Defining the Basang Sisiw (a.k.a. "Batang Yagit") campaign platform that the Yellowtards will likely use AGAIN

Basang Sisiw (a.k.a. Batang Yagit) Platform: An election campaign platform that banks on its leaders' appealing to Filipinos' fascination with heroes and martyrs to attract votes. It is a memetic strain within the Yellowtardic class of political platforms. The Yellowtardic class of poltical platforms derives its name from the yellow colours that were used to brand famous poltical icons who rose to god-like fame in Philippine politics from 1983 through to the present on the back of martyrdom and victimhood.

Though other politicians ran on similar platforms following the precedent set by the late former President Cory Aquino in 1986, the yellow stain on this sort of approach to winning Philippine elections stuck thanks to the brilliant brand management prowess of the Philippines' top corporate media executives' expertise brought to bear in a decades-long effort to keep Filipinos beholden to the "cause". Indeed, the trademark colour and "L" (for "Laban") hand gesture that marks the Yellowtard brand was so powerful that even politicians not directly associated with parties endorsed by the Aquinos used and flashed them.

The appeal of the Basang Sisiw Platform (BSP) actually forms the core conceptual pillar of Yellowtardom. Its tenets are well-tested and long known to wield powerful hooks on the Filipino psyche. The biggest Filipino movie and TV hits owe the truckloads of cash they made on the mind hooks that make the BSP a reliable workhorse in big-time and big-money Philippine electioneering.


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