Tito Sotto is Senate President because the Philippines is a democracy

So Senator Tito Sotto is now the Senate President. Why are the Yellowtards upset though? Sotto is just a product of the democratic process.

Sotto is, himself, an elected member of the Senate. All of the senators who elected Sotto to the Senate presidency are, like Sotto, themselves elected by popular vote. So Sotto is the popular choice of senators who are, themselves, the popular choice of Filipino voters to represent their interests in the legislature.

Yellowtards who see Sotto's ascent to the top of the Senate food chain as an "immoral" outcome are, in effect, calling the popular will of the Filipino electorate immoral too. Suffice to say, there is no getting around the core fact about democracy.

In a democracy, the character of elected leaders mirror the character of the society that gave them the mandate to lead, govern and represent.

It's simple, really.

The Ateneo supports the 25% shading standard just because Leni Robredo is appealing for it

It is common knowledge that the Ateneo, its faculty, and its student body collectively support the position that a 25% shading threshold be applied as criteria for the vote recount overseen by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET). The PET recount is being done to settle a dispute lodged by vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos against the claim to the vice presidency of fellow candidate Leni Robredo.

The Ateneo has been on Robredo's side since the campaign. As such, its taking such a position, which is, not surprisingly, exactly the same position Robredo's camp takes on the issue, is necessarily biased and not based on any other argument. For the Ateneo, the argument is idiotically straightforward: Leni Robredo wants the 25% shading criterion applied to the recount, so "we Ateneans" are behind it.

Dumb, right? And to think parents of students of the Ateneo pay astronomical fees to "educate" their kids there. The evidence shows that Ateneans do n…

Liberal Party 'resistance slate' for 2019 an INSULT to the intelligence of Filipino voters

These are the members of this so-called "resistance slate": Bam Aquino, Chel Diokno, Erin Tañada, Gary Alejano, Barry Gutierrez, Agot Isidro. It's a bunch of faces and names but, as usual, no underlying platform to define what it is exactly these bozos stand for and what alternative pathway they plan to pitch to the Filipino voter.

Nonetheless this "news" of the latest LP "achievement" was given airtime by ABS-CBN and, of course, Yellowtard newsletter Rappler...

[Liberal Party (LP) president senator Francis Pangilinan] said the once-ruling party would be forming a "broad coalition" for the 2019 polls and is talking to groups, including long-time LP ally Akbayan, the Magdalo Group, the anti-Duterte Tindig Pilipinas, and civic organization Kaya Natin.  During the same interview, Pangilinan said the party has not been in talks with actress and former presidential sister Kris Aquino for an elective post. He also said that defeated 2016 presiden…

Risa Hontiveros's claim that China "threatens us with nuclear war" ridiculous - the Philippines does not have nuclear weapons!

Philippine Senators Risa Hontiveros gives the Armed Forces of the Philippines too much credit...
“A review of our bilateral relationship with China is in order. We can’t call a country that robs us of our islands and threatens us with nuclear war a friend,” Senator Risa Hontiveros said in a statement.
The Philippines, after all, is not armed with nuclear weapons. Therefore it will never be able to engage in a "nuclear war". Even among friends.
Indeed, believe it or not, even in this supposedly post-Cold War world, humanity still lives under the threat of nuclear annihilation. This is a fact whether or not Chinese strategic bombers are stationed on those little islands in the South China Sea.

At any one time, nuclear-armed nations bristling with nuclear warheads mounted on intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are already targetting cities half a planet away from their respective mainlands. And that does not count the fleets of nuclear-armed submarines prowling the wor…

Chinese strategic bombers based in the South China Sea pose no NEW threat to the Philippines

Much ado is being made about the landing of a Chinese H-6K bomber on one of the islands developed by China in the South China Sea.  Fact is, China does not need bombers to be stationed near the Philippines to hit military targets in the Philippines. According to Military Today, the Philippines already is within range of most of Chinese strategic weapons based in the mainland. The 1900 km combat range of the H-6K can be extended to 3500 km with mid-air refuelling. Furthermore...
Long-range cruise missiles effectively extend the bombers range to about 4 000-5 000 km. It is enough to reach, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska and Moscow [from China's] mainland, without leaving air defense zone.
What's the Philippine government going to do about this? There really isn't much Filipinos could do. Nonetheless, the Opposition is making this an outrage fad with which to throw snipes at the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
What would …

Florin Hilbay humours Sereno's butthurt plan to oust next Supreme Court Chief Justice and shoots his own foot in the process

Yellowtard legal eagle Florin Hilbay revealed recently that never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno has the option to file a quo warranto case against whoever becomes the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, one of Sereno's lawyers, on Saturday said she has the option to file a quo warranto case against the new chief justice who will succeed her.  He said that would be "one of the many possibilities" that the ousted Supreme Court chief justice can look into if "she truly believes she is unlawfully removed."
In stating so, Hilbay pretty much acknowledges that the quo warranto pathway used to void Sereno's appointment is a legal option which makes Sereno's removal from the office she now never occupied a legitimate outcome.

The bigger point here is in the childish behaviour Sereno is exhibiting by suggesting that she is considering various options to make trouble for the next Chief Justice. That's not e…

Trillanes lists 3 "factors" Duterte uses to "deceive" Filipinos. Please FACT CHECK these!

Asked by an Asia Times correspondent Shawn Crispin in a recent interview how exactly Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte "deceives" Filipinos, convicted mutineer and, now, "senator" Antonio Trillanes gives a mouthful of opinions begging to be fact checked (boldface added to emphasise key terms)...

First and foremost, the abdication of the local media in its role as society’s watchdog. They have effectively been immobilized through the bullying and intimidation tactics of Mr. Duterte, so they are not presenting the truth to people.  The next factor is the sophistication of his propaganda machine. They have been spewing out one fake news after another to confuse or deceive the public on what’s really happening.  A final factor is the fear factor. Because of survey methods they go to the barangay [village-level] communities and the houses of the respondents are known to the local officials.

Are all of the above true? Is this three-point treatise on why Duterte engag…