Opposition to the proposed National ID System based on stupid and misinformed arguments

Various groups associated with the broader Philippine Opposition are mounting a shrill campaign to block National Identification System bill being pushed in Congress.

“Ito ay pag-infringe sa right to privacy, right against surveillance and other forms of civil rights violations kaya po tinatanggihan natin itong national ID system,” [GABRIELA] Rep. Arlene Brosas said in a briefing. 
Kabataan Rep. Sarah Elago also denounced how the data gathered for the ID system could be used by the government in its surveillance against critics.

These bozos, however, fail to realise that the Philippine government data centres already host a mountain of data captured from the issuance of traditional government IDs such as passports and drivers' licenses. These ID records could easily be linked to other data sets the government already possess.

Indeed, the bill, in fact, only "seeks to integrate multiple government IDs by establishing a single national identification system". If these idiots take the trouble to understand this properly, it is easy to see that even without a new physical form of ID issued by the government, the underlying data sets accumulated via the existing IDs can still be consolidated into a single integrated database or information platform that could serve all the various existing ID-issuing agencies such as the LTO and the Bureau of Immigration.

The trouble with these commie morons is that they are quick to whip up a shrill outrage fad without first having a clear understanding of what the real issue is. The real issue is that the government can already do what they say they fear even without that new "National ID".

Even more interesting to note, it is mainly "progressive lawmakers" (a.k.a. communists) who are raising a stink about this. This is likely due to an understandable fear on their part of being more easily tracked on account of the interesting links they may have with certain terrorist "revolutionaries" (wink wink).


  1. There is a national ID. It's called a passport.

  2. All government issued ID's are categorized as National ID's. It's just each has a particular use. The author is right, the National ID System's aim is just to consolidate the already issued ID's of an individual in one. He is also right, these people are morons lol.


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