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Here is why Malacanang has EVERY cause to ban Rapplerette @PiaRanada from access to Malacanang

Why should Malacanang ban Rappler "reporter" Pia Ranada? Here are three key reasons among many others... (1) Rappler has a case pending with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) related to violations of regulation that bars media organisations from receiving funds from foreign entities in exchange for some measure of management control. (2) Rappler has been caught out defending the sloppy reporting of its "reporter" Carmela Fonbuena after she made baseless allegations that Special Assistant to the President Bong Go "intervened" in a Philippine Navy project. (3) Rappler led the spreading of misinformation surrounding the alleged "victims" of the Duterte administration's "war on drugs" and has not responded to questions raised about the soundness of numbers that it "reported" and fed to the foreign media about so-called "extrajudicial killings" (EJKs). Fellow Rapplerette Natashya Gutierrez

Democracy and Misinformation conference at Ateneo de Manila Rockwell campus: What are the expected RESULTS? #FactsMatterPH

How can you have a balanced discussion on #FactsMatterPH in the Philippines when you convene such an inbred bunch of "resource persons" in an uppity university campus and have the event streamed by suspect corporate media organisations?? Apparently anything is possible when you are as thick as the organisers of the the so-called conference on "Democracy and Disinformation (Why 'fake news' and other forms of disinformation threaten our freedoms and how to fight back)". The conference will be held Monday and Tuesday this week at the chi-chi Ateneo de Manila campus in Makati City. As can be seen in the poster above, the attendee list consists of familiar names -- names associated with the same clique of media oligarchs, discredited "joirnalists", and liberal activists allied with the Liberal Party led by the Old Guard of "influencers" loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan that lorded over the Philippines from their ivory tower

Photo of Duterte with Kitty turned into a vicious and distasteful meme by Philippine Opposition Netizens

More evidence is emerging that the rudderless Philippine Opposition are scraping the bottom of the barrel in their efforts to find arguments to "oppose" the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. The most recent flypaper issue Opposition "activists" are buzzing around is a photo of Duterte hugging his daughter. The photo was shared by Duterte's partner Honeylet AvanceƱa and featured in an ABS-CBN News   report . Not to miss an opportunity to make a superficial splash in the political discourse, Opposition Nerizen "Superficial Gazette" let loose a vicious meme showing various pro-administration personalities' faces photoshopped onto the photo. The photo is captioned by the following tweet... By releasing pictures of him hugging his daughter, #PresidentDuterte tries to humanize himself in the eyes of Filipinos. But it can never erase his inhuman destruction of this country.  Here's a look at what's actually going on. #