Yellowtards are in a sad and desperate but ultimately futile campaign to stop the ouster of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno!

Yellowtards and other elements of the Philippine Opposition are in a frenzy over tomorrow's Supreme Court decision on the quo warranto petition versus current Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno. There are calls for "concerned citizens" to engage in the usual street theatrics to demonstrate their displeasure over the way the approach to resolving the issue sidesteps "due process", such as this one...

All lawyers worthy of being called lawyers and who are proud of their profession should show up in front of the SC tomorrow.

Some are simply tweeting hashtags rallying people to "fight for Sereno"...

Do these people actually think the Supreme Court will simply go back to going about business as usual if Sereno is retained as Chief Justice? After something like this, the outcome of Sereno and her supporters getting their way can only be bad for the Philippines.

For her part, Sereno should have simply resigned a long time ago. Her supporters fort their part should have applied a more intelligent mind to the issue and thought really carefully about the bigger things at stake and what the facts of the case are really telling us. That simply means looking beyond their personal partisan loyalties and step back from mindsets blinkered by decades of Yellow propaganda.


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