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Culture of impunity: Honda #UEI320 hit side mirror threatens to run over owner!

Honda UEI 320 hit my side mirror. Mirror fell in the street. I ran after the car. But it kept on driving. Caught up with it after several blocks. Driver didn't even want to acknowledge his fault.

I stood in front of his car to take a picture of his plate number. He drove into me. He actually hit my legs.

[Posted on Facebook as personal testimony by Tina Panganiban-Perez.]

Behaviour rather than image counts for most in the long run!

When honesty takes a back seat to image we will have problems. Image and face are temporary but truth is permanent. In the long term, societies that are honest will prosper and those focused on image will implode.America's recent fall is mainly due to the rise of ego and image. The leaders and oligarchs are an outgrowth of image over truth and ethics not the exception. Being honest and honestly seeking the real truths builds character and a foundation in which to build upon but is often met with scorn. Ever met an truly honest Filipino? I have and they are salt of the earth unfortunately they represent a small percentage of the population.Let's all try to stop caring so much what others think of us and focus on who we actually are. Behavior is what counts in the long run, not image. If you want hope in your life give it to someone else.----------------
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Gov't of Noynoy Aquino building strong track record of applying #justice selectively!

Consider this: the Marcos administration allowed Penoy's father, Ninoy Aquino, to travel to the United States to be treated following the two heart attacks he suffered in while incarcerated on trumped-up charges of murder, illegal possession of firearms and subversion.To date, Gloria Arroyo remains in custody at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center despite the fact that the Aquino government has failed to file a credible case against her. When the Supreme Court dismissed the complaint against Mrs Arroyo for allegedly misusing OWWA funds during her term, the Aquino government detained her anyway on the grounds that they will file a complaint against her in the future. That is a gross violation of Mrs Arroyo's rights that even the former dictator (technically) did not cross and tends toward cruel and inhuman treatment.Regarding Penoy Aquino's KKK cronies — these friends are presumed innocent in the press long before any investigation takes place. Former LTO chief Virginia …

What makes political blog #TheRealSingapore dot com tick? #Singapore

Image thrives on hatred. without "xenophobia" the site would die.It's somewhat of a tabloid site that uses anti foreigner sentiments to stir things up against the PAP govt .Generally speaking Singapore and Japan share the same views on "gaijin"
not saying locals don't commit crimes but the feeling is when a crime is committed fingers are pointed at foreigners first.That's the basis of why they posted all those articles. One of the founders of the site was a minor politician attempting to run against the PAP. And initial words exchanged between them and detractors stated clearly they intend to make a mark in social media no matter the means. Nationalism is one of the paths they choose.-----------------
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Reality check on #Pinoy Pride: People who work on visas in foreign countries do so at the pleasure of the host country

Singapore has world-class factories, infrastructure and educational systems. The practically the whole country of Singapore is ISO certified and I doubt you even know what that means. Singapore has faster internet speeds than I currently have here in California! In the Philippines I was slugging along with 3 m bit burst rates and suffering from brownouts for most of the day.A web designer I hired a few years ago came into the company with a resume touting MS FrontPage as the main HTML editor used while attending college level classes. MS FP had been obsoleted five years earlier. The list goes on and on…Anyway, as an American having lived in both cultures for many years, I can truthfully say Singaporeans are far better educated and capable of building a world-class city. Singaporeans do not have to farm themselves out to work in other countries as they are also world-class business people who work together to build a better nation.I cannot say the same for the Philippines. Your peopl…

#Filipinos are always offering girls for sex to male foreigners

As a foreigner, I once mentioned to a tricycle driver that the first time I came to the country a taxi driver pushed me to go to a girly bar in Manila.The tricycle driver gave me a dirty look, as if it was my fault or something. Hello??? It's YOUR country, not mine. This is what filipinos are selling.I can't tell you how many times I've been approached in the street by people asking me if I wanted a girl. I can't tell you how many times I've had tricycle drivers try to sell me a prostitute, because they wanted commission. I can't tell you how many times that I've had girls (who I never thought would do this) proposition me.That's Philippines for you. That's why foreigners get the ideal that most or all filipinas are prostitutes.-------------------
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Comparing Singaporeans to Filipinos is an apples- to-oranges exercise #ASEAN

Filipinos educated at Ateneo, UP or Silliman are very impressive individuals. Those college educated in lesser institutions in the provinces are no better at English than some uneducated people i know in the Philippines. Again corruption allows many "colleges" to operate without meeting minimal proficiency requirement.But I can tell you for certain the Singaporeans are not jealous of the Philippines with the exception of natural resources that are being squandered.I am also pretty sure that Singaporeans don't need to work in other countries as OFW to support their families back home. It's like comparing apples and oranges… That's why this argument is so futile.As for Dubai, Wikipedia says the following:"The population of Dubai is 2,109,274. Approximately 85% of the expatriate population (and 71% of the emirate's total population) was Asian (chiefly Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan). About 3% of the total population of Dubai was c…

Is #God on Bong Revilla's side??

