Is the "feminist" cause of #BabaeAko even remotely relevant to the ordinary Filipino voter?

Here is yet another instance of the way the Philippine Opposition is wasting precious bandwidth and political capital on no-results "activism". In the latest circus they had recently whipped up, Pinoy-style "feminism" mixed with Yellowtard-style "activism" delivers yet another eyesroll-inducing outcome. The Inquirer Editor (on cue!) explains...

Using the hashtag #BabaeAko (I am a woman), Filipino women are speaking out in short videos that hold Mr. Duterte to account for his misogyny. After a quick introduction, the woman posting the video delivers a bold message: “Lalaban ako!” (I will fight!)

Ask the ordinary Filipino on the street what he or she thinks of the "feminist" cause and all you'll likely get is a bit of head scratching. And, here it is again, that "L" word. Laban? Really? Na naman??

One word describes all this. Obsolete. It's no wonder the Philippine Opposition continues to lose. In a democracy, what resonates with the masses wins. Like Tito Sotto. Highfalutin "feminism" and Cold War era "Laban" shrieks don't.


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