Do the nuns who attend the feminist #BabaeAko rallies support ABORTION? 🤔

Prominent feminist Netizen Inday Espina Varona who is an active promoter of the Babae Ako movement apparently supports the outcome of a referendum in Ireland that may see the legalisation of abortion finally becoming a reality in the this devoutly-Catholic European nation.

This is evident in her recent retweet of a news source of this outcome...

This leads us to wonder what the Catholic nuns who are also deeply-involved in the heavily-partisan Babae Ako movement think of the abortion debate. Abortion, after all, is a key pillar of the beliefs of feminist "activists" and pro-choice advocates but runs counter to the most fundamental of Catholic dogma.

For that matter, feminism is essentially a liberal advocacy and one that espouses doctrines that the conservative Roman Catholic Church categorically disagrees with. The principle of pro-choice, for example, encourages women to stand by their lifestyle choices on the back of the principle that they are in charge of their own bodies. As such, feminism encourages women to decide on the fate of feti growing within them, what type of birth control technology works best for their sexual activities, and to dress whatever way they wish without fear of being judged or preyed upon.

Not the Catholic church though. To Catholics, people's bodies are God's property and, as such, are not free to decide on how these are used and what natural processes it is engaged in is subject to their conscious control using technological means.

So do Filipino feminsts know what they really stand for? The answer to that question becomes complicated whenever they conscript Catholic nuns to their "activist" cause.


  1. That nun, definitely is clueless on what that issue is all about. Makasama lang sa rally... How about these Filipina ladies, alam ba nila ipinaglalaban dyan?


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