Chinese strategic bombers based in the South China Sea pose no NEW threat to the Philippines

Much ado is being made about the landing of a Chinese H-6K bomber on one of the islands developed by China in the South China Sea.  Fact is, China does not need bombers to be stationed near the Philippines to hit military targets in the Philippines. According to Military Today, the Philippines already is within range of most of Chinese strategic weapons based in the mainland. The 1900 km combat range of the H-6K can be extended to 3500 km with mid-air refuelling. Furthermore...

Long-range cruise missiles effectively extend the bombers range to about 4 000-5 000 km. It is enough to reach, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and Moscow [from China's] mainland, without leaving air defense zone.

What's the Philippine government going to do about this? There really isn't much Filipinos could do. Nonetheless, the Opposition is making this an outrage fad with which to throw snipes at the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

What would be interesting is the alternative proposed by the Opposition. So far there is none. They have so far applied very little substance to match the tired rhetoric they spew everyday.


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