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Emo activism: The Kristel Tejada outrage fad is getting out of hand

So if you have a policy of not allowing people who have outstanding debt in your learning institution to re-enroll for the current term, are you responsible for that person's resulting depression, or even her suicide supposedly precipitated by said depression? Apparently not a few "activists" think so. The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) backed yesterday calls for the resignation of the UP Manila officials. "We support the faculty's demand for the UP Manila chancellor to be held accountable. However, resignation will not resolve the issue, the Aquino administration must be held accountable for state abandonment on education," said NUSP deputy secretary-general Sheryl Alapad. There's something definitely wrong with all that rhetoric. Trace the assumed causal linkage in that latter concept: Outstanding Debt => Restriction imposed on re-enrollment => Depression => Suicide The only coherently-defined and clearly-

Oh yes, some people without brains do an AWFUL lot of talking.

Some of them even get elected to government posts in the Philippines...

Noynoy Aquino: does he come from a long tradition of treachery? #sabah

Statesmanship? Or treachery?