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The utter hypocrisy in #Filipino attitudes towards #sex

I believe that we Filipinos are true hypocrites. We both despise and enjoy, even worship sex. Parents always tell kids that sex is yuck and bad yet they talk about sex positions and orgasms with their friends and neighbors all the time. Men want a virgin wife but would love to fuck a call girl with lots of sexual experiences. Sexual magazines like FHM and Cosmopolitan sell like pancakes (more than Time magazine). Every Filipino's favorite doctor is Margie Holmes, a sexologist. Tabloids with sexy vixens sell a lot more than newspapers. Filipino celebrities love to look hot and steamy a lot rather that being cute and wholesome (think: Anne Curtis vs Toni Gonzaga or Jennylyn Mercado vs Kris Bernal). Pinoys do love sexting too (taking bra-fies, recording own sex videos, etc). There's even competition of whether who has more sexual experiences among teenagers and yupies.Unfortunately, these same people are the very devotees of Mama Mary who openly states that sex is immoral. They…

Easier to just give #Filipinos the fish than to teach them how to fish!

If you teach a filipino to fish, he will:a) complain that he doesn't have a fishing rod and ask to "borrow" 10,000PHP to buy one;b) accidentally break the fishing rod;c) ask you for another 10,000PHP so he can buy another fishing rod;d) lose interest because it's too difficult;e) sell the fishing rod for 5000PHP and spend the money on cockfights to "make a profit";f) lose all his money, and ask to "borrow" another 10,000PHP.You might as well just give him the fish. It's cheaper.--------------
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Daang Matuwid and the #CCT: big lies of the #PNoy admin #Philippines

Every time I now hear Daan Matuwid, my blood boils. I don't know why they still insist on it when it now totally paints a picture of everything hypocritical. It is a slogan that evokes an image of a BMW X5, but with four flat tires — all form, no substance. It is used to manage public perception; but, as any lie, it is eventually uncovered by any light. Yet, the cover-ups continue; from Mamasapano to Hacienda Luisita; from car plates to helicopters; from selective justice to selective economic figures. Their cover-up efforts are so predictable and so blatant, they do not even attempt to cover them as cover-ups. What kind of mentality is that which believes it could hoodwink the public forever? It is not daan matuwid, it is possibly Dami Nakatuwad? It can't be: the trust ratings on PNoy and his KKK have finally nose-dived.CCT is not conditional cash transfer to the poor. It is concealed cash transfer to Hacienda Dinky. My part-time maid who is enrolled in the program receives…

#Philippines govt #WorldBank-funded cash dole outs to the poor deliver NO results to #poverty alleviation!

In 2009, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines entered into a 403 million USD loan agreement with the World Bank to finance its Social Welfare and Development Reform Project implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The Project financed the cash grants given to millions of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, better known as CCT, household-beneficiaries. Based on an impact assessment study conducted by an external body (but whose design was dictated by the World Bank) the project did not register that much difference in the lives of those benefitting compared to the ones who are not on the program.Since the program provided mayors, congressmen, governors and even senators more media mileage as they can ride on the popularity of the program with the poor whom this and past administrations turned into dependent s, the program managed to hurdle intense inquiries during budget deliberations. As the SWDRP Loan facility draws to a close, executives withi…

#Filipinos need to be led by the nose to progress by a just leader!

As someone from the Western world who has visited the Philippines on many occasions over the last 20+ years,and still contemplating retiring there, I am still completely confounded as to how anything gets accomplished there.There is an awful lot of chaos in all facets of life,and I know that I can be super critical, but please realize that I am only being this way because I am looking at things from my cultural viewpoint. I really care about the Phils., and want to see the changes that we all write about. You need a strong leader to pull you from the quagmire that the Phils has become.I don't know much about Singapore before LKY, but it seems he was able to make vast improvements thru the power of his vision,commitment and strong personality. Filipinos respond well to authority figures. Use this to your advantage. I can tell you, as ridiculous as this sounds, that as a Kano, I am saluted, catered to, mobbed, looked up to like I was John Wayne riding in on a white horse, and I ha…

Rules and laws don't work in the #Philippines

For example, several anti-smoking ordinances have been passed in Pasig City. These have come and gone and people still smoke in front of areas designated with "No Smoking" signs. The problem is such rules are never sustainably enforced, both by authority and by the very people whose welfares these rules are meant to protect.Once, while falling in line in the MRT, my line got cut by a Filipino Male. I politely asked him to fall in line properly. He glared at me like I touched his manhood or something.In this country, being on the right side of the rules/law don't count for shit. Ikaw na nga yung may katuwiran ikaw pa ang mali.I can't comprehend why discipline and being considerate to others is such an incompatible concept to the Filipino mind.No wonder there is no foreign word that comes close to being synonymous to the words "Pasaway" and "Kupal".------------------
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Seeing the end of the Marcos-Aquino-Romualdez-Cojuangco feudal era in the #Philippines

I could say that it is good BS Aquino (and his sister Kris, with her STD) has practically undone whatever legacy Ninoy and Cory supposedly handed over to history. If we are now to believe some of the articles coming out of media and otherwise, Ninoy and Cory are not heroes, but are actually traitors for trying to sell Sabah, for one, and are simply part of the oligarchy (via Hacienda Luisita) that has been sucking the blood of the nation. Supposed legacy of the two, therefore, was just a media creation. The Aquinos were the darling of media to a great extent, of course, for they are perceived as the principals in bringing back the multi-billion business of the media industry. So, there is poetic justice in P-Noy blundering so badly with his incompetence and total stupidity.But, that is not the worst thing one could hear about the top personalities in PHL politics. If we are to believe the older generations, PHL politics is just a saga of greed and lust for power brought about by per…

The #Philippines is Noise Central and #Filipinos are a NOISY people!

There is no relaxation or tranquility in the philippines. Even here in the provinces I am bombarded with noise, noise, noise! I feel like the Grinch having to put up with the whos down in Whoville.From roosters crowing at every hour of the day to dogs tied up on short leashes and barking at the whisper of a leaf to the boom-boom-boom of speakers down the block and down the street in the next town 2 miles away there is no escape, no relaxation, and no tranquility.Stop fooling yourselves. Pollution is not just trash in the river, it is also unwanted sound in the air. The Philippines is a leader in noise pollution. lets not forget the scooters and tricycles zipping around with no mufflers (because they think it makes them faster) and the loud jeepenys belching thick, black smoke and going boom-boom-boom from the techno music. what a nightmare!In the west the further you go into the country, the less noise you will hear. In the philippines, you cannot escape the noise no matter where yo…