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Was @MrFrankBaraan's DAD aware of Leila De Lima's alleged drug links? 😱

Anybody connected with the Leila de Lima, Mar Roxas, Aquino Drug Cartel, that operated inside the National Bilibid Prison is a suspect…
In my opinion, I don’t believe that Baraan did not know what his Boss, Leila de Lima was doing, with her Drug Cartel operation inside the National Bilibid Prison…
Baraan sought refuge in the U.S. However, he can be arrested in the U.S., as a criminal Alien….who was a Shabu Drug Dealer. The U.S. Attorney General could deport him, as undesirable alien, with the request of Pres. Duterte.
The Leila de Lima, Mar Roxas, Aquino Shabu Drug Cartel is like an “octopus”, that had a hand on almost everything in the government, during the term of Aquino. They had entertainment inside the Bilibid Prison…They had: Drugs, Beers, Prostitutes. arms, money counters, banks, Rock band concerts, good food, etc…Prisoners can come and go…etc…name anything, they had it, inside the National Bilibid Prison, during the term of Aquino …
It was the worst corruption, I have ever s…

Leni Robredo is politically-dead, yet the Opposition continue to coddle her

The Opposition can’t afford to purge the yellows just yet because the yellows hold the purse strings.
The Liberal Party lost the 2016 presidential elections because Mar Roxas insisted on being the standard bearer. Why was Mar, who was so obviously unwinnable, allowed to become the party’s candidate for the top position? Because Mar brought in the money (where the money came from is another story).
Why was another unwinnable personality, Leni Robredo, who was not only unwinnable (in a clean election), but unknown and grossly unqualified, able to become the party’s candidate for the second-highest position? Because she is Mar’s kumare and the widow of Mar Roxas’s bosom buddy Jesse, and Mar could trust her not to betray him. Remember, it was Mar who got Jesse Robredo appointed to DILG. Mar and the Robredos go way, way back.
My point is, the members of the Liberal Party committed the same mistake the Democrats did in the US. They let an unwinnable personality bully them into letting him/…

Filipino pride is getting in the way of cultural reform and social progress

All humans can change (although I suppose not necessarily IMPROVE) their thinking. To suggest that Filipinos can’t change is to imply that they’re not human. I refuse to accept this, as do most right-thinking people.
Filipinos are criticized and ridiculed by outsiders because they’re being held up to a common standard for human behavior. The Filipino has a thousand different excuses for holding himself to some lower standard, but in doing so he implicitly lowers his status to something less than human: he disrespects himself, while the rest of the world, in fact, is simply recognizing him as an equal member of the human race, with the same inherent potential but CHOOSING not to be anything more than he is.
Obviously, then, the answer is yes, the Filipino can change his thinking. But as I’ve said before, I don’t think he can change it himself. The name Lee Kuan Yew gets mentioned a lot on this blog. But LKY was ethnically Chinese, and culturally British. He was raised and educated fro…

Duterte is not doing enough to change the Philippines' mendicant culture

The Philippines today looks exactly the same as it does 12 months ago. There is no ‘war on corruption’. The ordinary Filipino – and by extension, the ordinary civil servant – is as corrupt as he ever was. The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is as keen on padrino politics as any other former administration. While we can all understand why this happens – the extremely low level of trust and loyalty in society at large – there’s clearly no intent to change it.
There are some astoundingly simple things that Duterte COULD have done during the first month in office to clean up the Philippine’s rotten-to-the-core social structure.
The first would have been to recruit a platoon of the planet’s best teachers to inculcate some less dysfunctional values into the nation’s kids – and hopefully impart some useful academic knowledge at the same time. Neither happens at the moment: generation after generation, lying and cheating and betrayal is taught to the nation’s youth as normal and …

Jeepneys are a persistent roadblock to Philippine progress!

The Jeepney is itself is a symbol of failure to solve a problem in its history. First, it was used as a stopgap measure because of the destruction of the tranvia during World War 2. Leftover Willys MBs (the original Jeep) were taken by Filipinos (wonder if that reflects the Filipino desire to live on pillages) to be converted into temporary transport until a replacement for the tranvia was made. But that replacement never came, and jeepneys stayed. What made jeepneys more dangerous was the boundary system, that business model that makes drivers race dangerously and cut off competition in trying to “make agaw” passengers. Well, that’s another symbol from this, the “agawan” mentality of Filipinos.
Filipino may continue to celebrate jeepneys as a symbol of Filipino “ingenuity,” but it could also be seen as a symbol of both keeping stopgaps instead of thinking of permanent solutions and dependence on the Americans. The latter is clear when you realize the jeepney retains the 1930s featur…

Expat HAPPY to leave the Philippines after 13 miserable years of doling out $$ to Filipinos! 😱

After 13 long, miserable years here I am taking my money and getting out. The extra people, not related to me, that I supported will now have to fend for themselves. When I get back to the US I will be almost 66 years old but I will not be denied a car loan because I am too old.
I will have 50 Mbps of internet service for half what I now pay for 10 Mbps. It will be at least a year or more before I hear the English language version of “no stock sir” because what I want WILL BE IN STOCK! I won’t have to download a picture of a common item to show to a hardware store clerk in order for them to know what I’m asking for.
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Filipinos depend on OFWs for money yet make it hard for foreigners to work in the Philippines

