Following the ouster of Lourdes Sereno from the Supreme Court, do Filipinos REALLY feel that they are living in dangerous times?

Take the Human Rights Watch statement on  the Sereno ouster for example...

Ultimately, the rejection of constitutional checks and balances concentrates power in the hands of Duterte and his allies, posing the greatest danger to democracy in the Philippines since the Marcos dictatorship.

Really? It is interesting that so many people presume to speak for the Filipino people. But does the actual Filipino person-on-the-street really feel like she is living in "dangerous" times?

This is the whole problem with the Philippine Opposition. They have lost touch with the pulse of "the people" that they still believe they represent. They fail to appreciate this loss of empathy for the average Filipino sentiment was what actually resulted in their colossal loss of an entire nation back in 2016.


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