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The Philippines' biggest "atheist" communities are failing to exploit an opportunity of a lifetime

What's up with the Filipino Freethinkers, supposedly the Philippines' highest profile, most organised, and possibly largest atheist community? They were very active during the controversy surrounding the Reproductive Health Bill legislation as well as various activist initiatives related to gay rights. They also rallied behind Carlos Celdran when he was in hot water over his Damaso stunt.

Yet today, following the recent attacks against the Philippines' Roman Catholic Church, they have failed to step up to the occasion. The Catholic Church led by its lieutenants are clearly now on defensive mode and the situation presents a rare opportunity to sustain an effort to call their inconsistencies out and being to light their hypocrisy. Instead, however, the Filipino Freethinkers have, instead, chosen to focus more on their peeves against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as is evident in the position articulated by their leader Red Tani in a Facebook post...

And then there…

How the #BabaeAko "movement" REALLY made it to @TIME's list of global "influential" people

Yellowtards are celebrating the featuring of the Philippine Opposition's feminist social media "cause" dubbed "#BabaeAko" on TIME Magazine's list of influential people. An article on BlogWatch explains how this was "achieved"...

The contenders of Time’s most influential people were evaluated by looking at their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. The local news first picked it up.
Well now, so that's why the #BabaeAko mob were so adept at meeting the "overall ability to drive news" criterion. The Philippine corporate news media industry, if we recall, is renowned for the slant it routinely affords to the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards.

So, getting an 'activist' cause that attacks Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte a lot of media mileage in the Philippines is easy-peasy given the 'cooperative' media environment in the Philippines. That no tall achievement. That's …

Activists keep referring to "Team Resistance". But does this "team" even exist?

Recently, the Philippine Opposition has started to refer to itself as "Team Resistance". One wonders though, what exactly is it and what does it stand for? Perhaps, like everything else created by this saddest of Philippine "oppositions" Team Resistance is a mere figment of the imagination of people who imagine that some sort of "fight" is still being fought.

For one thing, one would be hard-pressed to even define what the broader Philippine Opposition stands for. All they have is a common hatred for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. But there is something to be said about movements fuelled by hatred. It just doesn't sit well in a world where most progressive people aspire to move forward using positive energy.

The Resistance, whatever the hell it is in the context of Philippine politics, does nothing but resist. Resisting is easy. The more important thing to ask, however is this: What does the Philippine Opposition propel?

See, to propel is to m…

Rather than hang on to Duterte's promises, the Opposition should come up with their own and SHOW us how to keep them

Lately, the chatter making waves amongst the "influencers" of the Philippine Opposition are various stocktakes of promises made by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and which ones he has so far kept. That's a nice topic for a lazy discussion, for what politician keeps his promises anyway, right?

The bigger challenge for the Opposition (if going for bigger challenges is their thingy) is to come up with their own vision and demonstrate an ability to keep their eye on that ball once in power. That is what will differentiate them and that is what will separate the men from the boys.

It is easy to watch and take pot shots. It is harder to envision and execute. So far, no major player in Philippine politics in recent history has demonstrated such a rare ability.

Filipino voters for their part are of no help. They are quick to lap up emo images of prayerful bozos spouting lame slogans. But try to explain to them something about the future, and all you'll get is a noisy …

Archbishop Soc Villegas issues a FAKE definition of "religion"! 😮

Referring again to Archbishop Soc Villegas's letter to the youth of his archdiocese one will find another explanation of the concept of "religion" but written in the same gibberish that Villegas is starting to gain renown for...

Religion is man's natural longing for God. God has placed in our hearts a certain kind of restlessness that can only be cured if we rest in God.
No. Religion is a social institution that applies governance over the manner people worship ans access their god. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, there is scripture (its core charter) Canon Law, the body of legislation issued by Rome, and the clergy who implement and enforce these rules.

As is evident in the above, the Roman Catholic religion is a governance entity. Worse, it is a governance entity that takes instructions from a foreign government in the application of said governance to Filipino Catholics. It is an instrument of modern imperialism.

Filipinos should exercise caution in the…

Archbishop Soc Villegas issues a FAKE definition of "Original Sin"! 😮

I was taught in the excellent Catholic school I was privileged enough to have been educated in that Original Sin is the sin humanity carried as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden after they disobeyed God's commandment not to eat the Forbidden Fruit. Because this sin was an offense against God who is a perfect being, only a perfect gift from man to God could restore man's favour before God's eyes.

This is where Jesus Christ comes into play. Born a man and then sacrificed to the Father, Christ, the Son of God and, by transitivity, himself a perfect being, was that perfect gift man finally delivered to God.

