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Why are Filipinos so stupid when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle?

Every time I am out on the roads I see the WORST driving I have ever seen in the world. I tell everyone that while Filipinos might know how to make the vehicle move, they certainly cannot DRIVE.

They pull into a giant, empty parking lot and rather than turn around INSIDE the parking lot, they BACK into traffic. How stupid is that? The answer is, “It is Pinoy stupid.”

Down the street from my house is a giant house with a pull through driveway and 2 gates. Just a couple days ago as I walked past, somebody opened the gate and directed a car out as it backed into the street. The gate was open and I had a clear view of an empty drive almost the size of a basketball court, so why on earth did the asshole need to back out? Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

Why are you Pinoys so damn stupid once you get behind the wheel of a car? If you drove in America the way you drive here almost all of you would have lost your licenses by now. Traffic violations also come with hefty fines and are ALWAYS …

On the selective outrage of Maria Ressa and Raissa Robles

So, they (local & foreign media) can denigrate the president & his supporters. They can exaggerate & splice his statements. They can destabilize the country, wittingly or unwittingly--all in the name of 'freedom of expression'.

But when people cry foul, call them out, or unfollow them--

RESSA calls it 'silencing' the media.

RAISSA calls it 'a serious, systematic attempt to denigrate the media'.


In fairness, um-oo agad ang Jim and retweet agad ang Leah! Supportive sila sa isa't isa, at iilan na lang kasi sila sabay nawawala pa yata si Cynthia.

MJ Quiambao Reyes as posted on Facebook.

Huge achievements crammed within Duterte's first 117 days goes UNREPORTED


Wait a minute....

Did you know that we have a leader who ....

... Has visited 14 military camps in just a month, including installations that no sitting president has ever laid eyes before. He also visited military hospitals and has invited wounded soldiers for a dinner get together in Malacanang. He was also able to conduct an actual command conference in Basilan.

...Has initiated peace talks with the left with the hope on ending a long standing armed struggle. Established goodwill by freeing prominent leftists leaders. Also pursuing peace talks with muslim secessionists.

...Has managed to negotiate for the release of foreigners held hostage by armed bandits in the south.

... Has handled a terrorist crisis well (Davao bombing) managing to immediately restore normalcy, personally visiting the dead and comforting the injured, and enabled the authorities to immediately track down the perpetrators.  After which, he also managed to direct an all out offensive ag…

News media needs to learn to deal with Duterte's profanity

A lot has been said—and presumably will continue to be said—about the colorful language (profanity) used by President Rodrigo Duterte.  Aside from the primary “victims” of his tirade, the US and EU that is, at least one other person is cackling about it.

That person, who works in the news business (it has tragically turned into a “business,” right?) and who was once considered as head of the news operations of public television, has since been making repeated innuendos against President Duterte.  Most of the times, that person would post news reports and blogs which generally place Duterte in a negative light—or, at the very least, raise questions about his leadership.  In fact, quite a number of those articles posted either lack extensive verification or misrepresent the facts.

That person’s latest innuendo goes like this, to wit:

“Profanity, swear words, vulgarity and offensive phrases have become a regular for us journos covering President Duterte. Is profanity in media harmless?…

Anti-Duterte sentiment borne out of arrogance rather than genuine love of country

Late night realizations (aka distractions while I'm supposed to be working):

The day before yesterday, I posted a sarcastic status on Mocha Uson and the hypocrites who wanted to shut down her page. Because it wasn't straightfoward, so many of her supporters came at me and bashed me and messaged me because they thought I was calling for the suspension of Mocha's page.(Actually some people are still messaging me now because they don't get it still). It was overwhelming in volume and emotion--and I thought I was passionate, LOL.

While there were many jolog posts, and yes death wishes that bordered on inane and stupid, although never seriously dangerous (a favorite refrain seemed to be 'Magbigti ka na lang,' but never 'Aabangan kita at papatayin') I couldn't help but compare the "hate" from her supporters with the hate I see from the anti Duterte forces.

The hate from Mocha's supporters were inextricably laced with frustration and rage. I…

Mocha Uson a better role model for women than her "decent" critics

Mocha Uson has struck a chord with the people. She did not grow up sheltered like some of these decent people. In 2002, she lost her father, a judge to an [politically motivated?] ambush killing. She was probably 20 at the time. She has had to make a living and a name for herself as best she could. Any resentment she feels, she has kept to herself, she does not bring up the murder every now and then as though she should be given sympathy (not like some personalities who like to bring up the necro card).

