What would "vice president" Leni Robredo do as president?

Short of whatever surprise Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte may have up his sleeve, "vice president" Leni Robredo is set to take over as "president" of the Philippines if Duterte steps down. That Duterte would hint that a possible military junta could take over after he steps down can be interpreted as meaning that this possibility is actually a remote one. Who would, after all, reveal what would normally be a top secret plot if one such is indeed in the works?

The question is, what kind of "president" would Robredo be? From the flaccid leadership she has so far exhibited, things don't look too promising. She will be a pussycat in a den of lions to say the least.

Such is the luck of Filipinos. They cannot even find a good leader within their 100-million strong lot.

Even supporters of Duterte are baffled as to why he'd even think out loud about stepping down. One would think that a President who won the trust of enough voters to be given the o…

Will the Yellowtards get in bed with House Speaker Gloria Arroyo just to beat President Duterte and prevent a Marcos presidency?

One of the options being proposed from various quarters is for the Yellowtards led by "vice president" Leni Robredo to form an alliance with House Speaker Gloria Arroyo to "topple" the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This is a possible strategy to exploit what seems to be an emerging opportunity in light of recent statements made by Duterte that he is wanting to step down from office.

The more important thing proponents of this marriage of convenience see is that it could block Bongbong Marcos's path to the presidency. Marcos's mounting pressure on Robredo's hold on the office of the VP is making Robredo's claim to the presidency should Duterte step down quite precarious. Furthermore, she has so far failed to show any ability to consolidate power and even step up to exhibiting convincing leadership over a fragmented and rudderless Opposition.

The trouble with this proposal is that it is a shortsighted tactic that promises no…

Do the Philippines' Catholic Bishops deserve kicks in the ass? Yes they do!

Bishops of the Philippines' Roman Catholic Church do indeed deserve a wake up call. If that call comes in the form of a boot up their asses, then so be it. Amen!

The Philippines' Catholic hierarchy have long presided over the delivery of misleading and often downright false information. They have, for example, fought tooth-and-nail against measures to implement long-overdue population control measures and reproductive health initiatives to empower and improve the lives of tens of millions of impoverished Filipinos.

This misinformation on a national scale is done via dishonest means -- using emotional blackmail and the exploitation of Filipinos' deeply-ingrained religious and superstitious fears. They deliver their drivel through the abuse of a popular Filipino Sunday pasttime -- the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Rather than focus on sermons that delve into spiritual matters, Filipino priests use the pulpit to spew the Church's position on matters of national politics.


Crooked COMELEC-governed elections are Philippine democracy's broken backbone

The Philippines is supposedly a "democracy". This is an assertion continuously made with pride by the Yellowtards -- rabid supporters of the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan who claim ownership of the 1986 "people power revolution" that supposedly "restored" democracy after two decades of supposedly authoritarian rule.

It is therefore ironic that no less than the Yellowtards themselves are behind the continued immunity enjoyed by officials of the Philippines' Commision on Elections (COMELEC) from scrutiny following decades of overseeing fraudulent elections. This coddling of election fraudsters and their equally crooked technology partners is especially acute today in light of the single foothold to power the Yellowtards are desperately propping up.

The current "vice president" Leni Robredo is widely seen to be a beneficiary of the COMELEC Mafia. She was catapulted to power by the COMELEC under the watch of its then chairman Andy Bautista who h…

Incompetent "vice president" Leni Robredo at the centre of a succession crisis gripping the Philippines

What are Filipinos to do? On many occassions, current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his weariness with his job raising the possibility that he would step down given the opportunity. The trouble is, the person supposedly set to replace him should this happen, the current "vice president" Leni Robredo, is seen my many Filipinos as being too incompetent to fill as vital a role as President of the Philippines.

Robredo has so far failed to exhibit any sort of leadership or statesmanship chops befitting a potential president of a nation of 100 million. Despite being seen to be "leader" of the Opposition, she has exhibited no evidence that she is up to that job either. For that matter, the idea of a "vice president" leading the Opposition does not even make sense to begin with!

To make matters worse, evidence is mounting that Robredo may not even be the legitimate Vice President. Charges of fraud perpetrated back during the 2016 elections c…

First NutriAsia, now communist-backed workers of Liwayway Marketing Corp (Oishi products) are on strike!

It is starting to look like the proverbial array of dominoes of Cold War yore that were likened to the foreseen falling of the chain of Indochinese and southeast Asian nations to the scourge of communism. Filipino communists seem to be on the advance. And they are infesting the labour unions of an increasing number of large Filipino manufacturing enterprises.

The next domino teetering under the spectre of crippling labour unrest is Liwayway Marketing Corp., (makers of Oishi)...

It seems the Philippines' communists have found ample opportunity to create the sort of instability in Philippine society upon which to launch their so-called "people's revolution" which remains the singular objective of their cause.

An unstable society where unemployment is high serves as fertile ground for a communist uprising, and here we see the seeds of such a morass. Communists are not interested in working with mainstream free-market society toward progress. They only want revolution t…

Why look to the President in times of bad weather?

Pounding monsoon rains and typhoons are a routine occurrence in the Philippines. By now, Filipinos should have disaster response down pat at the local level. Yet, year in and year out, Filipinos are consistently caught flat-footed by the next storm or flood. And everytime it is to whoever is sitting in Malacanang that they look to for salvation.

The worst thing about calls to current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte today is that most of it is being issued by "influencers" of the Opposition with a tinge of malice. The calls are not genuine. They are delivered with scorn with the intent to entrap rather than contribute to ameliorating a bad situation.

It is easy to see through the nefarious agenda of Yellowtards who try to "trend" hashtags like #NasaanAngPangulo on social media. Their intent is to lure Duterte into a damn-if-you-do-damn-if-you-don't debacle. He shows up and makes a statement and they nitpick it to pieces. He doesn't show up and he's…