#BabaeAko fail: Suggesting that Duterte's "misogynistic" remarks "limit opportunities for women" is an insult to truly STRONG women

Truly strong women don't need affirmative action for their achievements and capabilities to be recognised. That's because, regardless of gender, real achievements and capabilities stand out in a competitive environments on the back of their intrinsic value to society.

There are many women in history who achieved in what were then (and some even now) overwhelmingly male-dominated societies. One should note that the most compelling stories and movies are about such women -- women who recognised what they were up against and achieved nonetheless.

It is in this context that the fundamental flaw in today's feminist "activism" is easily highlighted. Today's feminists appeal to fairness rather than absolute achievement. The rallying cries revolve virtually entirely around an entitlement to fairness and recognition.

Rather than compete in man's world, women are encouraged by today's misguided feminists to tilt the playing field to their advantage and then use that advantage to win. That's not very sportsmanlike, is it? That's just demanding that one's opponent deliberately handicap himself to allow one to win in a tilted field.

Real feminism involves one stepping up to the game, getting on top of it, and then changing the game once one is in a position to do so. The alternative is the pussy activism of today's feminists infesting the national discourse. Strong women should be insulted by this sort of feminism as it spoils rather than empowers today's women.


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