As such, Jesus Christ is therefore celebrated as The Saviour, for it was through him that man and God would once again be in communion. This is why babies are regarded as guilty of Original Sin at birth and could only be absolved of that sin through a "baptism" that places the child within God's graces through the celebration of the d…

Truly spiritual or MERELY religious? Filipinos don't know the difference!

Yellowtards still don't get it. There is no evidence  that President Rodrigo Duterte was criticising God himself. What he was criticising was the "God" fashioned by the Roman Catholic Church.

Filipinos know their "god" only through their Church. As such, they trust their Church to tell them who God really is. But because thinking is in short supply in the Philippines, most Filipinos cannot be bothered to fact check what their Church is telling them.

And this is what, essentially, Duterte is asking Filipinos to apply a bit of brain to. For example...

"You created something perfect and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of your work," he continued. The President, a Catholic, said he finds it preposterous that babies should be born with original sin.
Doesn't this make sense? To answer that simple question one need only to intellectually challenge what the they have been told by the Roman Catholic Church. That's n…

A beholdenness to the Roman Catholic Church is what keeps the Philippine Opposition fragmented

Because Roman Catholic dogma is so inconsistent and, well, dogmatic, it makes it really problematic to use Catholic teachings as a foundation for a modern political platform. Yet that does not stop the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards from underpinning their pathetic challenge to the poltical establishment with a baffling close alliance with the Church.

We can see the effects of this stubborn alliance with the Catholic Church in the hopelessly fragmented state of the Philippine Opposition. Their claim to be a liberal, Western-influenced bloc lacks credibility because of the conservatism inherent in this deference to the Catholic clergy. Their liberal advocacies, specifically gender equality and rights for homosexuals, are absolute antitheses to the teachings of the Catholic faith. Yet this does not seem to bother them one bit.

One wonders if the Yellowtards really understand who or what they are up against. Duterte remains a popular and trusted politician and it will requ…

Here's why TAMBAY youth should be rounded up by the police...

The tambay are symptoms of a lazy and unimaginative society. Worse they are affronts to discipline. There is no excuse for youthful able-bodied people hanging around in a street corner doing nothing.

Kilala sa bayan, asal ay gahaman
Malakas sa inuman, istorbo sa daan
Meron pa kayang pag-asang magbago
Ang taong lumaki sa layaw?
If there is no paid work to be done, there will always be volunteer work to do. Volunteer work allows a young person to acquire skills and experience and provides him or her an ethic of commitment to completing tasks and taking responsibility. Hanging around doing nothing does nothing to or for anyone.

Sobra sa bigat, hindi na mabuhat
Sobra sa tamad, laging hubad
Hindi na n'ya mapigilan ang kanyang mga bisyo
Kaya ang bagsak niya'y sa kalaboso.
It is ironic that the so-called "liberals" of the Philippine Opposition are opposed to rounding up tambays. These are, after all, a partisan clique that believes the state should take over where personal initi…

Philippine President Duterte takes the Roman Catholic Church to task on its FAKE ideas!

It's a done deal in the First World but it is still an ongoing battle in the Catholic Third World. Babies born "guilty" and the universe and humanity being created by a superior being has long been relegated to the dustbin of historical curiosities. Not in the Philippines though where the the foreign-governed Roman Catholic Church rules a backward people backed by a supposedly infallible charter.

It is in this context that the recent words of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should be regarded...

Duterte, on Friday, June 22, began with retelling the story of Adam and Eve and how they ate the fruit from the forbidden tree and thus brought original sin upon humankind.  "Kinain ni Adam (Adam ate it) then malice was born. Who is this stupid God? Istupido talaga itong putangina kung ganoon (That son of a bitch is stupid if that's the case)," said Duterte during a summit in Davao City.  "You created something perfect and then you think of an event that …

To ensure Bongbong Marcos does not become president, the Yellowtards should make sure they WIN an election

What can be more complicated a concept than the idea that to gain power in a democracy, you need to win an election? Apparently for the Philippines' Opposition, there is lots to discuss about it -- everything except who can win an election for them and how to go about setting that person up for success at the polls.

But instead of doing something tangible like that, the Opposition's "thought leaders" are, instead, issuing nebulous remarks about the future such as this...

Politics these days is bad enough without the looming prospect of a BBM presidency in 2022. Needless to say, we must do everything in our power to prevent that outcome. 🙅‍♂️ #NeverForget
The question this guy needs to ask himself and the geniuses in his Yellowtard camp is simple. What exactly does it mean to "do everything in our power" to beat Marcos? To answer that question convincingly is where the thinking begins and where the shrill emotionalism ends.

