Video of Leni Robredo ironing turns her Yellowtard fans into gushing idiots

A video supposedly of "vice president" Leni Robredo ironing the graduation toga of one of her daughters is going viral. As expected, Yellowtard Netizens are ecstatic over this latest "evidence" that their "vice president" comes across as one of the "common tao".

The idea of a politician or, for that matter, anyone perceived as may kaya (can hold their own financially) ironing their own clothes is an alien concept in Philippine society. The Philippines has, after all, an enormous supply of labourers willing to work as servants even for lower-middle-class Filipino households. So huge is this surplus labour supply that servants can be paid peanuts to do even sub-human work. And, not surprisingly, it is a well-known fact that the Philippines is one of the planet's top exporters of expat household servants.

As such, many Filipinos who grew up in above-lower-middle-class households have never experienced ironing their own clothes. This is likely the reason why what would normally be an unremarkable video of a woman ironing clothes would go viral in the Philippines.

Note the caption on the video where the subject is endearingly referred to as "Inday" which is the stretotypical name of the quintessential Filipino woman-servant many Filipinos grew up barking orders to.

That such a video would resonate strongly in Philippine society simply indicates just how small-minded many people are -- in this case, the vast swathe of Yellowtardom that regards Robredo as a goddess of all that is "decent".


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