Leni Robredo's ignorance of geography could lead to war with China! 😮

An Inquirer report exposed the latest gaffe let loose by Philippine "vice president" Leni Robredo. Reporter Vince F. Nonato reports, Oops! Leni thinks Chinese bomber landed in PH seas after Robredo recklessly denounced China's landing of a long-range bomber on what she suggested is Philippine territory!

It gets worse...

An earlier version of Robredo’s statement even included the words “Kalayaan Group of Islands,” the Filipino name for the Spratly Islands.

The response to the Inquirer report is classic Leni..

Responding to the Inquirer’s Twitter posts about the error in Robredo’s statements, Office of the Vice-President legal adviser Ibarra Gutierrez III said “the point of the statement remains.” 
“These Chinese nuclear-capable bombers pose a threat to PH interests in the WPS and the security of the region, and our [Department of Foreign Affairs] should address this issue decisively,” Gutierrez said.

Robredo does exhibit a consistent manner with which she regards the media, doesn't she?

The Philippines indeed may be in danger of being plunged into an unwinnable war with China -- because of Leni Robredo's uninformed mouth! 


  1. You are misleading people. How can you say these islands are Chinese when they are obviously not. If a war does arise with Chinese because of these islands then much better to fight rather than be a blogster who is obviously only cares for his self. This writer from Inquirer is obviously a paid idiot who only thinks of his personal safety. It is sad that some Filipinos do not know their own rights or do not know what belongs to them must be defended even at the cost of their own lives.

    1. Hindi nga po atin yung isla. Sobrang atapang atao ah. Sabi nga ni Duterte, sige, makipagyera tayo, pero kayo ang nasa harapan.

      Hindi puro tapang dito, kelangan nag-iisip ka rin. You don't go into war when you know you have no chance of winning, suicide yun. Kung gusto mo, ikaw na lang! Tanga!!!

      Baka puro satsat ka lang. Baka apitik atiti ka lang, atakbo ka atulin...

  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/anderscorr/2016/07/17/chinese-bomber-buzzes-philippines-scarborough-shoal-in-latest-salvo-of-u-s-china-signalling-war/#7ed95be95f7f

    ... China released a photo Thursday of a nuclear-capable Chinese bomber flying south near Scarborough Shoal (Panatag Shoal). This is the latest salvo in a signalling war between the U.S. and China over Philippine territory.

    --- Mr. Fanell said that the H-6K flight near Scarborough “should be taken as another reminder of the military threat to our U.S. Seventh Fleet and the naval assets of our allies in the region.” The U.S. Seventh Fleet is currently based in Yokosuka, Japan. It lost its lease for Subic Bay from the Philippines in late 1991, and left the Philippines in 1992.


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