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Portrayal of Duterte by Gaviria on @TIME overly simplistic and superficial

It's quite easy to discern the forced narrative of Time magazine in drawing parallelism between Colombia and the Philippines in the war against illegal drugs. Exactly why they chose former Colombian president Cesar Gaviria to write that seemingly indicting profile of Duterte.

The problem is that we all know what the war on drug here is all about, and it is one of rampant use and abuse. On the other hand, Colombia's issue is that it is an established narco state controlled by very powerful drug cartels which exports its main product of cocaine, primarily to its biggest market - the US.

Thus, that simplistic and superficial portrayal of Duterte by Gaviria clearly reveal the glaring ignorance of Time on the true story of our nation.

Couple that with another discombobulating profile of Leila de Lima where there is an obviously deliberate attempt to ignore the reason why the senator was jailed, while outrageously painting her struggle as a fight against human rights and misogyny.

Hey @indayevarona, were you once a member of Bubby Dacer's staff? - @bobitiglao

Several replies on Thinking Pinoy's post that claimed that a Ms Manufactured Noise was one of the late publicist Bubby Dacer's assistant identified her as INDAY VARONA who was a prolific blogger and for several years chairman of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.

Can Ms Varona please confirm or deny this? Please pass on to Ms Varona as she isn't among my FB friends. I had several encounters with Bubby -- bless his soul -- whose gruesome murder at the twilight of Erap's regime sadly hasnt been really solved to this day. The most "infamous" was when we had a bar fight at Cafe Ole at Kalaw St., when he lunged at me when i refused his offer to pay for my drinks, yabang ko raw. After that my press colleagues scolded me at nawala daw tuloy ang naglilibre sa kanila since Bubby never returned to that hangout of ours haha! so huwag na raw ako mag-istambay doon! I seem to remember nga now Varona as this small lady carrying Bubby's  stuff and clu…

Official Star Wars Ep VIII poster released, confirms Skywalker saga continues!

Coming December 2017...

Throwback 40 years to 1977 when Episode IV came out...

Recall 2012 when @inquirerdotnet was complicit in spread of fake news vs Renato Corona

In 2012, the Inquirer came out with a barrage of articles against​ the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. When the formal articles of impeachment was presented at the Senate, it was whittled down to only three because of the lack of basis for the others.

[In reference to the Manila Times article P8 billion to P21billion DAP funds missing.]

There was no way that the Senate could've voted to convict on the basis of the evidence as it was "discovered" as the trial was ongoing by Harvey Keh and Congressman Jorge Banal. This was how Kaya Natin came to fore nationally through notoriety.

But 2012 was the second Aquino renaissance coming on the heels of the hated Macapagal Arroyo administration. It was like 1986 all over again. Aquino and Abad understood that an acquittal would leave them with eggs on their collective faces given that even if the public had been riled up to the point they deemed Corona guilty, the Senators could still acquit him.

So the fix was put in. What seal…

What Yellowtards fear: Irrelevance and redemption for the Marcoses and Arroyos

It's not really a Duterte dictatorship that Yellowtards fear but a looming Macapagal-Marcos political alliance. The scions of Cong Dadong and Apo Lakay are on a mission of redemption. They want history to be kinder to their respective plights.

In the case of GMA, she wants to be remembered as the President who did more for the country post-Marcos and not the President who replaced Erap in a civil-military coup. She also wants to remove the ignominious circumstances of her detention for five years on trumped up charges.

In the case of Bongbong, the Marcoses have been enjoying a renaissance already. Nothing would validate this more than a return to MalacaƱan as President or Prime Minister depending​ on the outcome of the move to amend the Constitution.

Should the alliance come to fruition, the Yellowtards and their minions will be confined to the political dustbin of history.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.

Filipinos need to choose between spineless dipshits like PNoy and independent street-smart leaders like Duterte

Rina Jimenez David reduces column writing to the level of the homeless person on the street begging for money. The only difference is, the homeless person has more dignity because he acknowledges his helplessness and sincerely asks for help in whatever form while David panders to the papers that be behind her.