Bongbong buried his father while Noynoy FAILED to solve his father's murder

What does that say about the two men? It shows that against the odds, without the benefit of executive power, and against the tide of public opinion, former Senator Bongbong Marcos achieved an end. Compare this to former President Benigno Simeon "BS" Aquino who, despite being the Philippines' most powerful man for six years, failed to conclusively solve the murder of his own father who was vastly more revered than Marcos. If Aquino or, for that matter, the broader community of Yellowtards could not bring closure to the enduring mystery of who really killed their top "hero", the late former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr, how could one even expect the Yellowtards to achieve bigger things that require formidable political resolve?

To get things done in the Philippines requires political will and savvy. Though symbolic in nature, the burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani demonstrates the political savvy of the Marcos clan and its allies. Call their methods wh…

Is justice "dead" in the Philippines? Yes it is. Has been since 1983.

The Yellowtards keep clucking about how democracy "died" after the dead-final decision of the Supreme Court to void the appointment of now Never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno. But because they are so selective in their idea of what it means to be a "just" society, they fail to realise the injustice within their own ranks.

The most astounding slackery in the application of "justice" in the Philippines is how former President Benigno Simeon 'BS' Aquino III failed -- even as the most powerful man in the country at the time -- to solve the murder of his own father, the late former Senator and father of the Yellowtards, Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr.

So before these Yellowtards issue another shrill cry of mourning for the "death" of "justice" in the Philippines, they should first spare a thought of how a son could fail his own father like no other.

When Yellowtards say democracy is "dead" AGAIN, don't believe them!

It has become such an overused slogan. "Democracy is dead". It's a shrill cry that comes from the Opposition (who, presumably, continue to be led by the Yellowtards) whenever they suffer a setback. It's as if they are saying that democracy lives solely for the purpose of Yellowtard wellbeing.

What flies over the pointed heads of the Yellowtards is the simple fact that due process is working. It's just not working for them and their insidious agendas.

These Yellowtards probably haven't read the ancient Aesop fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. According to this fable, a shepherd boy who kept shrieking that a wolf was attacking his flock eventually stopped being believed by the villagers who erstwhile had been coming to his aid. When a wolf actually did come to visit, his shrieks fell on deaf ears and he was eaten up along with his sheep.

If we are to believe the Yellowtards as they once again set off to kick up an all-too-familiar Cry Wolf campaign about how dem…

That's not the way to kick Sister Patricia Fox out of the Philippines, THIS is the way you do it...

Reporter Ina Reformina reports...
In its ruling granting Sister Fox's appeal, the DOJ says visa forfeiture proceedings have no legal basis; what is provided by the law and BI Rules is visa cancellation proceedings. Thus, BI ordered to commence the correct procedure (visa cancellation) vs Fox. In short, the Department of Justice is only clarifying; that's not the way to kick Fox out of the Philippines, THIS is the way.

An earlier tweet by the Inquirer stated that the order to deport the Australian activist nun was "reversed" and pictures an ecstatic Fox.

However, following the link to the news report accompanying the tweet reveals information consistent with Reformina's report...
[Justice Secretary Menardo] Guevarra said while the missionary visa is valid, the case against her will be treated as one for visa cancellation, a procedure that is allowed by law.
Evidently, Fox has so far not learned from this experience and reportedly continues to engage in political …

Leni Robredo as leader of the Philippine Opposition raises many questions but yields ZERO answers

Is Leni Robredo the leader of the Opposition? If so, what is her strategy to get as many politicians in her slate elected to office? What is her election-winning strategy?

As leader of the Opposition (presumably), does she have a planning horizon for her party that extends to 2022? If so, does she have some idea of who the presidential bet for 2022 would be?

If Robredo does not see herself as leader of the Opposition, who would she endorse to lead it?

Does she have an opinion on why the Opposition cannot seem to unite against what is clearly a popular incumbent?

Supposing that Leni Robredo believes that the Opposition lacks unity, how does she propose to rectify that (assuming she steps up to the role of leader of the Opposition)?

How does Robredo envision the Philippines would be like, say, five years from now? And what would she do to get to that envisioned state?

What does she think of the way the Opposition is now distancing itself from the colour Yellow? Does she think this colo…

It is Filipinos' responsibilty to make Duterte's "Build Build Build" program worth every peso paid to make it happen

There are many infrastructure investments that just need to be undertaken and are not subject to the same ROI computations of the sorts one would do if it was a private sector venture.

The risk inherent in loans taken out to fund these can only be hedged by a collective resolve to make good on a commitment to make productive use of whatever was built using these funds. The alternative is one where fear and lack of confidence in the future overcomes any wherewithal to invest in large infrastructure projects.

