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In perspective: former Pres. Gloria Arroyo laid the foundations for today's GDP growth #ASEAN

If FPJ won the 2004 elections, we would be in shambles today. Give credit where credit is due. PGMA did what is needed to our economy during her term. She swallowed the bitter pill. If not for her economic policies, our economy would not been shielded from the effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis. Take note that back in 2008 the Philippines is part of a handful of countries who experienced economic growth. The strong economic foundation that the present administration is enjoying were the works of PGMA. One good example, the law that standardizes the salary of government workers was not from the PNoy administration, it was signed by law during PGMA's. The economic plan that saved our economy from the effects of the EU Financial crisis in 2010 were from PGMA. Imagine, if someone who has not enough balls to swallow the bitter pill became president back in 2004, we won't be enjoying what we have today. Yes, her administration was marred with corruption, but I would

#PNoy set the dead-parent template strategy for winning presidential elections! #Elections2016

Noynoy Aquino it seems has provided Grace Poe the template to pole vault over a dead parent's corpse into an elected position. The guy has been dead over nine years. Noynoy, Nancy and Grace. What do they have in common? Pinoys respond to Inherit instead of earn. The Filipino rarely discerns when it comes to their politicians. That's why the baduy vote is so important. Capture the baduy vote with bells, whistles, colors, famous dead relatives, vague slogans, corny jingles , artistas. Having seen Noynoy in "action" for 4 years now, I am not sure whether he or FPJ would make a better partner on Jeopardy. Yet the same people who once said "eeewww FPJ, vigorously support Noynoy. Does not compute. When you don't feel like thinking , resort to emo. Works everytime for the pinoy. The same people who looked down at others emotionally drawn into FPJ themselves got drawn into Noynoy. As Tom Hopkins the great sales trainer always says "people buy emotional

#Filipinos think the #Philippines is a democracy because they don't understand what a #democracy is! #ASEAN

The main problem is that Filipinos in general have given up hoping that they some day will be blessed with an honest administration which would be able to work for the people. It is true that The Philippines call themselves a democracy but that is probably because they do not fully understand what a democracy really is. One of the most important principles in a democracy is that the people elect the members of a parliament and that means that everybody in parliament become CIVIL SERVANTS which again means that these people are elected by the people, for the people. Taking that principle to its extreme it is fully legal in a real democracy to call the president or prime minister IDIOT. You can by nature attack the position but not the person. Hence, you cannot call the president or prime minister a traitor etc. The principle in a real democracy is that you have walls between your branches. The government cannot instruct the courts about how to carry out their function, nor can

Implementing change in the #Philippines requires brutal honesty #wef

"In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell Improving systems and changing cultures invariably starts with looking under the covers, and with brutal honesty sometimes. Self-delusion doesn't/shouldn't feature in corporate life, nor should it in national governance. Would you prefer your taxes were invested/given to somewhere managed like Microsoft, or, something more akin to a pyramid scheme. A 'bill gates', or a 'janet lim napoles' in charge. Oh, thats right, she already is! Being politically correct means being politically gagged. My independent nature doesn't like that, and nor should any free thinking individual. Progress can only happen after first understanding the situation and accepting the issues, otherwise people simply revert to being defensive – a natural filipino trait. An external perspective, whilst different and difficult at times, can be useful, even if it only stimulates de

How history will remember President #Noynoy Aquino post 2016

Post 2016, Penoy Aquino will be portrayed as the head of state who initially captured the imagination of the world when he propounded that his administration would be hallmarked by honesty, integrity and, above all, prosperity. A stark contrast to the perceived corruption of his predecessor. History will remember Penoy Aquino as… A mediocre personality who was elected to the highest office in the land based not on merit or capability, but on the memory of his dead parents. A lacklustre leader who appointed unqualified cronies (a majority of whom have never been confirmed by Congress) to sensitive government positions and who have repeatedly been shown on video to be violating the law in complete disregard of their oath of office and the code of conduct they are sworn to uphold. An indifferent administrator who, instead of allowing the designated anti-terrorist elements to do their job, bypassed the specialists and assigned an untrained, ill-equipped, publicity-hungry cron

Daughter defends dad: Julia Abad testimonial highlights Ph #Kamaganak Inc culture

Julia Abad, chief of the Presidential Management Staff, and daughter of Budget Secretary Butch Abad recently posted on her Facebook page a statement in defence of her father. She writes that the public should not let allegations made by Janet Lim-Napoles "shake our belief that a reformist public service is possible." She goes on to state "I am Julia Abad, government employee, wife and mother. And I am proud to tell you, Butch Abad is my father." On the one hand, this sounds like a testament to the Abad family's commitment to a tradition of public service. Considering Ms Abad's mother, Henedina Razon, now serves as Representative of Batanes, not a few Filipinos will see this as confirmation that, for the Abads, POLITICS is a FAMILY BUSINESS. Furthermore, it's a reminder that their family's close relationship with the Aquinos stretches back to 1989 when Butch Abad served as DAR Secretary. Not to be overlooked is the fact that the Abad family