[In reference to the Inquirer article Keep him away from children.]

In David's case, she will do anything to destroy the reputation of the President. That's how desperate she is in her latest piece.

What would she have the President say to the Boy Scouts? Live by the Scout's Honor. I promise to do my best to do my duty for God and my country, the Philippines. This is how the first paragraph goes if I still remember correctly.

Scouting is one way to instill values and build character in boys and young men. This is why it's compulsory unless the boy in question is disabled or suffering from a medical condition which limits physical activity and exposure to the ele…

Are Filipinos raised to be crooked from childhood?

Filipinos are endlessly complaining about what they haven’t got, instead of working with what they have got. And the fact is, Filipinos have got a lot. They are, in fact, rich. They’re just so busy whining (and drinking, and gambling, and wasting their money on get-rich-quick schemes) that they don’t even realise it.

Filipinos have lots of carabao shit. Now, how difficult would it be to use it? It’s not much, but it’s a start. Everyone has to start somewhere, and when you’re at the bottom of the heap, starting with the carabao shit is as good a place as any.

Stop complaining about your thieving politicians. Those thieves are YOU. Do you honestly think that only politicians are thieves, while everyone else is pure as Mary herself? Don’t you think it’s odd that every single one of them is a self-serving crook? You actually believe that’s just coincidence? The politicians weren’t born politicians. Once upon a time, they were all just little Bong, going to school with all the other littl…

How @Richeydarian spins causal linkage to Duterte's government where none exists

Heydarian used to be an excellent objective political and economic analyst. All of a sudden, he's changed his tone.

Each of his points in the paragraph below can easily be repudiated. If by his second year in office Duterte isn't able to deliver, people will start questioning his capability too. His political detractors haven't given him a honeymoon but the public has.

Heydarian's latest piece is similar to the video of Robredo. It discounts all the positives and emphasizes the negatives even if the cause and effect isn't directly attributable to the actions of the President.

Critics will of course point out that under Duterte, economy-wise, the situation is far from impressive: while growth rates is still robust, business confidence is down, investors are jittery, credit rate agencies are warning of regulatory uncertainty and potential downgrade, big-ticket infrastructure projects are in limbo, and the Philippine Peso is the worst performing in Asia. Not to menti…

Kudos in order for well-run Palit Bise crowdfunded Luneta rally on April 2 2017!

Pinoys must get over their belief that journalists should be fair. They’re not fair and they never will be. Whenever information is being filtered through a middleman, bias and vested interests are unavoidable. Only the degree of bias will vary. Objective journalists are like unicorns. They don’t exist.

The solution to media bias is not to lobby for the middleman to change, but to remove the middleman. Use direct channels of communication. All the necessary tools are now available on the internet.

Recent proof of this was Jimmy Bondoc’s crowdfunding call for the Palit Bise rally. Without any announcement on mainstream media, Bondoc raised something like P2.5 million in 3 or 4 days. All it took was one message on Facebook that went viral. This is absolutely phenomenal.

I personally didn’t think it was a good idea to hold another rally so soon after the one in February, but congratulations are in order for the organizers of Palit Bise. I’ve watched some of the videos and I must say the…

It's more about ME and less about solutions according to @srsasot

Thinking Pinoy posted a reaction to the previous post acknowledging the validity of the points raised. TP’s post seems to have been taken down, and I think I know why. Thank you, Thinking Pinoy. I trust your judgment and I hope something constructive will happen because of your initiative.

Meanwhile, Sass Rogando Sasot is still obsessed with herself. Her latest reactions:

GRP just won’t stop. Conflict of interest editing in Wikipedia is a real issue. Hindi lang iyong Microsoft ang nangyari. Did you actually read the other COI issues concerning governments? Sige lang let MalacaƱang edit entries about Duterte and let’s see how the media would use it against Duterte. Why do I need to be insulted by you when I raised a valid point, which you avoided to address with your insults against me?
[and this...]

