Leni Robredo is the Philippine Opposition's single biggest liability

If there is one personality who is single-handedly undermining the Opposition effort, it is none other than Philippine "vice president" Leni Robredo. She remains a stark reminder of the astounding failure of the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) to cling to power back in 2016. Whereas all efforts and people -- including Robredo herself -- were conscripted into the effort to prop up the ill-fated Mar Roxas bid for the presidency, Robredo turned out to be the lame compromise after the dust of the 2016 election cleared.

Even now, Robredo continues to make the Opposition look bad thanks to her many public gaffes, misinformed and misguided pronouncements, and utter lack of coherence or consistency in thinking. Indeed, Robredo represents the worst of what makes the Philippine Opposition such an ineffective political movement today -- directionless, bereft of long-term vision, steeped in religious hocus-pocus, and applies a pitch to the electorate hinged on a long-obsolete victim worship mentality.

Worse, for her mainly, is the electoral fraud investigation she is currently embroiled in. She stands out as an example of the way her own Yellowtard camp routinely hangs people out to dry once the going gets tough. Perhaps this is just as well for the Opposition. It makes it easy for them to ditch Robredo as a key representative of their cause. The sooner they do this, the better off they will be, specially now that the 2019 elections are fast approaching. The last thing the Opposition need is to be associated with a person who had been reduced to a sad public laughingstock.


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