So she became a sexy dancer? So what? Apparently, she was able to turn her life around and find a more honorable calling. She may not have had the education some people have, but people change, people learn, and education is a process that does not end once one leaves university. Any lack of education, she makes up for in social media savvy and the ability to engage her followers as well as her detractors.

With the shit she has probably been through, the shrill attacks of the decent w…

Mocha Uson's detractors need to grow some balls - and some boobs!

20,000 signatures gathered. Mocha's FB Page days are numbered so said the petitioners.

These dimwits missed the fact that she has 4,000,000+ followers. Go gather 3,980,000+ more before you even try to curtail her freedom of speech.

Such a pathetic, stupid move, really.


What can't kill Mocha will make her stronger. Your thoughtless action will only lead to the multiplication (in number & in strength) of Mocha & her supporters.

Now, if you really wanna beat her or achieve even a quarter of her influence, here are some tips:

Stop impressing people w/ your gobbledygook. Start writing in people's language.

If you are a journo and want to remain a journo, then stick to facts. Adhere to your code of ethics--otherwise, stop wearing that "press" badge. Stop pretending. Start taking a stand (whichever side you're in).

Grow some balls--and some boobs, if you can!


Start caring for people, for real. Listen to their supplications. Feel their suff…

To the fascist, sexist, pseudo-intellectuals who seek to silence Mocha Uson...

By working so, so hard just to silence Mocha Uson who shares the very same rights you do, you are becoming the very same thing you claim to hate: a fascist, sexist, pseudo-intellectual who can't even recognize oppression and censorship the way a person can't find his glasses when he's clearly holding it in his hand.

You don't like her opinions? Then engage. Reply to her posts, post your own status, correct her errors, and work hard to counter her arguments. But most of all, work on ground. Arouse, mobilize, and organize. Because that's exactly what Mocha is doing outside of Facebook, something that some of you are far too lazy to do yourselves.

You say you fight so hard for a functioning democracy, but you can't even acknowledge that part of a functioning democracy is having space for dissent. Shame.

Ayrie Ching as posted on Facebook.

To understand where Duterte is coming from, go back to where he came from

Guys, please read about political socialization. Our president is from Mindanao.  He is shaped by Mindanao. If only the US would bother checking who messed up, BIGTIME, right? Think about it!

A mayor throughout his life. He is not part of the famous or known Filipino oligarchs. He does not have relationships with them save those rich families from Davao. Duterte is middle class. Yes, he studied in Ateneo and San Beda. Yes, he has rough edges. So rough we often twitch but he was elected. Our respective candidates were not.

Would they be any better? Could they beat the 100 Days of Duterte? Can they explain better? Would we be better off with any of the losers? Nope! The presidency is not the art speculation but of real accomplishments. Fire and hot iron and sweat, a lot of it.

Duterte is foul mouthed and all. A kick your ass straight shooter.  Damn, why cant he be the stereotypical Filipino president!  We see him often.  Too often.  He is not an MIA president.  He does not hide behind …

Duterte proves that US-Philippine "special relationship" remains to be proven

Let’s face it:  America’s standing in the world is being challenged and probably waning.

Yes, its military and economy remain the strongest in the world, but never doubt the power of the dragon.  In fact, by some measures, China is already considered the world's largest economy. According to a report released last year by the International Monetary Fund that comparing international economies by adjusting for exchange rates and purchasing power, China's economy had already surpassed America's as the world's largest.  As far as military strength is concerned, there’s no doubt the US military is head and shoulders above everyone else.  But because most Americans have lost their appetite for direct military intervention, the US has considerably cut back on military spending while other countries, including China, have revved it up.  Americans have lost their appetite because they’ve seen how direct military intervention has merely messed up other countries and sparked th…

Australian ties with China a model for Philippine foreign policy

Living in Australia has given me the advantage of learning multiple viewpoints of other countries’ geopolitics. Australia for one has major economic ties with Beijing.

Our former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was even fluent in Mandarin and was especially close with China in many regards in the past and this hasn’t affected or influenced Australia to go “red” because Australia is its own independent nation with its own independent foreign policy and following mostly a British type of political system, which I even think is far better than the U.S. presidential type.

