Supreme Court ruling on Sereno demolishes patronage politics by prioritising QUALIFICATIONS over partisan agendas

In one of the strongest moves toward democracy and away from the Patronage system, the Supreme Court ruled that “only qualified individuals” could hold hold public office. Maria Sereno was appointed without qualification to one of the most crucial positions- Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Her appointment was pushed through without regard to qualifications under the Patronage system, as previously we have seen with so many other government positions. The petition of Quo Warranto that was filed by the Solicitor General, was approved by the Supreme Court. The Executive Branch of government petitioned the Judicial Branch. Functioning democracy does it this way.

The Judicial Branch considered it for two months and ruled that Judicial review applies, stating “The people have the right to have only qualified individuals appointed to public office. ” This also increases the strength of the Judicial Branch- not the Executive Branch. In previous administrations allies and donators were appointed positions without regard to qualification- that is, following patronage. In theory, this ends now. All a very democratic process, and completely constitutional. Personally, it is wonderful to see the Philippines move from an Oligarchy to a Democracy with each step.

All this has been completely misrepresented by Human Rights Watch(HRW) as an attack on democracy. HRW receives donations from George Soros and NED. George Soros teamed up with Pierre Morad Omidyar, the owner of Rappler, in overthrowing the Ukrainian government.

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