That vast flow of dollars coming into the country is needed to pay for the imports that the Philippines relies upon, and it relies upon imports because it has no local industry. The matching outflow of exports is almost entirely raw materials, with a very low value. The country is basically selling itself, piece by piece. And it’s STILL running massive trade imbalance (exports lower than imports).
Expulsion of all Filipino workers from foreign countries is probably the best thing that could happen to this place. It could easily be justified on the grounds that the Philippines makes it difficult-to-impossible for foreigners to work here or operate businesses, ie., there is no reciprocity. A ban on travel would have similar effects. The import-based economy would instantly collapse, and the government would either be forced to restructure the laws that prevent Filipinos from earning an honest living, or risk a revolution.
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Unfounded tirades of Ph "academic" @Richeydarian called out by former amb. @bobitiglao!

Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao in a Facebook post calls out childish behaviour exhibited by "thought leader" Richard J Heydarian on Facebook.
Hey Mr. Richard J. Foronda Heydarian have you contracted the Yellow disease (and put yourself in the same league as Cynthia Patag and Jim Paredes) of making sweeping generalizations and unfounded tirades when somebody pricks your ego by publishing an article saying you were so wrong, as Sass Rogando did, when she wrote that you lied re Nicaraguan success in getting US to comply with an ICJ ruling? Or are you mad as I've criticized your fellow Yellow cultist Marivic Leonen? Academic ka pa naman. Get your academic training to tame your childish ego.  Discuss and debate, instead of branding a newspaper or a writer. A screencap of Heydarian's post (which can no longer be found on Facebook) was provided by Tiglao for reference.

Filipinos describe themselves as 'humble' but are everything BUT humble!

I’ve heard Filipinos describe themselves as “humble”. What they usually mean is that they’re lazy: they don’t want to be anything more than they are, and they don’t want anything from life unless somebody drops it into their lap. These people pretend to be content in their self-imposed poverty and ignorance because they listen to that “blessed are the poor” nonsense from Church leaders.

Many Filipinos are the complete opposite of humble. It’s drummed into them at school that the Philippines is the best country in the world, and Filipinos are racially superior. Problem: this brainwashing conflicts with reality. Objectively, the country is somewhere in the bottom 20, depending on what you’re measuring. To avoid psychological pain, they have to warp reality to fit their beliefs. Extreme arrogance – proclaiming Pinoy Pride as loudly and aggressively as possible – is the only way to swamp the quiet voices telling them, hey, look, everything ISN’T perfect.

Now, consider what “collectivism”…

Filipinos cannot build a strong nation because they are incapable of cooperating with one another

Filipinos are renowned for being utterly unable to co-operate. Even within families they cheat and abuse each other. Nobody trusts anybody else for a very good reason: most Filipinos are untrustworthy. They’ll stab you in the back if they think there’s some short-term gain in it.
This is a hole that’s very hard to dig yourself out of. Nobody can offer to help his neighbor, or his neighborhood, or his country, because he knows that sooner or later one of two things will happen: he’ll be slapped down for failing to conform to social expectations, or he’ll be ripped off so often that he’ll just give up.
So exactly how do you suppose a strong, independent nation is going to be built upon that? It’s impossible.
Strong societies are strong because they learn to co-operate among themselves. There’s nothing shameful about teaming up with others for mutual benefit: in other words, helping each other. But the Filipino sees everything as a power play. He cannot comprehend the idea of win-win co…

Philippine Opposition relies on FAKE HISTORY to prop up its relevance!

It was the Opposition, who used ”Fake News” and “Fake History”, to grab power …Cory Aquino, and her EDSA revolution was Fake News and Fake History. They even have a declared Holiday for the Fake History. They have also a shrine, for the Fake History. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. martyrdom, is Fake News, that become Fake History…The Manila International Airport is named, after this Fake Martyr. The Rizal Memorial Coliseum is named after this Fake Hero.

Ninoy Aquino, Jr. and Cory Cojuangco Aquino, even have their pictures printed in our currency
They declared themselves, saints, martyrs and heroes.

So, they put themselves on pedestals, to be worshiped, by ignorant and idiotic Filipinos…I have never seen such Nonsense, Narcissism and self Adulation , in my life by a family. They want people to idolize them…

Now, their followers are complaining about Fake News…They should look at their “heroes” , “saints” and “martyrs”…they rode on Fake News and Fake History into power…Not looking on the SMARTMAGIC…

Leni Robredo at work in Mindanao! Fuck yeah! 😄

... and so Leni recently visited an indigenous tribe center in Iligan City, and was so impressed with how clean the place was.
But she was upset that she saw the children were barefoot (which probably explains why the inside of the center was clean in the first place because slippers were not allowed).
With that in mind, she went back to Manila, and called an emergency meeting of her top advisers in the fields of economics, athletics, biology, kinetics, anti-poverty and social studies.
She described her experience in Iligan, and she made an extemporaneous speech about the plight of the children, and the ill-effects of being barefoot in their psyche. She implored all the highly paid consultants and experts that were gathered, to wrack their brains, and pour their hearts out, just as she is pouring her bleeding heart into what she saw.
She wanted the experts to come up with analytics, with in depth studies, with simulations and and cross-referencing. She even requested her contacts …