Now, I believe what Duterte decided for our country has made much more sense because we’re also even more in close proximity to be able to obtain materials available; to establish more infrastructure projects and develop other areas in other industries to benefit us in the long run. China’s communism is really just this facade. I believe they are even a little more Far right wing in economics and even some in social aspects…

DLSU professor to sue Leni Robredo supporter for libel!

Mariel Rae Kho Fang, you have outdone yourself this time girl.  You are a poor excuse for a Lasallian.

I have always been so tolerant of trolls and bashers like you. I have even forgiven one who libeled me and we are in fact friends now.

But when you attack my family, you have done Mrs. Robredo a disservice and I am going to make sure you are going to pay the price.

For you to blatantly attack my family, particularly one of my daughters (I have two in fact) and accuse her of being raped by a relative (another attack to my family) is such a low blow not only because it is a complete falsity, but because it is also an act unbecoming not only of a Lasallian but more so of a human being.

None of my daughters have been raped by a relative, and thus there is none in my entire universe of reality where one of them would have sought refuge under the care of your patron, Leni Robredo.  What you have done is vile, inhuman, and un-christian.  You have shamed my entire family, and assaulted the …

Philippine mainstream media overreacts to Philippine 'pivot' to China

It's uncanny that the mainstream media are making a big deal of President Duterte's so-called "pivot" to China.  In the history of the world, countries "pivot" all the time as they seek to do what's best for themselves and not what's best for those outside of them.   Japan and Germany were vicious Axis powers during World War II, but ended up closely allied with the US henceforth.  Did the media make a big deal out of that?  And the former Soviet Union and the US were Allied powers during the same war, before the Soviets decided to challenge US dominance.

What's worse, the media remain in static mode on their concept of "good" and "evil:"  if countries are aligned with the US, they wear the proverbial "white hat," and if not they don the "black hat" as in a stereotypical cowboy or Western film.

The prevailing mainstream media narrative is Duterte is making a "risky" move by "aligning" …

USA or China? Duterte chooses the PHILIPPINES!

A policy bomb was detonated in Beijing, and now the nation is feeling the tremors of said pronouncement.

Typically, the initial reaction zoomed on a matter of choice - USA versus China.

The westerners in us are frantic. "We just can't do that to Uncle Sam!" What about the economy? What about aid? Our military? The BPOs? What about our immigrant relatives?

The more pathetic ones would conjure images of a country that will no longer be, once the GIs pack their bags and turn their backs.

It is a natural reaction, born out of a century-old stranglehold and our Stockholm syndrome affair with the US of A. Ever since, we were perhaps the only Asian country indoctrinated with western culture, and we embraced it like our lives depend on it.

We aped the Hollywood glitz and glamor, and we subscribed to its ideals of democracy and freedom, notwithstanding the fact that in doing so, we are also the only Asian nation without a unique sense of culture and nationalism.

Actually our fo…

Corvette owner explains the difference between capitalism and socialism

A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost.

I replied I am not sure,  it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it, it fed the people who make the tires, it fed the people who made the components that went  into it, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people in Decatur IL. at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore. It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant  to the dealer and fed the people working at the dealership and their families.  BUT,... I have to admit, I guess I really don't know how many people it  fed.

That is the difference  between capitalism and welfare mentality. When you buy something, you put money in people's pockets, and give them dignity for their skills.

When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self worth.  

Capitalism is freely giving yo…

Brilliant people are opposed by many out of ignorance

Anybody saw the movie Taare Zameen Par (Every Child is Special) directed by the Indian actor and director Aamir Khan? (If not, stop whatever it is that you are doing right now and watch it. I promise you, it is worth your time.)

During his class, the art teacher Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) spoke about historical personalities like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Agatha Christie, etc. who suffered from dyslexia and yet, became great and famous people despite their condition. Take note of the names of the historical figures mentioned on this scene. The character Nikumbh spoke of actual people who contributed a lot for the betterment of mankind.

Now, before you start bashing me and ask what is the connection of what I’m saying about the topic, let me quote some lines from the movie taken from this scene I have mentioned. (I suggest you watch the movie first, or at least look for this part from the movie so that you can have a much clearer idea of what I’m trying to point out.)


