Still no evidence that Philippine democracy is "dead" despite Yellowtards' efforts to kill it

Unfortunately for the Yellowtards, Philippine "democracy" is still alive. This is after the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards spent the last year and a half trying to kill it.

Let me clarify that last statement though. Yellowtards had not been trying to kill Philippine "democracy". Rather, they've been trying to declare it dead.

Such is the sense of entitlement of the Yellowtards. Even in the nasty business of murder, they would rather not get their hands bloodied by wielding the knife or pulling the trigger themselves. They prefer to issue death prophesies from their ivory towers perched above those tony hills. And when the thing they declare dead does not die? Why they throw their all-too-familiar temperamental tantrums.

The Yellowtards aren't really sincere in their "advocacy" to "protect" democracy. They actually want to see democracy die just to prove to themselves and to others that they were "right" about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

They would rather see the otherwise buoyant Philippine economy sink than see the current Philippine government perceived as successful in leading Filipinos down a new path. This is not the sort of "opposition" Filipinos need. And, for their part, the Opposition owe it to themselves and to their constituents to ditch these Yellowtards once and for all. Only this way will Filipinos be granted the true and intelligent Opposition they deserve.

For democracy to thrive, those who seek to kill it, the Yellowtards, need to be eradicated from Philippine politics.


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