Following the "Jericho March": Beware of the classic Yellowtard tactic of barricading one's self in an office that CJ Sereno might resort to!

One of the favourite protest spectacles of Yellowtard officials is to barricade themselves in an office they had been evicted from and then wait to be physically removed for dramatic effect. This is no different to the way squatters solicit sympathy from the public when their illegally-erected structures are being bulldozed by the state.

Don't fall for it!

This sort of squatter mentality needs to be eradicated from the Filipino psyche. The Opposition has thus far demonstrated a strategy of keeping Filipino thinking stuck in a primitive state to ensure that their old-school voodoo styled propaganda remains effective.

It's time Filipinos apply a critical mind to their politics and root out politicians and "activist" leaders who prefer to dumb down the discourse to fit their lame and counterproductive agendas.


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