People voting to make Duterte lead the Time Magazine poll was even used by Time Magazine against Duterte with a passive-aggressive statement that he is paying people to make him popular on…

On @srsasot's twisted arguments and the importance of Wikipedia in public relations

After the last round, I thought Sass Rogando Sasot would have enough maturity and humility to see the flaws in her reasoning, but she’s dishing out more twisted arguments about this, which I think need to be addressed.

(Read the following to know what this is about: Duterte's own staff seem to be undermining his administration and Response to Sass Rogando Sasot: Duterte has supporters who are not blind beholden emos. To read Sasot’s comments, go to her FB page For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot)

Just to recap, why did I say that Sasot lacks common sense? Because she reacted to a comment about monitoring Wikipedia by saying it costs a lot of money to do international PR. Wikipedia is free. So what money is she talking about?

(Sass, to say you are book-smart but lack common sense is not ad hominem. It’s a fact. Acknowledge that this is one of your weaknesses, so you can correct it.)

Sasot’s ego was apparently hurt when her statement was rebutted, so she did what she usually do…

On @bethangsioco's slanted defense of Leila de Lima published on the Manila Standard

Beth Angsioco conveniently forgets in her defense of Leila that while her marriage may have been annulled, Dayan was still very much married when they had an affair.

De Lima was a free woman when she had a relationship. Her former marriage has been annulled way BEFORE she had another partner. Yet she was slut-shamed to the hilt by powerful men who, on the other hand, think that their “sidelines” should be perfectly accepted by people.
There is also the matter of the Vice-President who's​ affair with the Congressman from the Third District of Quezon City, appears to be being openly flaunted now despite her patay malisya and colegiala denial antics.

There is also he alleged romance between Senator Risa Hontiveros and former Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs Ronald Llamas. Hontiveros denies this and Llamas has been mum but it has been written about even by Rappler. Hontiveros is a widow but Llamas is very much married as per the reports.

While society may define what is mora…

Response to Sass Rogando Sasot: Duterte has supporters who are not blind beholden emos

So Sass Rogando Sasot posted a reaction on her FB page to defend Andanar:

Regarding the GRP Short article on Andanar being suspected as a “mole.” Ang premise nila eh si Andanar eh walang ginagawa to protect the “international image” of the president. FYI, in order for you to counter the PR of those who would like to bring down Duterte, you need to spend A LOT OF MONEY for international PR. Mahal po ang international PR. Si Duterte po ang ayaw gumastos for international PR. Yup, Duterte is not like PNoy’s admin who spent a filthy amount of tax payer’s money for international PR.
I think someone on Get Real Post already pointed out before that Sasot is book-smart but lacks common sense. We see proof of that once again here.

Does regularly monitoring and editing Duterte’s Wikipedia page to give foreigners more balanced info cost a lot of money? No, it doesn’t. It’s certainly cheaper than what Andanar is wasting every month printing a useless local monthly tabloid that reaches only a few…

Duterte's own staff seem to be undermining his administration

I’ve long suspected that there are Liberal Party moles in high places in Duterte’s communications group and in the DFA.

Is Martin Andanar a mole? For now, I don’t think so, but it’s pretty clear he’s more concerned about protecting his professional future than protecting the president, or the international image of the Philippines.

Andanar is junketing all over the world going on “trainings” and signing MOUs with foreign media companies, but he neglects the most basic and essential things, such as keeping an eye on Duterte’s Wikipedia page.

Check it out. It’s obvious the yellows have a team regularly editing that Wikipedia page, which basically paints Duterte as a mass murderer and fentanyl addict, and even makes Davao sound like the rape and crime capital of the Philippines. The page contains none of Duterte’s accomplishments to balance out the negative stuff.

Wikipedia gets a lot of eyeballs from foreigners and it’s the one thing that Duterte’s comms team can actually have some con…