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When the economics does not suit, just say joy is not based on it.

"I bet that if the boy in the photo gets to try the new iPod touch, he won't feel very happy about those tin cans anymore. Ignorance is bliss...and then you die from infection or tropical diseases." -- Ilda Pro on the GRP Community .

Philippine steel consumption lowest in Southeast Asia per capita

"Addressing a joint membership meeting of the Makati Business Club (MBC) and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines (JCCIP) on Tuesday, Japanese Ambassador Toshinao Urabe expressed surprise that not much steel is used in the Philippines. "According to him, per capita steel consumption in the Philippines is only half of Vietnam's, a fourth of Thailand's and a fifth of Malaysia's. " 'It shows you have to do more in using steel structures,' Urabe said. "He said Philippine construction firms and property developers should emulate the Japanese by "investing in quality" as well as regularly maintaining buildings as part of disaster prevention and mitigation." Full article on

Philippine bubble economy continues to inflate. When will it pop?

All that goes up must come down at some point... Our stocks have become one of the most expensive in Asia, trading at over 20 times their price-earnings ratio. One luxury condominium developer reportedly paid celebrities like Paris Hilton and Donald Trump $5 million each just for using their names in his projects. That developer’s 36-year old son is reported in a Vanity Fair article that he commissioned a renowned Dutch architect to build another residence for him that would cost $15 million (P645 million). The house is especially designed to also be his very own art museum in his honor, as it would be filled with two dozen portraits—of him—he has commissioned to be done by famous US and European artists costing $3 million. Makati condominiums—even before the first brick is laid down—are selling at P150,000 per square meter, as expensive as a Manhattan flat. Stock market brokers have been the biggest buyers of Audis and BMWs, while their bosses not to be outdone, are now inquiri

Which country is the odd one out below?

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A nation that treats its farmers like shit cannot be considered great.

Our aspiration to be self sufficient at producing what we consume is nothing more than a pipe dream and, as such, there can be no hope that Filipinos will ever live within their means as a people and be forever be dependent on imports and foreign capital... "...rural lower-income Filipino agricultural workers are the peasant class, the serfs of the country. The Philippines has the lowest agricultural yield productivity among our neighbors and that trend is getting worse." - John Mangun Full article: