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The notion of 'extrajudicial killing' is oxymoronic!

What bothers me about the position of certain lawyers against "extrajudicial killings" is that it is not based on evidence. Blaming the PNP for all the killings without evidence is unfair to our men in uniform. I also dislike the label "extrajudicial." Why not just call them "killings?" Only lawyers know that "extrajudicial" doesn't mean anything except "outside of court". But the common man who hasn't studied law understands "extrajudicial" to mean that it was the government's act that was made without having to resort to a court of law. It taints the reputation of our law enforcers. But in a highly politicized environment like right now, labels are important to advocates regardless of the backlash to our institutions. If you are against the killings, say so, but do not call them "extrajudicial" unless you have evidence that government agents made them. It misleads the people and misinforms them.

Selective 'human rights' advocacy is giving bleeding-heart Liberals a bad name!

I agree that the West is behind much of the human rights BS being thrown around. Ironically these bleeding hearts – who talk about human rights – are the same people wearing clothing made by exploited slaves in Bangladesh. Even poor people – upon learning about sweat shop abuses – will still buy cheap, third world-produced clothing made by abused, third world workers. If you are going to talk 'human rights' you better walk the walk. The degree to which due process can be implemented depends on the system. It is unrealistic for a third world country to be expected to follow first world procedures, when its systems are 60 years behind. The laws and procedures are only as good as the people who enforce them. Laws mean nothing without enforcement. If the culture is one of corruption and bureaucracy, how do you get due process? Even countries who promote 'human rights' often don't follow their own rhetoric. Human rights is 'talked' about by many Western gover

Did former President Fidel Ramos order Duterte to work with Leni Robredo?

President Duterte offering Leni Robredo the housing appointment feels forced, both by FVR and the Yellow people. I find it exceedingly worrisome that Duterte said he takes his orders from FVR.  That is NOT a good sign, believe me.  Remember it was FVR who told Duterte that he and the immorally proclaimed VP ought to work together. If you think about FVR's known history and track record, that would just be a hint of why this alliance is a very problematic one for the nation.  Moreover, even if President Duterte gave Robredo a Cabinet post, that still doesn't erase the reality of massive ELECTORAL FRAUD that got her her immoral proclamation.  Millions of Filipinos don't believe she is the rightful VP and having successfully pressured Duterte to offer her a Cabinet post will not change that reality. ------------------- Victoria V. Ferro as posted on Facebook: