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Filipino-style #plagiarism: Nothing personal, just business

I've always wanted to deny the possibility of us Filipinos being just outright copycats. There are so many instances in our history specifically our entertainment industry where just the shear act of copying major works happen a lot. I can give a few examples: 1. Panday 2 Movie (Kraken scene) 2. This copyright infringement case. 3. TV 5 – They have a show there that pretty much copies the style of the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. 4. Some Filipino Movies. 5. Filipino super heroes like Lastikman and Gagamboy. The list just simply goes on. Some of you may still add to this list but the bottom line here is we either lack the capability to come up with something original or we are just lazy. And I think that the "Crab Mentality" that some Filipinos posses may be the key to this. We know very well that some Filipinos tend to get jealous when they see others improve or innovate on something. They just destroy that other person's will and reputation to dev

Squatters given special treatment to the detriment of business development #squatter

If a disaster occurs in a squatter community, the first people who come are the politicians. They come with their SUVs , bodyguards, alalays, etc.if there is a case between the property owner and the squatters the barangay will advise that the case be brought to the upper courts. The squatter is usually a voter since most land ownersdo not live in the vicinity. I do remember when I went out to check a property in Pasig, I was asked by the Muslim community to give the 100 sqm property to them. Does the city know that the Muslims and the city accepted the building of a mosque in a residential area. It reflected the squatter thinking of these minority. They can built a multimillion structure in an area given by the government for the poor. I talked with the barangay. The police asked me to sell the property in installment so that he can built an apartment. Bullshit! You ask help from these barangays and othe government officials and there are always strings attached. I remembered I

A certain Arnel Page Datangel thinks is being financed 'by Gloria Arroyo and friends'

Image, according to a comment posted by a certain Arnel Page Datangel , is being "finance [ sic ] by Gloria Arroyo and friends". Believe it, or not.

A guideline certain Filipino car owners don't follow: the parking for persons with disabilities

  From Facebook : " The moron owner of this car (RDX 360) did not only steal the parking spaces of at least TWO people with disabilities, but also deprived them of convenience, of their right to accessibility, and of respect for their physical and mental integrity. People like this should not be issued driver's licenses at all. They sure can't read important signs." Tsk tsk.  Remember what GRP keeps saying about Filipinos who can't follow simple guidelines? They have this baseless sense of being more important than everybody else.

New system with which public interacts with govt should be implemented #scrappork

Changing system or form of government may or may not change how people interact and/or transact with government and provide feedback on the quality of government delivery of basic services as well as performance evaluation of government officials and employees. Transactions including payments and reservations with the government should be online. No need for over the counter cash transactions that may induce corruption. That means we should overhaul the way we do business with the government. We need integrity-based online transaction systems like the kind implemented by Singapore. Government websites should have full social media accounts to reach the public. We start changes within the people bottoms up. That should serve notice to our leaders that we do not tolerate mediocrity and corruption. Source:

Guingona statement dooms Ph to future of pork barrel thievery #scrappork #porkbarrel

WE'RE DOOMED! Phil. Daily Inquirer's report entitled "Senate to Expand Probe of Pork Scam" by Norman Bordadora with a report from Gil C. Cabacungan quoted Sen. TG Guingona, Chair of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, as having said "WE HAVE YET TO ESTABLISH THAT THE MONEY CAME BACK TO SENATORS, we have only established that the money went to fake NGOs." If this report is accurate, then Chairman Guingona,  a lawyer whose tag line during his senatorial campaign was "Galit sa buwaya", practically cleared the names of all the erring legislators who caused all the misuse and misappropriation of the people's money.  Guingona has come out and announced that thieves, in order to be found guilty, must be caught with the loot in their hands.  This statement is not merely stupidity at the highest order but should come down as the all-time worst act of treachery ever committed by a public official. Guingona virtually encourages all government of

Modus operandi behind pork barrel thievery explained! #porkbarrel #scrappork

Only public officials are accountable for the government funds they handle. Napoles and all the NGOs are private entities that do not have public accountability. The moment public fund is transferred into the hands of any private entity or individual, the money ceases to be public in nature and the official who participated in or caused the transfer is the last stop on public accountability. The government is not prohibited from giving donations to a private entity or even individual as long as the donation is justifiable, and the government entity, unit or official can make an accounting or liquidation of the donation based on the principles of public accountability. Any public money given to any private entity without anything in exchange or without any valuable consideration in return is, for all intents and purposes, a donation by the government. There is no way for government funds to be lawfully donated unless the recipient is a needy end-user. This way, the government

Let us not miss the point: Let us stick to the public accountability provisions of the Constitution #porkbarrel

"Public office is a public trust. Public officers and employees must, at all times, be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice, and lead modest lives." - Sec. 1, Art. XI, ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC OFFICERS, 1987 Constitution. Ano po ang ibig sabihin nito? Ang ibig pong sabihin nito ay ang LAHAT NG OPISYAL AT EMPLEYADO NG GOBYERNO na pinagkatiwalaan ng pondo, pera o anumang resources o asset ng bayan ay may tungkuling panagutan at i-report ang lahat ng nangyari sa mga pondo, pera, resources o asset na ipinagkatiwala natin sa kanilang pag-iingat, pati na rin ang magbigay ng malinaw na accounting sa mga ito. May tungkulin SILANG LAHAT na ipaliwanag sa atin kung paano ginamit ang mga iyon nang mabuti, walang tapon, walang sayang at walang ninakaw. Mayroon po bang exception dito? Wala po. Ang mga tungkuling ito at responsibilidad ay mandato ng ating Constitution, Walang sinumang

Government is accountable to the public for pork barrel scam. Everyone is guilty! #porkbarrel

Kawawang Pilipino! Malinaw na malinaw na po ang lahat, bakit wala pa ring senador o congressman na nakasuhan? Anu-ano itong malilinaw na kalapastanganang ginawa ng mga mambabatas natin?  BAWAL NA BAWAL po ang ginawa nilang pag-authorize, pag-indorse at pagpayag na ang kanilang PDAF ay diretsong pumunta sa anumang NGO, whether kay Napoles or otherwise. Ang lahat ng pera ng bansa ay dapat gastusin ng ayon sa batas.  Anong batas ang pumapayag na mag-DONATE ang gobyerno ng pera ng bayan sa NGO? WALA PO. Ang nature ng pagbibigay ng pera sa mga NGO ay in the nature of a DONATION, kasi wala pong kapalit o consideration ang pagbibigay except generosity. Pwede lang pong magdonate ang gobyerno sa needy end-user, hindi sa isang private entity na bahala na itong mag-disburse at mag-liquidate. Tingnan po nyo lahat ng government donations from PCSO, PAGCOR, etc., lahat sa needy end-user. Ang kapangyarihan pong gumamit ng pera ng bayan at ang kaakibat nitong responsibilidad ay laging nasa g