Ateneo publications The Guidon and Matanglawin apply selective definition of 'cyberbullying'

Related to this topic, I just provided a comment to The Guidon who just published a similar commentary regarding “irresponsible posting” of Rambo Talabong’s Facebook (FB) profile in Mocha Uson’s FB page, linking the former to Rappler. What is very revealing is the reaction from The Guidon: “. . . we find this action alarming and dangerous. Uson should have thought about the implications of her act. She has unnecessarily exposed Talabong to cyberbullying by posting his personal details, therefore opening the possibility of endangering him and his rights.”

I still cannot understand that these so called student journalists are still sensitive to cyberbullying when in fact, any form of negative reaction, whether we label it as cyberbullying or not, is expected from the social media users.

Para yatang unfair or selective yung world view nila (Matanglawin and The Guidon) when it comes to the purpose and use of social media: If they relate the word “katangahan” to Mocha Uson’s name, it is sa…

Al Jazeera preview clip of Duterte interview edited to make Philippine president sound like a killer

The male Al Jazeera journalist, Wayne Hay, was very rude and condescending toward President Duterte. He acted like an ignorant hill-billy tourist talking down to a Pinoy taxi driver. But President Duterte’s sincerity and good heart won out in the end. The President’s humility and simple but intelligent answers exposed Hay’s pettiness and shameful lack of knowledge. Hay has some nerve acting all indignant about the killings in the Philippines when he’s not even Filipino and obviously has a very shallow understanding of what goes on here. He didn’t even know President Duterte was referring to the UN arbitration ruling when the President held up a table napkin while they were discussing the South China Sea issue. Like a male Barbie doll trying to sound morally and intellectually superior, Hay said, “A blank sheet of paper?” What an airhead! The President’s communications team should really think about whether or not these interviews are worth doing. These media groups are just using the…

The mounting sins of the Yellow Camp, a.k.a. the "disente" crowd...

These are the doings of the self-proclaimed "decent" people in our country:

1. Cynthia Patag and Jim Paredes politicized the death of Mr. Noli Asensio just to put Duterte in bad light like they always do. The family of the departed called them out for lying and using their unfortunate situation for political vendetta.

2. Raissa Robles smeared the name of the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago just hours after the senator died. Robles can't even wait a day to air her unwanted distasteful opinion against a greatly beloved senator.

3. All the yellowtards and anti-Duterte in the country and even abroad rejoiced over the deaths of the innocents in Davao night market bombing.

4. All the yellowtards and anti-Duterte are praying for a Yolanda-type typhoon to hit the country again just to stick it to the government that this country is nothing without foreign aids.

5. All the yellowtards and anti-Duterte are rejoicing when the peso is losing power against US dollar and when stock mar…

Nicole Asensio, "appalled at the yellow idiots" and now former "yellowtard" friends

“My father died with me in Makati Medical Center ER… Right beside me at his final hours… I am appalled at the yellow idiots who have gossiped and gossiped about his life and death, plotting to use his death to fuel their political schemes. Some of these yellowtards were my friends… Some are my own blood relatives. Read my mom’s post. Swallow it. Close your mouth when you chew. If you were so concerned about my dad or the family, why didn’t you pay your respects? Thought so. It’s all about you. You’re not helping yourselves, the grieving family or the country by using my father’s death for your own vanity. LET ME LOVE AND HONOR HIM IN SILENCE.”

Nicole Asensio, as reported on Interaksyon.

International Criminal Court threat to charge Duterte violates Philippine sovereignty

Connect the dots:

1. Last week, the yellow CHR Chairman Chito Gascon was in the Netherlands. He said this in the text message that he sent to Senator Dick Gordon, which Gordon read aloud at the last Senate hearing on EJKs that was aired on TV.

2. During that Senate hearing, Leila de Lima spent a lot of time asking the PNP and PDEA about the procedures, forms, and documents used for Oplan Tokhang. It was almost like De Lima was looking for anything that she can hold up as “evidence” of state-sponsored killing (e.g. forms signed by Oplan Tokhang surrenderees who turned up dead later on; narco lists submitted by barangay captains that contained names of drug pushers who were eventually killed in police ops). Watch De Lima’s questioning from 4:26:50 of this video.

3. Today, the ICC (International Criminal Court), which is based in the Netherlands, issued a statement that basically warns that it might file charges against President Duterte for inciting state-sponsored violence.