Senator Bong Revilla believes: "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do to me?" (quote from the Bible verse Psalms 118:6 printed on a shirt he wore while addressing supporters yesterday).His fans seem to think so too. Tell us what YOU think!--------------
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#Tagalog not the most effective in conveying key ideas in science and tech

It still can be taken as an elective, but considering the need to improve skills that would benefit the country the most (or kids, later in their professional lives), I think we need to put more emphasis on fields such as science and technology in which Pilipino or Tagalog are not the most effective in conveying their key ideas.There are languages that put one at an advantage over the rest when it comes to learning certain fields or bodies of knowledge—Learning in these areas become easier, when proficiency in their specialized terminology, etymological origins, etc. are also learned (e.g. Latin in medicine and life sciences as well as law and philosophy, Italian in reading music, English in international trade and commerce, etc.)"Pilipino" is sadly getting to be some kind of lingua franca among domestic helpers around the world. Maybe if you really want to pursue that as your career choice, then go ahead and master Pilipino.----------------
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The sound of a #Tagalog convo: 'like chickens and hens cackling in unison'

While I'm not sure the language should totally go the way Latin did, one can't deny the limited use of Tagalog.As it is now, a sentence can't be done without two or three borrowed words in English which makes it redundant in academia. Somehow you gotta address the technical jargon but there really is no equivalent to it in Tagalog so the English term just ends up jammed in between the local vernacular. Nevermind the fact that reading Tagalog online is cringey no matter who wrote it.Add the fact that it just doesn't sound pleasing to the ear. Normal conversation with Tagalog is like chickens and hens cackling in unison to the uninitiated. It's the peasants' language through and through.------------
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#Philippines society caught in a time freeze as national #language fails to keep up globally #ASEAN

I'm sure everyone will agree that, as any society evolves, languages and dialects go hand-in-hand. If language and dialects don't evolve, they go the natural way…they die. The vernacular dies if it can't keep up.The 30-word challenge is misleading in the sense that Tagalog and the rest of the languages and dialects have not kept toe-to-toe with the rest of the world. From thereon, you can simply show the preeminence of one language (and dialect) over the other (English, in this case). Filipino and the languages and dialects all suffer from this maladaptation.But, truly, how much of the English language is truly English? Just (is this English?) because (?) molecular (?) irregularities (?) cause a ballbearing's (I concede, but breaking this compound tells me something else) radius (?) to vary (?) by nanometers (? – break it up and these aren't English) along its surface (?) does not stop us from attributing (?) a spherical (?) quality (?) to it at a macro (?) level…

Overseas #Filipinos should just #STFU and toil and achieve QUIETLY like the #Chinese once did

No matter how you embellish it, DH is a menial work looked down upon by people anywhere. Admit you are a servant when you work as DH. If you don't want to be stereotyped as DH, then don't work abroad as DH. It's just as easy as that theoretically. But in reality, ask the Labor Department or B.S Aquino if Filipinos can do without that job abroad, if affirmative, send all DHs from all over the world back to PH, if not, please endure and learn to rise above discrimination.Learn from the Chinese during the time when they worked as coolies, despite being called Intsik Beho, Chinks, Baboy, quietly they toiled! Their government was weak so they were helpless. Even after they became businessmen, up to these days, they have to put up with discrimination in the form of harassment, extortion etc. from the government.So Filipinos nowadays are just undergoing what the Chinese coolies were experiencing during the time when they were "Sick Men of Asia"! All told, the real cau…

The noise became an issue when #Filipinos became an issue! #Singapore

Filipinos as a group are not compatible with singaporean culture. The noise isn't really that much of an issue, it became an issue only when Filipinos became an issue, Filipinos are not an issue because of the noise.Personal opinion as a singaporean
Filipinos generally yes do talk, yes noisy, but everyone else is already noisy. but when you take a train and realised in a carriage out of maybe say .. 50 people , only 5-8 look like singaporeans and 15-20 filipinos yakking away , you start to have a problem here.Filipinos can never seem to answer questions correctly and commit faux pas everysingle time, like what are the four main races in Singapore "Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian/others" some answered "Filipino". Others have the view Singaporeans who are Chinese are the same as mainlanders from China (another faux pas , malaysian/singaporeans who are chinese do not want to be associated with mainland).National service, Filipinos who have been interviewed sta…

Abuse of #PorkBarrel caused by failure of control system of Exec branch of #Philippines gov't

The gov't has a lot of money, generated from taxes, from VAT of 10% to EVAT of 12 %. Everyone buys, and everyone pays sales taxes. There is Sin Taxes, many drink and smoke, hence more taxes. That is why legislators know that PDAF can be funded. There is Malampaya Fund, which keeps on getting revenue.There is a lot of money at the disposal of government. Check and balance on the use of these money is always subject to negotiation, and horse trading. The Supreme Court cannot do anything about these things because it is the Legislative prerogative. The SC can only make judgement on its misuse or abuse, but cannot prevent its existence.Only the Executive can regulate the use and disposal of these appropriated funds. Any misuse can only be determined much later when COA audited the use of funds. I agree with COA Chair Pulido-Tan, what happened to misuse or abuse of PDAF is the failure of the control system, which is the role of the Executive. Minding the control system will clean up …

