BAD TASTE: Kids going on retreat asking their social media followers to send them letters

Really bad taste the way some social media influencers send out requests to their followers to send them letters for their upcoming retreats. Volume over substance!

This one, for example, has more than 1800 followers on Twitter...

Does she really expect to read a thousand letters from followers many of whom she's probably never met and would hardly consider to be a real friend? Letters from family and close friends normally suffice.

These social media "influencers" seem to have missed the whole point of real life experiences like retreats much the same way they likely miss the whole point of travelling by experiencing everything through their little $1000 screens.

It could also be a case of one upmanship amongst these bozos. It's about who can exhibit the biggest stash of emails. They collect them much the same way they collect followers. It's a race for statistics rather than meaning.


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