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Weddings should be labeled 'royal' only if bride and/or groom are royalty #DongYanWedding

Hindi ko kilala ang mga artistang ito at hindi rin ako sangayon sa mga lavish weddings na sa palagay ko ay baka mauwi din lang sa paghihiwalay or divorce pero yan ay karapatan nila dahil sila ay nakatira sa isang democartic country. Kung susundin ang Philippine Civil Code na sinasabi ng writer na ito, dapat marami ng mga artistang nakulong nung araw pa, ie: Susan Roces and FPJ (sumalangit nawa) dahil ninong pa nila mismo and nasirang pangulong Ferdinand Marcos.Wag bansagan na Royal Wedding ito dahil hindi naman royal couple sina Dingdong at Marian, unless na royal blood nga sila. Salamat po, hindi ako nakikipagaway o namimintas, opinyon lamang.-------------------
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Suckers for 'royal' #DongYanWedding in the #Philippines huge PR bonanza for GMA Network!

The wedding is a PR blitz for GMA7 since it was GMA who tagged it as a "royal wedding". The choice of location for the church and reception, both of which are very accesible to the 'masa' crowd, also gave away the affair as a blitz. Just look at the full coverage the TV network gave it.But, I am dumfounded by all the angry comments directed at [the author]. We really have a big sector of the population that are dumb suckers of media affairs, and it is a sad statement of the state of PHL. If indeed it was to be an imitation of the royal weddings in Europe, then it was supposed to project enough extravagance balanced with how much profit the affair could generate. So, far from being a dream wedding, it was a money making event. If it was a dream wedding, it would have been more private than what it was (say, like George Clooney's)No, even if you belong to the top 1% of the population, it is always a result of poor judgement if you flaunt your wealth. Just check t…

Defenders of the #DongYanWedding reveal #Philippines' root cultural cancer

A lot of [Netizens'] comments [on the Dingdong-Marian "royal" wedding] is an obvious indication that we have millions of citizens who do not consider our country's situation as a form of emergency. The irony is that these people who apparently think that, just because they (and their friends or whatever) are not in a personal state of emergency, it means that this country is not; and that the people who are in it cannot even begin to spell the word 'emergency' because they are too hungry and homeless to give a damn. Things like these are indicators of the galactic disparity between the filthy (sic) poor and the filthy rich, and the apathetic middle class who think it's okay.The apparent lack of our netizen's intellectual capacity though, is a more pressing issue since we, the more fortunate ones to even have the knowledge to use internet, should be representing the lower class. Yes, our lack of sensitivity to issues like poverty is an even greater r…

The #Philippines lacks a strong tradition of #honesty and #integrity

Honesty is the most important character trait of a person. It has something to do with integrity, or the totality of a man (and woman). Dishonesty, in whatever form, chips away whatever character there is in a man, and in severe form, could mean the practical disintegration of a man — he would lose respect of himself and thus, would have an anti-social view of society. Integrity has something to do with values, responsibility, priorities, mentality, and attitude.If we look at some of the most common quirks in a Filipino, we see why honesty is immediately compromised. (a) Filipino time, being late in appointments — most often this is analyzed as lack of responsibility in Pinoys, but see how this is being dishonest with others and with oneself. (b) Failed promises (e.g. our exporters are notorious for not meeting delivery deadlines and are instead known for being creative with excuses, our banks have the highest rate of bad loans, etc) — these are direct attacks on honesty, and see ho…

#Filipino #parents feel "disrespected" by kids' "talking back" w/ alternative points of view

Lagi kaming nagkaclash ng mama ko dahil lang sinasabi ko ang totoo or by simply voicing out an opinion that is different from hers.When I voice out my opinion or inform them that certain things don't happen like this or that, my mom always regard that as a sign of disrespect. She tells me "matalino ka nga, nawawalan ka naman ng respeto sa kin. Sinasagot mo na ako."
And in my mind, I'm like "what??! When did telling the truth disrespectful?" tapos pag nagsasalita ako mahinahon pa. Yung tipong nag eeducate.And then I told her "mama, when I clarify something, it's not my way of disrespecting you. Makinig ka rin sa opinyon ko para magets mo ang point ko." And no matter how hard I try to make her understand my point, she will still get hurt over my "talking back moments. Parang may mahalaga ang act kesa sa meaning ng opinyon ko.Sometimes, I wish my parents are more open minded than they are today. I wish they treat their children as people …

Reverence for #Filipino elders' lies and half-truths keep #Philippines in the Dark Ages