Toyota Land Cruiser (what else?) counterflowing with a smile #Philippines #traffic

Witness testimony: "This white Toyota Land Cruiser (URI-282) counterflowed yesterday (June 16, around 2pm) along EDSA southbound. Blatant disregard of the law and the nerve to signal oncoming cars to move out of the way. The person in the passenger seat was even smiling when we passed them, like they were having a jolly good time. Even ambulances during medical emergencies don't do this. I hope this reaches the authorities."Source Top Gear Philippines FB page:

#Filipino cop car parked on No Parking area!


Article 153 of Chapter 5 (Public Disorders) of the Revised Penal Code #Philippines

Art. 153. Tumults and other disturbance of public orders; Tumultuous disturbance or interruption liable to cause disturbance. — The penalty of arresto mayor in its medium period to prision correccional in its minimum period and a fine not exceeding 1,000 pesos shall be imposed upon any person who shall cause any serious disturbance in a public place, office, or establishment, or shall interrupt or disturb public performances, functions or gatherings, or peaceful meetings, if the act is not included in the provisions of Articles 131 and 132.The penalty next higher in degree shall be imposed upon persons causing any disturbance or interruption of a tumultuous character.The disturbance or interruption shall be deemed to be tumultuous if caused by more than three persons who are armed or provided with means of violence.The penalty of arresto mayor shall be imposed upon any person who in any meeting, association, or public place, shall make any outcry tending to incite rebellion or sedit…

The #Philippines explained using 2 cows #ASEAN

You have no cows. Only oligarchs are allowed cows, and will sell you milk at monopoly prices, providing you are grateful and subservient.A POLITICAL DYNASTY
You breed cows. The constitution says nothing about not electing cows to office.THE PHILIPPINES GOVERNMENT
You have no cows, but lots of 'cash cows' to send abroad.A PHILIPPINES ENTREPRENEUR
You have 2 cows, by copying someone elses business model.A PHILIPPINE LGU
You have 'ghost' cows, and claim grants and aid via a dummy NGO to help fund 'research'. All funds kept in offshore account, or used to buy house in Las Vegas.A PHILIPPINE POLITICIAN
You have 2 cows - your wife knows, but turns a blind eye!A PHILIPPINE MAYOR
Threatens to shoot cattle rustlers, and dreams of being a sheriff.A PHILIPPINE NGO
You have no cows, but through a worldwide appeal, money to build a place to keep them, in Los Angeles.A PHILIPPINES FAMILY
You have 2 cows. You sell one to the bull farm to pay debts The oth…

Social media 'activist' @tonyocruz advocating Net 'freedom of speech' #NXP24


Fad 'protest coalitions' like 6.12.14 should sober up and encourage clearer thinking #ScrapPork #PorkBarrel #JailAll

Napoles, Luy, tanda sexy and pogi, Gigi, etc. are not the only ones who we should be shouting at to "burn at the stake". Instead trace how the funds changed hands, and all those involved should be held accountable. I just hate people who are quick to condemn these few people when it is really evident that there is a bigger machination involved.Filipinos now love to harp on about how evil these people are and with the appearance of the said list, they add names to their whims. They love to highlight whistle blowers as if they are the magic pill to convict the guilty which just stupid. We should realize that whistle blowers are still part of the crime committed and that their testimony may or may not be the complete truth, and as such cannot be 100% relied upon.Common sense dictates, we should trace how the money changed hands, with or without the whistle blowers and their sanitized "lists" and "testimonies". The senate is hardly in a position to conduct …

#Manila #NAIA Airport gets new spot-on signage! #Mnl #ASEAN #Philippines

The worst airport in the world is in Manila, Philippines.

#PNoy as a former member of Congress untouched by #corruption? Think again. #porkbarrel #ASEAN

I know there are people still out there who believe that Noynoy Aquino existed in Congress and in the Senate for a dozen years and was miraculously untouched by corruption. Forgive me for repeating the only three scenarios that could have existed for a pre presidential Benigno Simeon Aquino:1.He was corrupt like every other senator and congressman. The Alfred E. Neuman Approach. What Me Worry?2. He was not corrupt, saw the corruption in others and felt it was not his job to stop it. The Doris Day Approach. Whatever will be will be.3. He did not see any corruption because he was too detached and disinterested from any kind of real work to be aware what his colleagues were doing. The Sgt. Schultz approach. "I see nothing!"Those three scenarios suggest that Noynoy was either careless, indifferent, cowardly or corrupt himself. The trappings of a trapo so to speak. Assuming no other scenarios exist why is that guy holding the highest elected office?---------------
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#BIR's new shame ad featuring Dept of Budget Mgt Sec Butch Abad