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Debunking the #Ateneo's pompous statements about Martial Law 'revisionism'

"We are not blind to the darkness" and our eyes are wide open to the light! (an answer to the Ateneans) "We must start with the truth." And so you pompously declared. And so what is the truth? That EDSA was a "truly a genuine popular uprising and triumph against dictatorship"? Truth? How about Enrile and Honasan and their men planned a coup against Marcos to take over the government but was discovered which Cardinal Sin and the foes of Marcos saw as a chance for his ouster thus the call for people power? How about the Armed Forces of the Philippines holding the nation together by refusing to shoot at each other regardless of political leanings? How about 2 million or so people, by sheer noise and protest charted the next 30 years for the rest of the 60 million plus Filipinos at that time? How about the snap election being won by Marcos in spite of the cheating by both sides? How about EDSA being hijacked by the displaced oligarchs who roared to

The Ateneo de Manila University has long remained silent on BS Aquino's pork barrel thievery

Since 2014 the Ateneo has remained silent on its position on the pork barrel thievery of President BS Aquino... "Ateneo apparently hosted administration officials and allied personages and groups joining hands to support President Benigno Aquino 3rd, as unrest mounts over his trebling of the corrupt pork barrel, creation of the illegal Disbursement Acceleration Program, and undermining of both legislative and judicial independence." Excerpt from the Manila Times article here:

Anti-Marcos activists brand Pinoy millenials 'stupid' after failing to 'educate' them. #NeverAgain

This is something the anti-Marcos forces are always having a hard time to counter, though they will never admit it. It is good that there's rightist and [rightness] around quickly offering a counter-view for the other side of the coin, so to speak. And, easily, by contrast, any reader could see how impoverished and cynical their views are. No big wonder really why, despite all their efforts, the Millennials could not be drawn to their side even if they knelt and begged. So, for their failure to even understand where their arguments fizzle, they resort to simply branding the Millennials as stupid and gullible, and slamming down opinions like yours as sophisticated lies peddled by highly-paid propagandists under the payroll of the Marcoses. -------------- This is a GRP Featured Comment. Join the discussion!