4. Gascon …

A strong call to Sen. Leila de Lima to explain AWFUL crime statistics under her watch

Dear Sen. De Lima,

In the light of the countless massacres, ejk, & bombings which proliferated in 2010-2015, the Filipino as a nation cannot negate that these senseless killings were clear phenomenon during your stint as DOJ Secretary under Tuwid na Daan.

We want to hear from you & from the previous admin re: the following:

》CRIME RATE up by 350% (2010 to 2014):
¤ 2010 : 324,083
¤ 2014 : 1,160,000


¤ 2012 : +/- 1,700,000
¤ 2016 : +/- 3,700,000


》RAPE CASES (92% up in 4 years):
¤ 2010 : 5,132
¤ 2014 : 9,875
¤ NOTE: 70% of the victims are children


》VICTIMS of Riding-in-Tandem:
¤ 2010 :  1,819 victims of riding-in-tandem
¤ 2011 :  2,089 victims of riding-in-tandem
¤ 2013 :  3,000 victims of riding-in-tandem


》 CRIME SOLUTION Efficiency Rate (based on Phil. Statistics Authority)

¤ 2004 : 89.86%
¤ 2005 : 88.79%
¤ 2012 : 36.67%
¤ 2013 : 28.56%

Pray tell, where were you then and what have you & Human Rights groups done at that time?


[CT to Kar…

Rappler dismisses social media debate as "trolling" rather than engage intelligently

Rappler’s “troll” series of articles just feels wrong on many levels.

First, it just feels so dismissive. Instead of engaging in the discourse and writing articles to debunk or counteract any perceived misinformation, they would rather cast contrary opinions as the opinions of “Trolls.” Yes, a lot of the stuff going around social media these days are opinions and speculation, however, Rappler seems to be highly intolerant of opinion.

Second, is the portrayal of the situation as a “war.” War presupposes that there are enemies, an object of justified intolerance and “take-no-prisoner” attitude. Don’t the editors of Rappler realize that this supposed “war” is directed towards a popularly elected President of a legitimate government chosen by the sovereign will of the people? People will of course be free to agree or disagree because this is the President they are talking about and his actions will impact us all, but to blame trolls for the support the President is receiving misses the p…

Agot Isidro's rant vs Duterte lacks political SCIENCE

Agot Isidro should be ashamed of herself. What she said is precisely what happens when you become mendicant. You think heavens will fall and we will all get hungry just because the US and the EU are pissed off.

Let me educate you Ms. Isidro.

International relations is not as simple as you think it is. Countries do not behave like the soap opera characters you play where a bitchiness of one leads to a catfight, or a fistfight.

It is not what leaders say that matters. It is what is in their country's best interests.

You say we are not a superpower?  My dear, we may not be but we are strategically located that countries like China and the US would like to have a piece of us.  Yes, Ms. Isidro. We have what many want except that we have been so effing loyal to the US even if it treats us badly in many agreements.  It's about time we have to tell the US to treat us right since there are others ready and willing to take its place.

So before you even try ranting, read first. Okay.


Duterte's "foul" words and foreign aid don't mix in a logical debate on IMPORTANT issues

A lot has been said about our country's foreign relations under the Duterte administration, that the president --because of his foul mouth -- has caused our relations with other countries to deteriorate.

Statements like these show a lack of understanding how foreign relations work. Let me do my part in helping lessen the stupidity in this world by addressing this issue head-on.

Mr. Duterte has cursed at, among other personalities and entities, US President Barack Obama and the European Union. This has caused some who have a very pedestrian view of foreign relations to believe that irreparable damage has been inflicted upon Philippine ties with the United States and the EU.

Let me enlighten you folks.

Mr. Duterte's words are clear as day: he has badmouthed Obama and the EU for their perceived interference with the country's domestic affairs. Every sovereign state has the inalienable right to its own domestic affairs, free from the intervention of external actors. And while…

Agot Isidro opens doors for the mass practice of amateur psychiatry

Since a psychiatric patient like Agot is apparently qualified to give diagnoses of psychological problems, (Fashion and Interior Design) let me pitch mine.

Leila - daddy issues with nymphomania.

Mar - mommy issues with over-pampering and extreme self-entitlement

Noy - narcissistic personality disorder with unresolved Oedipal issues.

