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If you don’t want to be poor, then learn how to not be poor

The poor definitely think they are of lower status, and they go out of their way to ENSURE THAT THIS IS TRUE. I employ several “poor” people. I try to treat them as equals. I hate being called “sir”, but nobody will use my name. In my country it’s disrespectful to use ‘sir’ (the language is not English, but we have a roughly equivalent word) to refer to someone you know.
About half of them respond to this like normal human beings. The other half respond like helpless children. I’m endlessly hearing things like “I didn’t know” when things go wrong. Well, look, it’s your JOB to know. I’ll tell you some things, but the rest is up to you. Go and find out. Read a book. Read the internet. Ask other people. Don’t just sit there waiting for someone to tell you what to do and what to think.
I know a guy who has just been granted a piece of land under CARP. But he won’t go and collect the deeds from the bank because he has to pay for it (who knows why, but hey, this is the Philippines – rich p…

Duterte critics fall for a photoshop job not meant to be taken seriously!

It's a bit rich that Duterte critics actually think that an image of a soldier with Duterte's face photoshopped onto it was done with the intention to seriously fool people into thinking that it is an authentic photo of Duterte in battle gear!

Here is a screen cap shared by Showbiz Government on Facebook featuring "journalist" Inday Espina Varona.

The real challenge here is to explain to the genius Ms Varona that she is crying bloody "Fake!" over a Photoshop job done clearly without the intention of actually passing off as authentic. It's an exercise of asking a windbag to pull her head out of her own ass.

One thing this meme succeeded in doing is expose just how inept some pompous "influencers" are at being in on tongue-in-cheek -- either because they take themselves too seriously or have become such experts at underestimating their adversaries (which is why they lost the Philippines to them).

Sloppy reporting on #JusticeForKian circus by @Telegraph gets all the facts wrong! 😱

The Telegraph "report" authored by Nicola Smith screamed how a "horrifying image of a schoolboy being dragged to a violent death in a dirty alleyway has galvanised the Philippines against a brutal state-led war on drugs that has killed over 12,500 people in the last year."

The reports is false on two counts: (1) there is no "nationwide revolt" going on in the Philippines at present and (2) there is no verified evidence that 12,500 people had so far been killed in the "war on drugs".

Victims of drug-crazed addicts don't get 'trending' hashtags like #JusticeForKian

For the past few days I was doing research on a few things like I said. A new FB friend sent me a message telling me about a Dad in Dumaguete who lost his only daughter to a drug crazed addict who used 7 knives to stab her and a friend in Siquijor last April. I did the research, read up on everything and his recent "upheavals". I need not tell you all that I have no words to fully express how deeply this affects me because I am a single mom with a daughter too. His only daughter was even 3 - 4 months pregnant when she and her friend was mercilessly stabbed to death so many times by a drug addict.
Nino Pinero is a professor in Siliman University. He is a coach. Given what I have read about this gentleman, he is a very compassionate man, a loving father and being a coach to youngsters - deeply loved by his students. And I would like to give him his privacy in as much as I can. 100% respect for this man.
His recent "upheavals" came with the pronouncements of the CBCP…

Lawyer challenging authenticity of #JusticeForKian video targeted by Drilon, suspended from Facebook

My friend Darwin Cañete, a Caloocan City fiscal who is questioning the authenticity of the Kian video and other reported facts of the case, has been mass-reported and suspended from FB.
His being a Duterte supporter is being held against him by both the Inquirer and Senator Porky. Old posts Darwin made are being dug up to suggest that he is just a blind Digong fan -- when in fact he was at the scene and is a very credible "witness" and authority on the case.

This is a real propaganda war. Those who do not support the Yellow narrative on Kian's case will be taken down.
Please share this as widely as possible para malaman ng lahat na hindi ito simpleng kaso ng patayan na ikinagagalit ng karamihan. May diin ang dilawan dito.

Thanks to Paula Defensor Knack for the [above] attachment.
Jojo A Robles as posted on Facebook.

COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista is now buried under a mountain of questions he cannot answer!

There is more than one way to skin a cat. Every time Mr Bautista tries to answer a question, he either raises another for himself or for somebody else.
Using purely the quotes above, I make a few observations :
People know this’ – who are these people?
Forex …. like pyramid scheme’ – according to Wikipedia, a pyramid scheme is similar to a Ponzi scheme, one difference being that failure to bring in new recruits usually results in no return. If Forex has been closed down, surely he would have some evidence of the ‘investments’ from the liquidators. While being defrauded is not a criminal offence, it does raise questions as to Mr. Bautista’s judgement and suitability to hold the office he does.
Amounts…… I am not sure’ The press has reported the balance to the last centavo. In the light of the size, you would expect him to know whether this is in the right ballpark or not.
deposits with Luzon Development Bank’ avoids any reference to deposits with other banks that have been quoted.

Here are the questions COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista MUST answer...

I suspect that the Senate inquiry will produce a lot of sound and fury, and very little else, because nobody will ask the pointed questions,such as...
1. If the evidence of Mrs Bautista is falsified, can he produce evidence of the correct figures?
2. Claims that the money is commingled with his parents, siblings etc. sounds like a fall back position in case 1 fails;
3. Can he produce records showing how much of the money is due to each individual ?
4. Can the individual family members show how the money was acquired by them? Was it all declared for tax? Is there not prima facie evidence of tax evasion to justify the BIR opening an investigation into all of the family?
These are just some questions that spring to my mind. Surely the high powered legally qualified talent in Congress is able to come up with more, and more probing, questions than me?
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COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista is charged with the same offenses that got Corona impeached!

A lawyer's credibility is destroyed once he can't enumerate the basic facts which forms part or the whole answer to the question asked.
In this case, what was the settlement amount agreed upon? How much was the total deposits of the LDB bank accounts which he supposedly held in trust for his siblings? What was the total amount of referral fees he received from Nilo Divina?
Bautista can't claim he forgot as the troubles with his wife began November 2016. He claims they were close to a settlement sometime May 2017. It's only August now.
Bautista, being the high-caliber lawyer that he is, should understand the meaning of the phrase, plausible deniability.
We must not forget that a Chief Justice was impeached and convicted of the charges levied against him on the basis of evidence which weren't authenticated and thus inadmissible if we go by the Rules of Evidence.
In this case, since Patricia C. Bautista is in possession of the actual evidence, the burden of proo…

Filipinos should choose REAL LEADERS, not mere products of propaganda and demagoguery

The problem with Filipino voters is that they get caught in the moment. Nabaril lang ng assassin, naging hero na. Widow lang ng nabaril, presidential candidate na. Anak ng nabaril at ng widow na namatay, naging presidential candidate na din at naging presidente.
Voters should focus on the contribution of a presidential candidate rather than the personality. Obviously, the voters didn't really care if CC Aquino didn't contribute anything to the Philippines and focused more on her  being the media darling and widow of an assassinated former senator who was romanticized by the media but who was also convicted and sentenced to death which makes him a criminal.
In order for the Philippines to improve as a country, we must choose candidates who really did something for the country and not because they are romanticized by the media. As we speak, the closest politician who can approximate Duterte's compassion for the people is BBM. Don't take my word for it. Try researching o…