This is no different to taking out a loan to buy a house. At first, the loan payments look like a monumental challenge to service. But most Filipino families will hunker down and make sure they make good on those payments and find ways to increase their household incomes to progressively reduce the initial financial stress.

The same attitude should be taken with infrastructure projects that have long payback periods. Need multiples of billions of dollars to build a large rail netw…

Filipino "activists" are boycotting NutriAsia products for bad labour practices. But do they treat their household servants any better?

It remains to be seen whether a call to boycott NutriAsia products, which include many popular and beloved Filipino food brands, will gain any real traction. After all, the call is coming primarily from the chi-chi Filipinos who inhabit "hipster" social media platforms like Twitter.

But if these "online activists" are really serious and want to come across as consistent in their advocacy, they should at least consider the abused labour that goes into the very devices they use to tweet their quaint slogans...
Apple’s main supplier in Asia has been employing students illegally working overtime to assemble the iPhone X, as it struggles to catch up with demand after production delays.  Six high school students told the Financial Times they routinely work 11-hour days assembling the iPhone X at a factory in Zhengzhou, China, which constitutes illegal overtime for student interns under Chinese law. Closer to home, most Filipino middle class households also employ servan…

Filipino film makers should focus on stopping production of BAD movies and TV rather than engage in poltical activism

It all just comes across as being a trying hard copycat. But these are, after all, members of the Philippines' mediocre film industry where originality and substance all take a back seat to a quick buck on junk that appeals to the shallow masses' low-brow tastes. Indeed, Filipino makers invented the art of being trying-hard copycats.
Nonetheless, rather than focus their outrage on the rot in their own backyard, the Philippines' top entertainment honchos made headlines that screamed Gawad Urian winners, presenters make stand vs gov't... During the awards night at the Vertis Tent in Quezon City, dozens from the film industry joined the protest by wearing red pins with the text, "Stop the Attacks." Notably, members of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino, the organizers behind Gawad Urian, wore the pin to the event. These Filipino entertainers, in fact, should, themselves, be taken to task for their own contribution to the degeneracy of Philippine society as not…

Spare a thought for Manila's esteros before we sympathise with parasitic SQUATTERS...

Whatever one would say about the Philippines'squatter infestation, the fact of their vast contribution to the already toxic environment of the country's big cities cannot be denied. Squatter colonies are not supported by modern infrastructure. So they essentially lay waste to their surroundings and present a health and safety risk to all decent Filipino taxpayers.

Squatters embody a multilayered cancerous edifice of social injustice to all that is law-abiding and just. They are property thieves and urban blighters. They undermine every effort to modernise and clean up the mess accumulated from years of social dysfunction.

Most disturbing  of all, they symbolise the impoverished thinking that prevents a modern secular ethic of personal accountability that is a badly-needed intellectual foundation for social mobility. As such, squatters, and the politicians who coddle and pander to them present the biggest roadblocks to the advancement of Philippine society.

Enough of this Squa…

Nutriasia Group is one of the Philippines' top advertisers which is why Big Media News like that of ABS-CBN won't touch them

Netizens monitoring the workers' strike at a Nutriasia factory have criticised the slow response of the news services of the Philippines' big corporate media networks to the incident. One noted that even when reporters arrived at the scene, they referred the site of the strike using the generic term "a factory" and did not mention the name of its owner.

Not surprising, and this highlights the whole problem with Big Corporate Media. The Nutriasia group, after all, is one of the Philippines' biggest spenders on advertising and is likely to be a major client of at least one of these mainstream media companies...

Nutriasia Group recorded the biggest increase in spending with a 246% hike from P215 million to 679 million. Media giant ABS-CBN also had a notable 206% increase from P356 million in the first quarter of 2013 to P1.10 million this quarter.
The report from where the above excerpt was taken also notes that during the period covered by its analysis, TV account…

"Norwegia" is trending in the Philippines because, well, it's an easy bandwagon to jump into

Norway is to "Norwegia" as Broadway is to "Broadwegia". There are many easy ways to "weigh in" on the circus surrounding the latest comms gaffe of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).

There's not much to work with though. It is what it is. And Filipinos find it funny. It's the sort of one-dimensional humour that makes producing hit low-brow comedy movies in the Philippines easy pickins for the Philippines' Big Media industry.

A movie of the same title. Now there's an idea there possibly worth millions of pesos. Who should star in it? Watch for it.

Could Chinese rule actually be any worse than Filipino rule? 🤔

The late Manuel L Quezon, first President of the Philippine Commonwealth famously said, "I would rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than a Philippines run like heaven by the Americans".

