As expected, "indignation rallies" will be the Yellowtard "#StandWithCJ" pathway following Sereno ouster

You'd think it was the mid-2000s the way the Yellowtards are now talking about "mass action" following the ouster of the person formerly known as but now never was the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court.

The monumental temper tantrum will manifest itself in another one of those Yellowtard-led forms of "activism" -- the so-called "indignation rally". What exactly does one do in an "indignation rally"? Well, I suppose, stand around with a lit candle holding hands and look indignant.

Then again there really is no higher power to turn to above the Supreme Court. It is, after all, the SUPREME court of the land. Most likely it will be the big man in the sky himself who participants in these "indignation rallies" will be turning to. This means that there's gonna be lots of opportunities for relevance signalling for the Padre and Madre de Cacaos out there.

Facts matter, these Yellowtards say. But when it comes to the crunch, indignation and prayers matter more.


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