Poor people in the Philippines seem to prefer poverty over aspiring to be not poor

Sadly, a MAJORITY of the poor people here are bad people. That is WHY they are poor. They disrespect others, they disrespect themselves, and they disrespect God’s creation. Exactly how do they think they’ll be rewarded for that? If you genuinely had empathy, you would be able to get inside their heads and understand why they do these things, and perhaps know how to fix it. However, you are confusing “empathy” with “sympathy”.

I have yet to meet a poor person who actually WANTS to do the things necessary to escape poverty. The funny thing is, everyone can see that I’m more successful than they are. They think this is because I’m “rich”. I’m sure a lot of them are full of jealousy (as benign0 describes) and sit around thinking “ha, it’s not fair, that foreigner is so rich and I’m so poor. I guess it’s OK if I steal his stuff”. Which they do. Regularly.

I grew up poor. I know how it feels to be hungry, all the time, every day. I decided I didn’t like feeling like that. I’m successful because I work hard all day, I read books to find out how to do things more efficiently, and I don’t sit around all evening drinking and watching dumbass nonsense on TV. I’m not interested in explaining this to anybody, because if they can’t figure it out from themselves, they don’t want to hear it from me.

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  1. It's really heartbreaking to see my fellow Filipinos having a poverty mindset and honestly, it will never be healthy for the Philippines. Somehow, there should be a drastic action to break this thinking of being lazy and staying poor rather than making money and rise from their situation.

  2. Education is the key. In the past politicians made sure the majority of their constituents remain poor so that they can manipulate them into voting for them by giving them free things.


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