Many Filipinos had since looked back and wondered whether becoming a nation independent of the United States was actually a smart decision. This question increased in resonance with Filipinos as it increasingly became evident over the decades following independence in 1946 that being subject to a government run by fellow Filipinos actually was turning out to be the "hell" Quezon so presciently described it as back then.

So with the benefit of that hindsight and in the context of the shrill "activist" rhetoric surrounding an imagined sinister plot between the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and China to turn the Philippines into a "Chinese province", it is reasonable to raise a similar question...

Would we rather have a Philipp…

Chinese TV shows to be shown in the Philippines. Jim Paredes believes it's a sinister plot.

According to Jim Paredes, it's a sign that Filipinos are being prepped for the imagined eventuality of the Philippines becoming a "Chinese province". Yet Paredes fails to realise that back in the 1970s and early 1980s, Chinese TV shows were shown on Philippine television every weekend. There was also the hit Chinese series The Twins which was aired on prime time.

Indeed, the mid- to late-1970s also saw the heyday of Japanese robot and other anime TV shows.

Applying the same brain Jim Paredes applies, one could say the Philippines had been colonised by either the Chinese or the Japanese back then.

But we don't even need to look that far back. Already, Korean music and TV shows compete head to head with local fare today. Is the Philippines also being prepped to be a Korean "province"?

People like Jim Paredes should be put in a looney joint where he can be at liberty to indulge his quaint fantasies. Then again, that's what the echo chamber that is these Ye…

Philippine Roman Catholic Church through the @CBCPpnews incites overthrow of Duterte government!

Right here in some sort of call to arms issued by a group of Catholic clergy men led by Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan Socrates Villegas lies the very reason behind the relentless descent of the Philippine Roman Catholic Church to irrelevance.

The fire-and-brimstone rhetoric is bodaciously biblical. But it no longer has a place in a modern secular society such as that of the Philippines'.

Worse, these men in robes are actually inciting rebellion.

By the rosaries at EDSA 1986, we cast the dictator from his throne. Courage is contagious. Cowardice stinks. Prayer heals. Penance revives the dead.
Even within the above snippet, the rhetoric is shrill and incoherent. There is no specific call to action beyond prayer and tantric religious jihad. Nothing within the framework of Philippine law. It is disturbingly Medieval.

Is this the sort of people Filipinos choose to be led by? Thing is, Catholic priests and bishops are not elected officials. They hold their offices by virtue of the aut…

What will Kris Aquino's legislative agenda be when she becomes a Philippine senator?

Indeed it is confirmed. Kris Aquino is the last winnable Yellowtard. Senator Bam Aquino said so recently...

“That’s a family decision obviously. Si Kris, if she decides to run, I think she’d win,” he said in an interview on The Chiefs tv show.  Bam said Kris would be “very welcome” in the Senate. “Honestly, kung itutuloy niya itong paninindigan laban sa ginagawa ng mga administrasyon, I think she’d be very welcome in the Senate,” Bam said.
No question about it. Kris Aquino will win any election. As the late Dolphy said of celebrity politicians, “Madaling tumakbo, e paano kung manalo?

That's the question Kris needs to answer. What will she do as Philippine senator? What will she do if she wins?

How exactly does standing in the rain make Leni Robredo a "great" leader?

From the way Yellowtards are gushing over images of "vice president" Leni Robredo standing in salute under the pouring rain in today's "Independence Day" rights at the Rizal Monument at the Luneta, you'd think Robredo was a great conqueror or saviour of the "oppressed" of some sort. But as far as measurable achievement goes, one would be hard-pressed to hang any real medals on the presumptive "vice president" of the Philippines.

What exactly has Robredo achieved?

Crickets chirping...

This is classic "basang sisiw" appeal at work. In this case literally.

The thing with standing in the rain in salute is that anyone can do it. Back in the day, hundreds of thousands of Filipino students taking Citizens' Military Training at one time or another did it. Perhaps it could be because this is a generation of Filipino youth who have never experienced doing military drills under the rain on a Saturday morning.

To be a truly remarkable…

SocMed personality @GangBadoy hints that Duterte supporters have NO RIGHT to be Anthony Bourdain fans! 😮

Some people need a better understanding of the word “dictator”. It's difficult to get how they can accuse Duterte of being a dictator while being safe to criticise him.

But the worst thing about Yellowtards is how they habitually stake a claim on the latest trending hero or occassion as one that only they exclusively have the right to associate with. And once they had drawn an imaginary yellow dotted line around said artifact, they then proceed to  wax righteous about their political agenda using that artifact as a platform.

This behaviour is encapsulated in a recent tweet by social media influencer Gang Capati...

