WTF?! Sereno, who is NOT a Catholic, attends Catholic mass hosted by the Ateneo!

The lengths never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno would go to score PR points knows no bounds. She now attends Catholic masses even if she herself is not a Roman Catholic.

CNN Philippines, for example, reported how "Former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno clad in black attends solidarity mass in Ateneo. Supporters pray over her". Yet, even Yellowtard newsletter Rappler reports that "Sereno, 57, is a Born Again Christian."

The question therefore is, what do the "born again" faithful make of the idea of a member of their flock attending a Catholic mass?

Indeed, the bigger picture here is whether it is even right to be making participation in religious rituals a part of one's public relations (PR) campaign to begin with. The public consensus is increasingly critical of politicians (and Sereno, in fact, has become one) who use religion as a PR tool to further their personal agendas and ambition.

Sereno is doing herself, her faith, and Roman Catholics a disservice with her dishonorable PR antics. The Ateneo, for its part, should be ashamed for being a part of it.


  1. I'm born again. We pray for people but we generally don't get dragged into partisan and contrversisl politics. That's why Sereno went to the Catholic church, a highly politicized org. She won't get public prayers from us for propagnda purposes. In the past, only pharisees do that

    1. Sereno if a true evangelical Christian should have not applied for the position since her failure (and she knows it)to file her SALN is tantamount to dishonesty -- lying--at least in her religion. And in her religion dishonesty is a strict no no--at least for born again as we are.
      A well known evangelical bishops did the same by giving prayer slots to the Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhist, and Hindus in his Luneta rally for his government post. He failed in his campaign for the post but blamed this loss to cheating. Cheating? He tried three times and failed three times. One is manual the other two uses PCOS. Where is cheating there? Being an evangelical Christian, who does he think would take credit if he won the campaign? Surely he will not accept religions other than his for the victory but truely the other beliefs would claim this too
      . His God failed him because he himself has no full trust in his God. He sought the help of the "Ethiopians" as his bible says.


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