Another martyr moment for the Yellowtards following suspension of Facebook account of Mae Paner a.k.a. @JuanaChange! 😮

Mae Paner in happier times schmoozing with Cardinal Luis Tagle who is all smiles on this occasion.

Twice in a week?? This is the shrill cry of outrage following the suspension today of the Facebook account of top Yellowtard activist Mae Paner who goes by the screen name "Juana Change". The previous week saw a similar setback for popular Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio whose account had now been restored after more than two days of suspension.

What is going on?

True to the unscientific way Yellowtards dissect the issues of national consequence, a preferred conclusion had already been arrived at. According to social media "thought leader" Inday Espina Varona, this is an outcome of "targeted attacks" against supporters of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte...

It’s ironic that @facebook allowed a gazillion trolls for years to transform its social media platform into a toxic sea of lies and abuse, and now it plays catch up — by targeting known critics like @juanachange on a fake name charge. She’s been at the forefront of #BabaeAko

But of course! Silly of the rest of us to think otherwise.

For her part, Paner is understandably livid as well as convinced of the unchallenged righteousness of their cause. This indeed has to be an evil attack against the forces of all that is good in this world...

@Facebook level-up dahil it’s time. Critics like me are for real. Let me reMIND you... #BabaeAko. This campaign must be hurting the poor boy in the palace.

Yes, Duterte is hurting. His heart bleeds for the cause of this pseudo-feminist "activism" that tries but fails to wipe a stubborn Yellow stain off itself.


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