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Look who will be voting for Bam Aquino on the basis of a handshake #juanvote #phvote


A piece of advice that keeps flying over Filipinos' heads #juanvote #phvote



Sometimes, I'm amazed at how the Philippine educational system, deranged though it is, has produced people who appear to think profoundly, but not give an alternative future for the Philippines at all.

I have this acquaintance who prides himself on being a "proletaryo". In fairness to this guy, he is actually a working-class intellectual, the sort of Mao Zedong-types colegialas fall in love with, marry, and then dump well into their marriage because they eventually prove to be a burden. He reads much, talks much, and knows a lot of people. He is generally genial - until you hear this "proletaryo" shit from him. We're good, by the way - but I'm not okay with this kind of deception or hypocrisy I hear, not just from him, but from a lot of such other working-class intellectuals. It's becoming a widespread phenomenon in the Philippines.

I am a working-class intellectual, and one of the hardest things for us is to congeal (in Tagalog: pagtagni-tagniin) t…

What if Carlos Celdran pulled his Damaso stunt in Malacañang?

What if Carlos Celdran pulled his Damaso stunt in Malacañang, albeit with a small difference as shown below:

Would PNoy and his supporters consider imprisonment too lenient? Would PNoy make good use of his exemption to the gun ban?

Photo courtesy: Showbiz Government FB page