Leñi - anyone know the psychological term for "guillibly stupid?"

Anyone from cRappler - Over-dependence on overpriced caffeine, peer-approval, incomprehensible devspeak, and a compulsion to be a mindless yellow echo chamber.

Of course, they may be totally wrong. I have no professional degree, training or qualification to put out gobbledygook I barely understand. I applied no rigorous discipline in measuring the accuracy of my statements. i just applied what i am impressed on from newsfeeds. But I am as qualified as Agot Isidro to put them on social media. So there.

Update: from Pj Dizon:

Noynoy - Schizoaffective Bipolar and Autism Spectrum/Bord…

Mainstream "news" orgs criticize a system of "trolls" they were complicit in creating

A top officer of Rappler was quoted saying this:

In the Philippines, paid trolls, fallacious reasoning, leaps in logic, poisoning the well---these are only some of the propaganda techniques that have helped shift public opinion on key issues…
What I find funny and disturbing about that remark is the person who said it has had decades to use her prominence, celebrity and acceptance from the mainstream organizational media to lift the consciousness and intellectual standards of the Filipino people, but she has been part of a system and campaign to dumb people down--whether as one of the former news heads of a powerful broadcast network which has been accurately identified as biased and the trigger for the "dumb-down the Filipino" campaign.

The irony of that remark is she is criticizing something she has been complicit in creating.  She is part of a system that has created a monster.  She is part of a system that has opened Pandora's Box.  And she continues to be part of a…

Unfollowing @rapplerdotcom: On the growing irrelevance of Maria Ressa

How the mighty have fallen—Maria Ressa, former CNN bureau chief and former head of the ABS-CBN news department, has been reduced to picking fights with Mocha Uson.

Ressa’s website Rappler has been posting a series of articles against pro-Duterte netizens who lambasted the yellow media for their biased reporting.

Mocha Uson was singled out by Rappler because she’s one of the most vocal Duterte supporters, and her blog has been overtaking Ressa’s Rappler in Facebook engagements.

What a humiliating blow for Maria Ressa’s ego. A mere “sexy star” (as Rappler calls Mocha), with none of Ressa’s credentials, experience, or funding, has beaten her at her own game.

How could this happen?

As a netizen who used to read Rappler but who now prefers to read Mocha’s blog, let me offer an explanation.

I prefer getting my news from Mocha Uson because she provides the updates that none of the yellow media are reporting.

For example, it was through Mocha’s site that I found out about the great improveme…

Leni Robredo struggles to find meaningful use for herself in Duterte's government

Robredo’s constant demeanor reminds me of a hopeless wallflower invited to a school dance by some powerful/popular friends to act as a decoy while they go setup the pig’s blood on the stage to splash whoever was unlucky enough to earn their ire. Totally clueless as to what the hell she’s doing in that place; bumping off people trying to make herself likable and significant but only coming off as more annoying and insufferable as she continues in that trajectory.

One senses she does not like the role she grudgingly took even before the elections when she was chosen as a buffer for the uber-unlikable Roxas until her supposed “win” of the VP post her ‘silent’ benefactors have helped her secure. Every time she gives out these media pronouncements you’d think there’s a whole lot of head-scratching involved in her part as goes out of the room to carry out her bosses’ orders. Just put a thought balloon on her saying “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” in every one of her photos and t…

Inquirer editors are wrong: It was De Lima, not Dick Gordon, who suffered a meltdown

The official yellow tabloid, also known as the “Philippine Daily Inquirer”, came out with an editorial against Senator Dick Gordon today.

Gordon’s crime? Calling out Leila de Lima’s crap at the last Senate hearing.

In the fantasy yellow planet that Inquirer editors live in, it was Gordon, not De Lima, who lost his sh*t and screamed like a lunatic, hence the op-ed title “Gordon’s meltdown”.

According to the Inquirer, Gordon “tried to shame De Lima that angered many people watching the televised hearing”.

That’s not a misprint. The Inquirer really wrote that.

Perhaps the PNP should include the Inquirer office in their next Oplan Tokhang visit. These hallucinating editors make shabu addicts look like models of sobriety.

The Inquirer editors love to misrepresent the truth because they think ordinary people are too stupid to see through their lies.

But who are the real stupid ones? Ordinary citizens like us, or the Inquirer?

Let’s look at the facts, based on the actual video of the Senate…