Uh, again. You can't be a real Bourdain fan and support dictators who are verbally mean to women. It's one or the other, sorry.  🙃
One would have thought Ninoy’s supporters want us to respect the dead, but now they are using Anthony Bourdain as a poster boy for their political agendas. I really don’t want to go there, but he did take his own life. That says som…

Kris Aquino: the last winnable Yellowtard

Don't be fooled by Kris Aquino's backpedaling on her previously rabid attack versus Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson. It is likely to be a survival tactic after finding out that she is being given a run for the popularity money by Uson who has so far demonstrated a stable base of supporters compared to the fickle lot who constitute Aquino's fan base.

A recent statement Aquino released shows a sudden conciliatory tone where she seems to suggest that they, instead, settle for a ceasefire and agree that a more "sinister" force is at work inciting these circuses...

Aquino went on to say that she was no longer irate with Uson, who was merely acting like a product endorser, and was therefore not the "mastermind" behind the Duterte-Ninoy kiss comparison.  "[I]’m sorry nagalit ako sa 'nagtrabaho lang'," she added. "And you weren’t deserving of the hatred from my fans & supporters. Yung nagbabayad sa editors & writers mo ang dapat a…

Why is the name "Inday" associated with Filipino servants?

That's because "Inday" is a common Visayan name as "activist" Inday Espina Varona points out.
If you think Inday is a disparaging term, you probably need to check your own worldview there :) may TV shows ba na tawag sa kasambahay ay Inday? Eh sa madami talaga kaming Bisaya na Inday ang nickname — across classes. I remember a year there were three indays at home.
This means the name "Inday" just happens to be a victim of statistical emergence. It is, after all, a fact that many Visayans migrated to Metro Manila to work as servants. And because Metro Manila is the cultural capital of the Philippines, mainstream media and pop entertainment producers merely picked up the common conception.
It also did not help that one of the most famous Indays is erstwhile Queen of Talk in the Philippines, Inday Badiday, who appealed to the bakya crowd of the time. Her show See True was popular with the masa and many a Conyo kid grew up seeing their household servants w…

Yellowtard #BabaeAko "feminists" vote to drag Mocha Uson by the hair if ever they meet her!

The results of a survey by a Yellowtard feminist #BabaeAko advocate are out. Yellowtards have overwhelmingly voted to drag Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson by the hair if given the chance.

This highlights the hypocrisy of the clique of so-called advocates who use feminism as a disguise for their insidious poltical agendas.

Unlike these Yellowtards, some Netizens apply the right perspective in their feminism...

Feminism is accepting every woman as your equal, kahit ano pa siya, past, status, race, religion, beliefs, at magsuportahan para sa ikakaunlad ng isat isa.  But now we have these arroragant hags who thought ikakaganda't ikinatalino nila ang mocha bashing. Tsk. Nakakahiya kayo.
Compare this to the way these Yellotard pseudo-feminists conduct themselves. So much for authenticity and sincerity, right? The Philippine Opposition should ditch the Yellowtards if they truly aspire to be the excellent Opposition force Filipinos deserve.

Online petition for Duterte to resign yet another obsolete, brain-dead, Philippine Opposition initiative

As of this writing, there is yet another Change Dot Org initiative to petition Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to make good on his promise to "resign if enough women will protest against his kiss on the lips of a married Filipina in South Korea."
He said: "If there are enough women to... Well I think if all women here would sign a petition for me to resign, I will resign."  If you think the things that President Duterte does and say against women are WRONG and NEVER ACCEPTABLE or should NEVER BE CONSIDERED AS JUST A JOKE or NEVER A PART OF FILIPINO CULTURE, please sign this petition.
This just demonstrates once again just how intellectually-bankrupt the Philippine Opposition is in the way it clings on the minutiae of sound bytes released by Duterte every now and then. Latching onto sound bytes is not a political strategy nor is it a proper Opposition platform. It is no more than a publicity stunt aimed at creating mere noise.

Filipinos deserve a better Opposi…

Mocha Uson crushes Kris Aquino in @GMAnews online poll!

An online poll ran by GMA News where Netizens were asked #TeamKris or #TeamMocha: Which side are you on?  has so far yielded a decisive blow to Queen of All Philippine Media Kris Aquino.

As of this writing, #TeamKris has been crushed by 82.5% of respondents to the poll who voted in favour of Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson.

This result likely comes as a shock to the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards who continue to defer to the likes of Kris Aquino like a member of the royalty they continue to imagine commands the souls of Filipinos today. Unfortunately for them, it seems time has ran out for the Aquino era as Manila Times columnist Antonio Contreras points out...