Here is a letter from way way back that we featured in the early days. If you look past the challenged English you will see it brilliantly captures the whole problem with over-reverence for the "wisdom" of elders…* * *"we filipinos are so hypocrete. we live on lies and half truth. "when I was a kid (am now 40 [years old]) our elders never give us straight answer. one day while playing to my female friend, we were both taking a bath (nude and I was 5 [years old]) I shout "ay pepe" [and] my aunt scolded me for saying bad words. "another was, when I ask my aunt again how did I come out in this world. and without hesitation she said 'galing ka sa puwet'."there's alot more lies and half truth i learn from my elders, when we went to US at my age of 10 [years old], I was so surprised how ordinary folks explain everything as if am talking to them as the same age as mine. up to now am still wandering why we filipinos doesnt treat kids as in…

Inability of #Filipino elders to absorb alternative views hinders #Philippines progress

Sa atin kasi, yung mas matanda lang ang tama. Kahit tama ang bata tatawagin siyang bastos pag nilaban niya ang katwiran niya. Ang problema sa mga matatanda natin, tumanda sa walang kwentang turo kaya nasasaktan ang ego pag nasasagot ng tama. Instead na ipaliwanag sa anak kung bakit di pwede ang gusto o mali ang paniniwala, ang sasabihin lang ng magulang ay "dahil mas matanda ako sayo." Tumanda ang mga ninuno natin sa bobong kaugalian kaya gusto nilang ipasa sa atin ang kabobohan.Makikita din ito sa trabaho. Nagseselos ang mga matatandang employee sa mga baguhang napopromote after 6 months. Hindi nila naisip na baka may magandang contribution yung napromote at hindi dahil loyal siya sa company. Ang nangyayari namemersonal ang matatanda at hindi sinusunod ang batang boss.-------------------
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How President BS Aquino impoverished the #Philippines with pork

The money that the administration funneled into DAP (and its predecessor, the PDAF) was supposedly aggregated from 'savings' in the national budget. What happened in 2011 when this horrifying plunder scheme was set in motion was that funding for several public works projects (initiated by the Arroyo administration) were cancelled for no apparent reason. The funds that were NOT used as a result of these arbitrary cancellations were declared 'savings' and pooled into a massive, unaccountable fund under the control of Penoy Aquino. This is NOT a 'glitch' as you call it; it was a MALEVOLENT act to re-allocate taxpayer money and increase the President's personal pork barrel.Furthermore, one of the direct results of these cancellations was a huge DROP in public spending. This in turn caused a massive drop in the GDP growth rate (down to 3% from around 6% the previous year) and a moribund economy. Penoy Aquino's idea to create 'savings' instead cause…

Imagine a world without #religion, nothing to live nor die for...

The irony of atheism becoming a religion on its own, not believing that a God exists is as man-made as believing that God exists..whether there's one or multiple ones out there. If there's one thing I do want, perhaps it is the abolishing of all religions, let's see if this world would be a better place. Seriously, so many atrocities, so many sufferings have been brought into in the name of "whoever they worship on" like wow, why would this be the beacon of so-called good? I think people have forgotten that even Christianity that prevails in this country has been forced upon us when in the beginning none of our ancestors ever knew about the man that was crucified for our so-called "sins". Our ancestors worshipped nature, well that's what my history books told me. If that is inaccurate feel free to correct me.Anyway, it's even more ironic that atheists have a so-called "church", here I thought that being a non-believer is a personal t…

Amidst clash of cultures and civilisation political correctness only way to keep peace #illridewithyou

I think I could buy into that hashtag (#illridewithyou). My beef with Islam is not with the messenger, but with the message, or that which manufactures terrorists. I have Muslim friends, and if religion does not come into the picture, I never think of them as Muslims. But having said that, I must admit that there is this subconscious that tells me to keep an arm's lenght distance from them; for some reason, I could not bring myself to count them among my close friends. Maybe, it is their Taqiyya rule, which prompts them to lie through their teeth to an infidel if they ever find themselves in a disadvantageous position, and that is why I always have to be on guard when I'm with them. (Isn't it strange that whenever Muslims in Mindanao negotiate for peace with PHL govt, like the BBL now being discussed in Congress, there is always a separate faction ready to go war? Is this a preconceived set-up that comes natural to them because of Taqiyya?)Maybe political correctness is …

50 Shades of #Philippines Poverty

Christian understanding of the poor has more to do with the "poor in spirit", at least that is my understanding. It is the state of the mind more than anything else. There is an ocean of difference between the two. So, a bus driver, who is conscientious about driving well, courteous to the pasengers, demands the right salary so his family does not starve, is poor and poor in spirit - his only talent is driving, but gives his best to it as his contribution to society. But, a cashier in SM, who cheats, thinks all day about living in Ayala Alabang or Dasma and driving a Merc one day, is poor, but not poor in spirit.Remember Jesus was not dirt poor. His father, Joseph, was a carpenter; so he must be an equivalent of an SME entrepreneur today, more of the middle class. Why would the Roman soldiers in Calvary not spoil His outer garment; it must be of good quality. Even the Zebedee brothers, James and John, seem to own a fishing company, and Peter seems to be the same, at least …