the Philippines.Singapore started off as wilderness that was developed into a modern port. People were attracted here not merely because of its good location, but by other factors that most people tend to take for granted or outright ignore. What made Singapore different was that we were governed the British laws that offered protection, did not discriminate on race, religion or caste, ability to own property, and that if you worked hard, saved your money and started your own little business, you can get rich. Early migrants to Singapore also had the freedom to build their temples, churches, mosques, etc etc. Can you say the same for most other societies?The British gave these laws to colonies like Singapore and Hong Kong, in order to attract migrants to a nearly deserted territory. Such laws were not common in most parts of the British Empire. You will find similar l…

Generalisations about Filipinos work even if they do not apply to all

There is no problem with generalizing if the generalization can be observed in the majority…it doesn't have to be all. The characteristics mentioned can be observed in all societies. The relevant point is to what degree they are common in other societies and within the Philippine population. Unfortunately observational and anecdotal evidence is all that is available rather than hard data.

I have been a keen observer of my own country's character all my life. I haven't just accepted how my countrymen see themselves. Having lived in PH for 5 years my personal experience and observation can be summed up as:

1) a high level of narcissism. Probably developed in childhood by either being treated as a prince or princess or (ironically) being neglected. The evidence of the prince/princess treatment is everywhere and ranges from having a yaya to putting up billboard size displays congratulating someone for graduating. And a myriad of behaviours in between. You don't have to be…

Filipinos' romanticisation of rallies has devalued Ph #activism

There is a deeper malaise than the Filipino's inability to do some critical thinking or a failure to vote wisely. That being the case, neither course of action — (non-violent) movements and social media activism — will generate any significant result.In the Philippines, the holding of rallies and protest marches to draw attention to an issue is diminished in value because over the past 27 years, Filipinos have ROMANTICISED them. We've come to think of "People Power" as the "magic bullet" to effect change, with the expectation that transforming the nation will be instantaneous if enough people start marching in the streets. But you rarely see these people involved in the messy job of nation building afterward.On the other hand, social media activism isn't taking root in the Philippines the way it has in Europe, the United States, North Africa and in the Middle East if as you point out Filipino users insist on relegating Facebook to "happy" po…

Filipinos don't want a better country #scrappork #porkbarrel

Another question is why are Filipinos only moving now to abolish PDAF and similar programs out there? PDAF has been around for a long time.I don't think Filipinos want a better country that bad so as to initiate actions to accomplish it. We all waited until the standard of living dropped over the course of time until we begin to feel the effects. Why didn't we have as many protests during the 90′s? Some may say we are better connected today and we can organize better. I say bullshit on that. We had TV, newspapers and radios long before social media. Besides, during the course of history we've seen how ineffective PDAF is. We know that projects sponsored by senators and congressmen are substandard. And we know for a long time that LGUs are the real implementors of projects so by that logic the funding should go straight to them. And of course we know politicians are robbing us are taxes. If you are being robbed you take action and go after the thief.I don't think Fili…

Statement of Atty Ferdinand Topacio re alleged misuse of Malampaya funds #porkbarrel

STAMENT OF ATTY. FERDINAND TOPACIO, SPOKESMAN AND LEGAL COUNSEL OF FORMER FIRST GENTLEMAN JOSE MIGUEL ARROYO, ON REPORTS LINKING HIM TO THE ALLEGED MISUSE OF MALAMPAYA FUNDS."Once again, the Aquino Administration is on a witchhunt, led by its Chief Inquisitor, the Secretary of Justice. And once more, it is once again making use of discredited methods of persecution such as innuendo, half-truths, convoluted logic and guilt by association, to pursue this nefarious end."For the record, Atty. Jose Miguel Arroyo wishes to make the following of record, and invites anyone to check these facts for themselves using any means at their disposal:"1. Ruby Tuason is the estranged wife of his late first cousin, Carlos "Butch" Tuason, and therefore their relationship is one merely of affinity or law, and not of blood;"2.At the time the alleged transactions regarding the Malampaya funds are concerned, Ruby Tuason had been separated from Butch Tuason, who at that time was …

Filipinos continue to fail to make a global mark and instead boast small-time 'achievements'

Everyone has a different taste and a different perception with beauty. Sad thing about our so-called 'race' is that they don't get the attention or even respect globally because lately when I saw something that has a Pinoy subject in it, it all has something to do with outrage..and we seem to love to ride on the outrage fad. It is no wonder why a lot of people suffer from hypertension and high blood pressure, not to include of course the life style that most people do.We have no international representation in just about anything, take sports for example, now don't get me wrong about Gilas and Azkals but we have yet to at least participate in a big global event that is at the level of the Olympics. When was the last time we won a gold medal in the Olympics? Last time I checked every medal our country has won in that event can be counted by my fingers. 2 silvers and 7 bronze I think? My pinky finger still has room for one more :DSpeaking of international representatio…

Filipino-style #plagiarism: Nothing personal, just business

I've always wanted to deny the possibility of us Filipinos being just outright copycats. There are so many instances in our history specifically our entertainment industry where just the shear act of copying major works happen a lot. I can give a few examples:1. Panday 2 Movie (Kraken scene)
2. This copyright infringement case.
3. TV 5 – They have a show there that pretty much copies the style of the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.
4. Some Filipino Movies.
5. Filipino super heroes like Lastikman and Gagamboy.The list just simply goes on. Some of you may still add to this list but the bottom line here is we either lack the capability to come up with something original or we are just lazy. And I think that the "Crab Mentality" that some Filipinos posses may be the key to this.We know very well that some Filipinos tend to get jealous when they see others improve or innovate on something. They just destroy that other person's will and reputation to develop new concept…

Squatters given special treatment to the detriment of business development #squatter

If a disaster occurs in a squatter community, the first people who come are the politicians. They come with their SUVs , bodyguards, alalays, etc.if there is a case between the property owner and the squatters the barangay will advise that the case be brought to the upper courts. The squatter is usually a voter since most land ownersdo not live in the vicinity.

I do remember when I went out to check a property in Pasig, I was asked by the Muslim community to give the 100 sqm property to them. Does the city know that the Muslims and the city accepted the building of a mosque in a residential area. It reflected the squatter thinking of these minority. They can built a multimillion structure in an area given by the government for the poor. I talked with the barangay. The police asked me to sell the property in installment so that he can built an apartment. Bullshit! You ask help from these barangays and othe government officials and there are always strings attached. I remembered I foll…