Kris Aquino is deluding herself that the mythology of the good Aquinos versus the evil Marcoses will last forever. She must be told that her surname also comes with the baggage of a father, mother and brother who have contributed to the current state of our country and would therefore be fair game for anyone to ca…

Duterte image pasted by "activists" on University of the Philippines urinals mirror Filipinos' general pissing habits

Pasting images of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on public urinals at the University of the Philippines is typical of the intellectually-stunted and lazy "activism" of the Philippine Opposition. It plays into an easy space in the Filipino national character because Filipinos, after all, are people who habitually urinate anywhere they please.

So if these "activists" intended to send out a message that pissing into the image of Duterte is an honorable act of "protest" they should think twice about what it is exactly they are trying to say.

Filipinos are inherently disrespectful of public spaces. Pissing on the president's face does not say much about any "cause" or "advocacy" other than to show that, aside from public walls and sidewalks, the Office of the President is just another public structure where one can literally relieve himself of his anxieties. No thinking is required. And that, in particular, suits the Filipino jus…

#BabaeAko "activist" @MrsUnlawyer inciting followers to inflict violent acts against Mocha Uson!

It's been long worked out by a lot of Filipinos that the "#BabaeAko" feminist "advocacy" is really just a partisan powow in disguise. Indeed, it was easy to see then and it is even easier to see now seeing how this Twitter Netizen had issued an inflammatory "poll" that gives respondents options limited only to aggressive and abusive acts against Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to choose from given the hypothetical situation she puts forth of one happening to bump into Uson sometime in the future.

Is this right?

This quaint Twitter stunt would have been simply amusing for its utter lack of class if it weren't apparent that the followers of this character consist mainly of rabid critics of the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

As such, it is not entirely implausible that one of these could actually act on these prompts in real life.

More importantly, this episode highlights just how big a confused lot the Philippine Opposition …

Duterte will go down in history as the leader who made Filipinos think and CHALLENGE their society's dysfunctional status quo

Duterte’s place in history, his effect on our economy and security, of course, remains to be seen.

But this early one can safely say (whether he intended it or not is beside the point) that he forced the country to re-examine its values and its rationales, including its heroes.

People are beginning to question myths, demand facts, and demand that all sides of any issue be heard.

People are no longer lazily unquestioning: the heroism or villainy of historical figures are being re-examined, the myths and wrong assumptions we had about our constitutional system and history are being undermined.

More importantly, people are now demanding that words like honor, democracy, rights, sovereignty, due process, morality, hypocrisy, ethics, etc. be explained and defended.

Before, they were treated as mere platitudes, mere oratorical tools onstage. now people ask: are they true, do we really believe in them, do we even know what they really are and mean?

And many of our so-called intellectuals or…

According to the latest Facebook "feminist" movement, the Philippines is being taken over by a culture of sexual violence

This is an excerpt from a supposedly "well-discussed, properly threshed out" statement by "Enough", the latest social justice warrior page on Facebook...
Duterte’s people say this is his “realness,” his “pagiging totoong tao” shining through. But all that tells us is that Duterte’s real self is a chauvinist misogynist pig, who looks down on women, who does not see us as equals, who does not respect us as human beings. This is the President of the Philippines, categorically and unequivocally taking a stand against all women as he normalizes a culture of gender abuse and sexual violence. This is Duterte making the lives of all women less safe by the day, as men are made to believe they can have their way with us, in whatever context. The repercussions of Duterte’s actions, left unchecked and unchanged, will resonate for generations.
Read the rest of the "statement" here.
Thing is, where exactly is the evidence that "a culture of gender abuse and sexua…

Recall how then President BS Aquino spoke disrespectfully to the families of the slain SAF officers...

Former President Benigno Simeon "BS" Aquino III wasn't exactly known to be a particularly empathetic guy. Nonetheless, the manner with which he "reached out" to the families of Special Action Force officers massacred by Islamic terrorists during a botched mission he directly oversaw was particularly insensitive as we recall...

Asked what steps his government was taking to seek justice for the atrocity, Aquino lashed out...

"Ano gusto nyo gawin ko, kunin natin ang fingerprint ng mga kalaban? Aba madami iyun, para malaman natin sino pumatay sa mga kamag-anak nyo."
And, as expected, the customary segue into the "heroism" of his parents...

The President also reportedly said he and the SAF families were "equal" because his father was also killed. "Namatay rin ang tatay ko, alam ko pakiramdam niyo kaya patas na rin tayo ngayon."
That's BS Aquino, alright. A real class act. Like his sister.

"Senator" Antonio Trillanes's defensiveness about his Senate absence record raises even more questions!

