Just like all those "Congressional inquires", the Senate resolution vs SC quo warranto ruling is just another EPAL stunt

What do those senators hope to achieve by making a public statement that essentially second guesses the Supreme Court on a ruling made to void Lourdes Sereno's Chief Justice appointment.

Nothing essentially.

Senators just see media mileage as currency in their political agendas. So, seeing that the Yellowtards are kicking up a stink about Sereno's "plight" these honourable senators, of course, want a piece of that action.

Sereno, after all, is but the latest basang sisiw "martyr" figure that adorns the sloganeering of the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition. She follows a whole line of "martyrs" who've had their fifteen minutes of fame whilst they were useful to the Yellowtard cause. Sereno should enjoy it while it lasts.

Because after this circus, she will go down in history as a mere footnote -- a quaint relic within the tall shadow cast by her predecessor, the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona that serves as an important lesson of how mediocrity eventually catches up with those who seek to get around clear standards that only the Supreme Court -- unencumbered by a fixation on popularity -- can set.


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