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Jover Laurio (a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog) seemingly wishes that President Rodrigo Duterte and his family would die in a plane crash

A screen shot of what looks like a tweet posted -- then subsequently deleted -- by the Twitter account of top Opposition blog Pinoy Ako Blog (PAB) hinted at a wish that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his entire family to would perish in a plane crash.

Translated in English, the text before the smileys in the purported tweet reads, "To be fair, at least if he dies during the trip, he'll be with his family in death."

It is interesting to note that Jover Laurio, the person behind PAB, was named Filipino of the Year by the Inquirer.

For the record, the author of this post did reach out to her supporters to seek assistance in getting a statement from Laurio regarding the above purported tweet.

[Update: The offending tweet is still online as of this update and can be accessed here.]

James Deakin should sue Tonyo Cruz for making slanderous assertions about him that are untrue

In a tweet, Tonyo Cruz made assumptions upon assumptions about the circumstances surrounding Deakin's photo with Bongbong Marcos, et al. The photo had apparently sent  the whole community of Martial Law Crybabies screeching  over this  latest  outrage  fad. On these, Cruz built conclusions that are, as expected, flawed and, because he issues them in a tweet, possibly libelous.

James Deakin, please don’t portray yourself as a victim of hate. Please lang. Konting perspective naman. Maraming buhay ang sinira ng BFF mong si BBM at ang pamilya nya. The Marcoses destroyed Toyota. They plundered the economy. Why do PR for BBM wittingly or unwittingly?
The tweet refers to appeal for sobriety posted on Facebook by Deakin where perfectly valid points were made that put the photo in proper perspective -- perspective that escapes the Taliban-like logic of "social justice warriors" like Cruz.

So I woke up to a whole Twitterverse of hate this morning. All based on a single picture ta…

Campus newspapers in the Philippines are communist propaganda channels and therefore complicit in terrorist acts! 😮

It's easy to see why campus newspapers in Philippine universities are dismissed as communist propaganda vehicles. Their editors are members of an obviously communist-run "College Editors' Guild of the Philippines".

In a recent rally organised by this "guild" reported by TV Patrol, the Cold War era slogans on the placards on display reveals their leanings...

When will these bozos learn? When will they at least apply of innovation to their activism?

Low bar set for achievement! Filipino of the Year is Jover Laurio according to the @InquirerDotNet

Writer and pro-Duterte supporter KRIZETTE LAURETA CHU lauded the real Filipinos of the year after the Philippine Daily Inquirer acknowledged Pinoy Ako Blogger Jover Laurio through their very own survey:

I'm so sorry to the fallen heroes of Marawi, to their suffering but dignified widows, to the evacuees who are trying to piece together their lives after terrorists attacked their city.

I am so sorry to that group of young Filipino students and delegates who bested other nationalities in the international math competition in Singapore (Singapore, the birthplace of Singaporean style Math, and our kids won.)

Im sorry to Hilary Andales, the student from Philsci Visayas, who brought home P20 million for winning the Breakthrough Challenge for an explainer video on relativity in a global science competition.

Sorry to the Philippine ice hockey team who won a gold medal at the 2017 SEA GAMES. A surprise win, and a very welcome one.

Sorry to Capt. Jeffrey Buada, the Scout Ranger who negotia…

Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay (@fthilbay) gets the definition of poverty all wrong! 😮

It's now wonder Filipinos remain poor. They are being taught by their most revered "thought leaders" that poverty is everyone else's fault but theirs.

According to Hilbay...

Poverty is overwhelmingly NOT a choice; people are simply born into it. It is artificial, & strips people of dignity. It's the consequence of an unjust socio-economic structure, entrenched & legitimized by the legal system.  The most recent example of this injustice is TRAIN.
Not true. The real definition of poverty is far more confronting and can be digested only by people who can handle the truth...

Poverty is a habitual entering into commitments one is inherently unable to honour.

When an entire people are continuously told that someone else, or a higher power, is responsible for their fortunes (or misfortunes), guess what: they will soon forget how to take personal accountability for their own prosperity.

Chronic poverty in the Philippines is the legacy of generations of Filipinos …

According to @RapplerDotCom, Yellowtards are "Netizens" and Dutertards are "trolls"

0ne can't help but wonder what the definition of a "Netizen" is. In the Rappler article Netizens slam Sherwin Gatchalian over 'Ulol, Gago' tweets, the following examples are what are considered to be "Netizens' reactions"...

So if it walks like a troll, quacks like a troll, but tweets like a Yellowtard, then it must be a "Netizen". That's the logic Rappler seemingly applies to determining what sort of social media user you are.

Indeed, in another Rappler universe, there are, of course users who are regarded as "trolls". They are the users who are supporters of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and have, according to Ressa, "weaponised" the Internet.

Selective labelling. Rappler and its CEO are such class acts.

Call for @Facebook to implement a "democracy-friendly algorithm" another LOSER advocacy of @RapplerDotCom

Rappler got the theory right. Now it just needs to practice this theory that it preaches in its recent op-ed piece.

The first step is to understand our new world today. This is the reason why Rappler maintains a database of Facebook accounts based on impact and scale. These fact-based, data-based analysis form the foundation of our stories on social media and the propaganda machine. The data shows us that no effective counter-narrative or distribution network has scaled like the pro-Duterte networks on Facebook.

So the call to action for Rappler and the Philippines' broader political Opposition is to step up to the challenge of competing for Filipinos' minds. And in today's world, doing that successfully means developing that compelling narrative and subjecting it to the competitive landscape of 21st Century social media activism.

But instead of applying a more sportsman-like attitude to the challenge at hand, Rappler, instead, chooses to chuck a whine...

As Mari…