Leni Robredo responds to Bobi Tiglao but STILL fails to categorically confirm or deny his allegations!

Filipinos should be the judge. A "report" published by the Philippine Star suggests that Philippine "vice president" Leni Robredo had issued a response to Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao's recent article VP Robredo won’t confirm or deny if she is Congressman Banal’s mistress.

The Star quotes the following as Robredo's response to Tiglao's allegations...

I have been blessed with 25 years. To be in a very good marriage, there’s no need to see anyone especially now that our job consumes all of our time. I’m living a very public life. I’m with people 24/7.

Nowhere in the above statement does anything even remotely resembling a categorical denial that she is in a relationship with House representative of Quezon City’s third district, Jorge (“Bolet”) Banal exists.

Indeed, even the Star headline itself, "Robredo slams columnist for spreading rumors", indicates that no such categorical denial is included in the report.

Robredo, as such, continues to insult the intelligence of Filipinos with the lame manner with which she attempts to sidestep rather than confront the lingering questions.


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