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Obsession with beauty pageants in #Philippines masks deep cultural rot

The number of OFWs is actually a symptom of a greater ailment called LACK OF OPPORTUNITY in the home country. It is not something to be applauded or admired. It is not something borne out of creativity. It is something they are FORCED to endure to SURVIVE. They leave their families and especially kids at home. Their wives or husbands meet JODY and the kids grow up without real guidance from their father. Imagine being a father and not being able to read your kid a bedtime story? Not being to kiss his boo-boo when he is hurt and hug him assuring him he is OK? Seeing him get thrilled when he sees a bird eat some bread he left out? I will not even go into the abuses OFWs endure from their foreign masters. OFWism is a sign of PINOY FAILURE. OFWism is REACTIVE and not PROACTIVE in nature. Beauty pageants – celebrating fate – reactive Country progress and no OFWs like Singapore – celebrating accomplishment – proactive GETS? Pinoys do perceive themselves as ugly. Why do you think ther

6 traits that should automatically disqualify a candidate

1. Ignorance Not the bigotry kind, I'm talking about the dictionary definition of ignorance: Ignorance: lacking knowledge, training, or awareness in general. It's a quality most businesses would do well to avoid in their employees. Ignorant employees are less suited to the task, harder to train, and less focused while at work. And even the most menial of tasks can be disrupted by employee ignorance. Lack of training aside, it's always more desirable to find employees who show an interest in the products they represent, whether manufacturing, selling, or anything in-between. Workers who show effort to remain well informed and current within their industry or perhaps are even passionate customers themselves not only tend to be better suited for their jobs, but they're generally more confident and proactive as well. How to avoid ignorant employees: screen resume's carefully by strict minimum education & experience requirements as the position requires. Fo

Joseph Scott Pemberton's 'guilty' verdict a product of #Philippines' bogus justice system

Can we throw a tent over this circus please. The verdict….guilty beyond reasonable doubt…..Bogus…there was plenty of reasonable doubt in this case. Did anyone actually see Pemberton kill the tranny?….reasonable doubt! The door was left ajar, anyone could have entered that room after Pemberton left. Let me focus on the Laude family…From the delusional mother Laude, "Boo Hoo Hoo, we are strong Catholics who pray before every meal but where was our God when my Daughter who I spent my life raising, was being killed" 1.) Um….Your daughter was a Dude. Where do you think your F***ing god was? 2.) Hence, your son was a manipulating, lying, deceitful man-whore who needs to be aware of the consequences that may befall a gay man when playing around in the heterosexual world. Where do you think your F***ing god was? 3.) Your Son was a money hungry opportunist who did not consider the consequences of his actions on the 19 year boy's future who he lured in. Where do you think y

Can Davao City's "peace and order" outlive the #Duterte dynasty?

The resort to radical methods such as vigilantism suggests a greater failure in the government's duty to protect its people. Leadership skills unfortunately do not automatically proceed from patriotism, however great and noble. I understand the man's love for his city and country but I do not agree with his reasoning. Drug addicts are not the root of social injustice. From a medical point of view, drug addiction is a mental illness that can possibly result from occult or undiagnosed organic or functional pathology. Relatively incapacitated, these people need professional help, not discrimination, not a death sentence. Not all drug addicts resort to crime. Not all criminals use drugs. Duterte's argument is clearly skewed. This vigilante system, like political dynasties, is very much vulnerable to abuse. An innocent person with powerful enemies can be easily framed, given over to the death squads. When the State is unable to protect the rights of each citizen, regardless