Not surprisingly, "senator" Antonio Trillanes has reportedly gone epically defensive about his sorry record of attendance in Senate sessions.
“Meron akong official business when I was out so covered ‘yan by a travel authority. So technically, that is not counted as an absence. But, at the end of the day ginagawa ko yung trabaho ko,” he said.  “Given the opportunity na imbestigahan ‘yung mga kalabisan nitong administrasyon na ito, ginagawa ko. Sa ganitong klaseng administrasyon na baluktot, ‘yun ang importanteng trabaho ng Senado [ma] apparently hindi na namin ginagawa,” Trillanes added. But is it the job of Philippine "senators" to be undertaking "investigations"? Last we heard, a senator's job is to legislate. The job of "investigation" is one already undertaken by the various law enforcement agencies who are actually responsible for investigating stuff.

For that matter, Trillanes has a track record of doing shady things under the cover of…

Kris Aquino should run for office! And WIN!

Yes, Kris Aquino should seek public office. If she runs in a future election she will likely win. That's because she is popular. In a democracy, after all, popularity wins. It's rule of the majority, and majority of Filipinos love Kris Aquino.

Would the Yellowtard "influencers" who worship her father, "national hero" Ninoy Aquino support Kris's candidacy? That's an interesting question to mull over. At the moment, there is an on-going circus involving a war of words and social media posts between Kris Aquino and Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson. It's a good show - because both are entertainers. The mob is entertained and the media is raking it in. The Yellowtards are, of course, on Kris's side and swear by the righteousness of every word she spews.

As such, the ultimate test of what actually defines a Yellowtard will come if (or, more likely, when) Kris Aquino runs for office. She will be yet another product of the Yellowtard mob and it would…

Fake outrage: Yellowtards conjure "sexual abuse" where none existed

Netizen @PinoyKritiko nailed it...

A woman knows when she’s being abused. She knows her body after all. There’s no victim here. If the yellows perception of the incident is full of malice, then we have a troubled, confused opposition. This incident exposed their hypocrisy. It’s a fake outrage!
Opposition "influencers" presume to know better than Bea Kim who, despite categorically denying on record that she had no issues with kissing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, continue to insist that she be regarded as a "victim".

Who is really doing the victimising here? The Yellowtards seem to subsist on a supply of manufactured "victims" to prop up their lame irrelevant cause. This is yet another instance where they scrounge for the next fix.

Yellowtards insult Bea Kim's intelligence and right to make her own choices as an adult woman. So much for #BabaeAko...

Opposition "influencer" Noemi Dado presumes to know better than Bea Kim, the woman Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte kissed on the lips as part of a meet-and-greet with OFWs in South Korea.
Sexual harassment is not primarily about sex, but it’s about power – and the abuse of that power.  Duterte [I can't even bear to call him PRESIDENT anymore] being in power does not make it OK for anyone to violate sexual harassment laws. Kim herself attests to the incident as no more than fun and games...
“Yung kiss, ginawa lang naming pampakilig sa audience,” she said. “Promise, para sa akin at sa kanya (President Duterte), walang ibig sabihin yon.” People like Dado, unfortunately, prefer to stick to their beliefs even in light of the facts. Facts, it seems, don't matter to them.

Yellowtards like @jnery_newsstand dismiss testimonial of woman kissed by Duterte, insist she is a victim of her PERSONAL choice

Yellowtards prefer their narrative -- to the point of outright dismissing testimony made on record by the erstwhile "aggrieved" party. In this case, the woman kissed on the lips by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte testified on video that it's all good and no harm was done. The Yellowtards, however, will have none of that as Inquirer columnist John Nery expresses in a tweet...
...the power differential made all the difference. The woman’s “consent” is imperfect: it was crowd-coaxed, cajoled, coerced. Her words afterwards were reassurance—to herself, not least.
Perhaps. But we may as well apply that to the way Filipinos are made to decide who to choose to be their leaders and representatives every election day. Just like this instance, consent during elections is exacted of Filipino voters under similar circumstances in the heat of herd mentalities during campaign rallies and overpowering synchronicity amidst the din of slogan chants on the campaign trail.
It can thus…

#BabaeAko fail: Yellowtard Netizens slut-shaming woman Duterte kissed on the lips! 😮

A video of the woman Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte kissed on the lips in South Korea is making the rounds. The woman in question has categorically absolved Duterte of any malice. This, however, has not quashed the vindictiveness of Yellowtards who are singularly-focused on painting their preferred picture of the Duterte administration as shown in the ensuing thread following a tweet exhibiting this video...

This is coming from a clique of Netizens who supposedly subscribe to the "Babae Ako" movement launched by the Yellowtards to protest Duterte's so-called "misogyny".

Inconsistency, however, is not something that contributes to the credibility of a movement. It is the Yellowtards themselves who do their own cause in.